Weiner’s office refuses to say if lewd photo is of congressman. No police investigation underway

According to a spokeswoman for the U.S. Capitol Police, there is currently no active investigation into claims by New York congressman Anthony Weiner that his Twitter and Facebook accounts were “hacked” this past Friday night. Weiner and his spokesman Dave Arnold have both said publicly that it was a hacker, not the congressman, who posted a lewd photograph of a man’s erect penis underneath gray boxer-briefs on Weiner’s official verified Twitter account. Arnold told The Daily Caller that Weiner has hired an attorney to advise him on possible “civil or criminal actions.”

Several questions still remain unanswered, however. For instance, TheDC has asked Arnold at least four times if the man in the photo was Weiner. Arnold has not answered.

TheDC also asked Arnold if there will be an official investigation into who might have hacked Weiner’s accounts and how it was done. Arnold has not answered that question either.

Liberal bloggers and media personalities quickly jumped to Weiner’s defense, and have accused several conservatives of being the hacker, including Andrew Breitbart and a Twitter user named Dan Wolfe, whose Twitter handle is @patriotusa76. Salon.com’s editor-at-large Joan Walsh tweeted that she thinks Wolfe and Breitbart staffer Dana Loesch were the hackers: “Hey, you and @patriotusa76 did great work! Don’t be shy! @DLoesch”

Breitbart told TheDC he’d like to see an official investigation into Weiner’s accounts and claims to ensure that the truth eventually comes out. “Congressman Weiner has been anything but forthcoming over the past 72 hours,” Breitbart said. “His initial accusations of hacking should compel either Congress or the FBI to look into what he’s holding back.”

For his part, Wolfe says he had nothing to do with the photo and would like an investigation to clear his name, which has been dirtied in the media mudsling. “Nothing to hide here at all,” Wolfe told TheDC. “I would offer up anything they wanted. Even my computer.”

  • Bannister

    Hacking the account of a United States Congressmen is a SERIOUS, FEDERAL OFFENSE and has national security implications. If Congressmen Weiner’s account was truly hacked – then why didn’t he immediately report it to the FBI?

    That’s one reason to doubt his story. Here’s another one: If Andrew Breitbart (or any political enemy of Weiners) had actually hacked into his account, that gives Weiner the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have Breitbart (or whoever) arrested, charged with a serious crime and have their reputation destroyed forever. Instead, he downplays it as “just a prank” and urge us to “move on.”

    Think about it.

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  • truebearing

    Maybe Weiner doesn’t want an investigation to show the extent of his mini-scandal, so he’s trying to deflate his probe. The target of his peeny-tweet has responded philosophically, saying: “It was much ado about nothing”.

    In the end, not to speculate on Weiner’s original intent, Weiner will suffer much humiliation for this boner and the penalty for his mistake will be a stiff one.

    • Alaskan

      Another circumspect post by Truebearing.

  • ladylove

    when you have nothing to hide,

    You hide nothing.

    it is as simple as that

    • truebearing

      Well, it looks like Weiner has nothing to hide…

  • arhooley

    Has anyone asked the FBI or Capitol Police WHY they’re not investigating? Such investigations don’t have to be initiated by the victim, or “victim.” I can think of three reasons:

    1 – They see no evidence of a crime and Weiner isn’t approaching them with any.

    2 – There’s political pressure on them to stay off it. The Capitol Police I can believe would be susceptible to this, but not the FBI.

    3 – They’re just being lazy and slow. Again, I can believe this of the Capitol Police but not the FBI.

    • Sean M.

      There’s political pressure on them to stay off it. The Capitol Police I can believe would be susceptible to this, but not the FBI.

      Isn’t Eric Holder the boss of the FBI? I don’t know, but I would guess that there would be more pressure on the Feds than the Capitol Police.

      • BigRmv

        Wow! Just think of it: If the Attorney General of the US does something to interfere with an investigation, this could escalate into a Weiner/Holder scandal!

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