Mitt Romney likes ‘Twilight’ series, ‘American Idol’

Teenage girls, watch out. Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney is a fan of the “Twilight” saga, so he might be another person to compete with for good seats at upcoming “Breaking Dawn” showings.

“I mean I like the Twilight series,” Romney said during a recent NBC “Today Show” appearance.

The Massachusetts conservative added that his grandchild inspired him to check out the bestselling novels, which were penned by fellow Mormon Stephenie Meyer.

“I thought it was fun,” Romney added. “I don’t like vampires personally, I don’t know any but you know my granddaughter was reading it and I thought, well this looks like fun so I read that.”

Romney, who ran in the presidential primaries in 2008, shares a religion with “Twilight” author Meyer, who many have speculated chose to include Mormon themes in her books. The story follows Bella, a new girl in Washington state who falls in love with a hostile, pale young man named Edward Cullen. He turns out to be a vampire but their romance is inevitable.

In addition to keeping up with “Twilight,” Romney stays hip by tuning in for reality television show “American Idol.”

“‘American Idol’ I watched, this year it was Scotty (McCreery) winning, that was terrific,” Romney said. “That guy’s got talent.”

Remaining on the topic of music, Romney said he listens to The Beatles on his iPad.

“The Beatles, I mean the Beatles were phenomenal,” Romney said.

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  • pansycritter

    Look, it’s too clever by half. What a phony. Anyone who believes that Mittens is interested in either Twilight or Idol should not be voting.

  • petunia

    My sixteen year old daughter will vote in 2012. It is not stupid for Romney to be known as a Twilight fan. She already picked him out in some online poll that popped up on Facebook and she knows nothing about politics. If the only thing she knew about this good looking older man was that he was a Twilight fan, that would seal her vote… I’m certain of it.

    She got angry at Obama early on because his first news conferences kept cutting off American Idol, so she is already pre-disposed to like Obama, because of American Idol, she hated that he later came on it.

    Romney may be smarter than you think…