If Bachmann runs for president, observers say there is much she can learn from Palin’s 2008 VP run

Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann will announce in June her plans for 2012. Many speculate that Bachmann’s announcement, which she says she will make in Waterloo, Iowa, the city of her birth, will kick off a bid for the presidency.

Attractive and conservative, Bachmann has been compared with former vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin since she gained national prominence.

Those comparisons will likely persist if Bachmann enters the race for the White House. With women historically rare on presidential tickets, there are few role models from whose example Bachmann can learn. Palin is one of the few — whether or not she decides to run for president herself.

So what can Bachmann take away from Palin’s time as a vice-presidential candidate on the campaign trail? According to former Palin aides, supporters and neutral political analysts, much.

Former Palin aide Michael Goldfarb told TheDC that one of the most important things Bachmann should learn from Palin is the manner in which the former Alaska governor related to Americans — ignoring the media and taking her message directly to the grassroots.

“She was never going to get a fair shake from the media,” said Goldfarb. “The same can be said of Bachmann. It is obvious the media does not take Bachmann seriously. They don’t take her views seriously and they don’t take the view of her supporters seriously even though that is a huge segment of the Republican Party and the country.”

Goldfarb explained that Palin was and continues to be very adept at bringing her message directly to the people — something Bachmann ought to emulate.

“Palin was very effective at this,” he said. “If you look back at her record, take the health care debate for example, Palin did not hold elected office, and certainly didn’t hold office in Congress, I’d say she had a much larger effect on that debate with her rhetoric about death panels…than any other politician in the country I’d say. I think that is the way Bachmann can look at it. She doesn’t need the approval of mainstream media.”

Another thing Bachmann can learn from Palin, according University of Virginia’s Center for Politics director Larry Sabato, is her ability to jab at the media, without appearing angry or hateful.

“Within the GOP base, Sarah Palin prospered whenever she talked tough, associated herself with conservative positions while attacking liberal views, and went after the mainstream (‘lamestream’) news media. She usually did it with humor, with a smile and a wink,” Sabato noted. “Palin let her charisma flow, and she didn’t temper her message to please pundits or voters whose support she would never get. All of this worked for her, and it can easily be applied by Bachmann.”

Former Palin aides said that Bachmann should give as much consideration to the internal workings of her campaign as the external optics.

One former Palin aide told TheDC that Bachmann needs to surround herself with her own people.

“Palin was at a disadvantage in 2008: she was a team player with no team,” the former aide said. “She just did not have the infrastructure other male candidates did.”

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  • vote24

    Palin for sure!

  • Faber Castell

    If either of these women supported pouring salt on an infant like it was a slug, both would be hero’s of the establishment left and right.

  • nax777

    I think she knew not to cower before 08.
    I’ve been banned from Reuters.
    We (you and I) win our seats back and we can start over with a more experienced but copied Constitution. All court battles will start over again with better results.

    This story and all the cute comments and slams will mean nothing in less than 30 years. Invasion is of no consequence as long as the two parties can hold their power. The powers can change names and faces this too matters not. People’s desire for power will always remain a constant.

    It is irrational to think that any single payer social program will work. It is irrational for nations to tax its way out of poverty. It is irrational to help overpopulated poorer nations by becoming one. It is irrational to believe that a power convinced that you have nowhere else to go will do your biding.

    A true Conservative and a true Liberal agree on one thing though for different reasons. Any single payer social program is a nutty idea! Now each believes that it’s not so nutty as long as their side is managing it. Pubs and Dems call rational people cruel, heartless nut cases. Rational and irrational also no longer hold true meaning.

    Replace the powers with citizens that can be immediately removed by citizens and never serve for a life time. We must take control ourselves. Please join with us at Goooh.com you might be able to click on my name. This will take you to my link page that links to Goooh.com, NumbersUSA.com and SBA-list.org.

    P.S. Have you heard of “you cut” @ http://majorityleader.gov/YouCut/

  • virginiagentleman

    What an amazing time we live in! Mention a womans name not ‘approved’ by the extreme left, the panic posts set in! Those on the rino right do the same!….And they agree on the invective’s rather well, too; Dumb! Stupid! Quitter! Publicity Whore! Can’t Win! To far left! To far right! Won’t interview! Evil Women! Beauty is only skin deep and she’s a monster deep inside! You get the idea…So many FEARFUL folks! So many things to be FEARFUL of. When do you find the time to crawl out from under the safety of your beds to post? The boogyman/woman is still on the loose! Hurry! Run and hide! Don’t forget your blanky and teddybear before you crawl back under your bed. THEY’LL protect you!…..WAIT! Before you run and hide, call those scary women and their supporters really bad names, cause everybody knows it wards off evil. Works darn well for dinos AND rinos. RUN! They’re coming to get you! Quickly now! Slither back under your beds, pull your blanky over your eyes! You’ll be safe!

    • thephranc

      I don’t understand it myself. I’m not a fan of either really but I keep sticking up for them against the smears.

      Maybe weak feminized men really do fear strong women A form of penis envy perhaps.

      • virginiagentleman

        Phranc, my friend, you don’t have to be a fan or supporter of either these women or anyone else for that matter in order to stand tall against the raging invective hurled at them. That same trash is directed at anyone who won’t toe some imaginary set of rules. Folks seem to forget that it’s politics, not war. Palin, Bachmann, Obama, and others should be heard, not shouted down. Folks seem to forget that we are talking about the office of the Presidency, not a local homeowners assoc…We’ve talked and read each others posts for quite some time now. You know I’m not a supporter of Mr. Obama, however, he is Potus, and agree with him or not, how can we understand what he wants to do if we shout him down. It’s the same for Mrs. Palin. All the childlike venting against her, and most of the venters don’t have a clue about her except the caricature that’s been painted of her.
        When a person resorts to name calling, slander, or outright lies when describing a candidate, of what possible value can their point of view be worth? As posters on this site, we can insult, cuss and praise other posters, and yep, we sure do! It’s part of the fun, I guess. But the insanity of attacking candidates for the presidency, of shouting them down, belittling them and their platforms is an attempt to sway voters away from them and towards something slimy and fetid. Lenin, Marx, Mao, Gadaffi come to mind.
        You defend them my friend, because you understand the difference between honesty and dishonesty, between right and wrong. (If you ever told me you had voted for Palin, well, you’d have to come visit me in the hospital, were I’d be recovering from the stroke you caused me!!)

  • pugszb

    I don’t know where to begin to respond. Michelle won’t even debate a 10th grader about Constitutional law.
    As for integrity sorry but these two grifters have done more to try to start a civil war than anyone I can think of. I could go on and on but what is the point. if you actually think these women would do a good job of running the country i have a beautiful bridge I would like to sell you.

    • thephranc

      Start a civil war? Why do you make up lies like that?


    It seems that the agenda out there (for many , specially liberal-democrats and some republicans as well) is an attemtp to start and/or promote an adversary political polemic,- and even more – a personal battle – between Palin and Bachmann.

    Well,that is not for to happens, for Palin and Bachmann are not antagonic counterparts ,…there is on competition whatsoever, instead is dual exhibition of fundamental values and principles which defines this great cuntry of ours.

    Bachamnn and Palin are two expression of the same, both strong in good character, integrity,experience, vision, and honesty,… representing the very core of the greatness of our land.

    To put it in simple graphic terms;….just take a quick look.

    Want a good candidate?….someone who really represent any Jane and Joe out here in the american public?…very well, here is an idea;

    New presidential campaign ad for 2012 has liberal heads exploding.

    PALIN-BACHMANN PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE 2012… a heck of a power on the side of the people…isn’t it?


    Much more could be added….but let’s stop at this point.

    Input anyone? Opinions welcome.
    Daniel Cabrera

  • pugszb

    Let’s see. he said if he could he would get OSB… done.
    He said he would work on health reform… done, or at lest beginning.
    He has turned world opinion about America from being totally hated to being well received.
    He has passed equal pay for women like he said he would.
    He saved the American car industry, unlike the fools that said let it die.
    He does not philander like so many in politics.
    He actually engages brain before acting.
    He actually has real manners.
    In fact when I met him I told him you are teaching us manners.

    As for being afflicted by STD, well I actually think of myself as a college educated, successful small business owner( I have generated well over $1 million with my business) that worked in hollywood for 15 years and has a sensitive BS detector. You as a hall monitor sound like you are shlepping for some right wing cult that is doomed to making petty insults about our CIChief during a time of war. I call that being a traitor.

    • thephranc

      For an educated and a successful business man you are liar and an idiot. Your BS detector isn’t that sensitive if you can make post this deep in crap. You should look up the definition of a traitor first, educate your self so you can stop BSing your self and every one else. Then you should move on to your BS points.

      Yeah he got some health refome going and it is worse than it was before. Do you remember how many bribes had to be paid to politicians including dems. to get it to pass? Just google cornhusker kickback.

      America wasn’t totally hated that is just the narrative liars like you put forth so you could say Obama was going to fix everything then you stop the dishonest narrative and poof every one loves us again. Except for all those people who hated us before like the muzzy scum bags.

      Yeah he passed equal pay for women. Didn’t need to pass it but hey it “felt” good and got suckers like you believing he actually did something.

      He didn’t save the American car industry. What he did was rip off many share holders and gave what he essentially stole to the unions that paid mightily to help get him elected. FORD is the only American car maker doing well neither GM or Chrysler has paid back the tax payers. GM has dishonest figures as a good bit of their “revenue” is from the government buying vehicles. So you have GM getting bailed out at tax payers expense then not paying it back and then getting even more tax payer money, Chrysler just had to sell even more of it self to FIAT. The company is no longer America since an Italian firm now owns a majority of it.

      Engages brain? The police acted stupidly. So many more but I may hit a character limit.

      He has manners? He really showed those manners by returning the W. Churchill bust. Great manners there. When he snubbed Netanyahu, The royal scientists and medal of honour winners was that good manners. How about when he skipped out on the Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington Cemetery last year? Was that good manners? Was it good manners when he went on a victory lap at ground zero after UBL was killed when he couldn’t have been bothered to attend any of the memorials?

      I really doubt you told him he was teaching us manners when and if you even spoke to him. If those the types of manners you want to be taught your not worth much as a person.

  • pugszb

    I don’t see Michelle cutting it in the general election. I have heard her call our Commander-in-Chief a liar, then continue to babble on spouting lies as she goes. The one thing i can say about our president is that he is a man of honor who does not stoop to banal comments about others. if Michelle gets the nuclear football all I can say is that I am glad I am getting old.

    I know politics are mean spirited but, i was reflecting the other day that we humans have created a world that is so incredible. We can go anywhere we want, talk to anyone anywhere on the planet, and enjoy the fruits of millions of smart people that have made our lives better. Too bad that we can’t figure out how to enjoy each other while we are on this orb.

    • Hallmonitor

      “The one thing i can say about our president is that he is a man of honor who does not stoop to banal comments about others.”

      That’s a joke, right? If it isn’t, you have got to be one of the biggest sufferers of STD’s (sycophantic troll diseases)I have ever seen.

    • thephranc

      Bitter clingers to guns and bibles.

      Police acted stupidly.