Matt Lewis

Weiner ‘can’t say with certitude’ if Twit pics were of him

MSNBC is about to come out with what appears to be a terrific interview. Luke Russert was just asking Rep. Anthony Weiner questions about his controversial Tweet, and Weiner appears to actually be answering. Unfortunately, the live feed kept going out — so we will have to wait for MSNBC to air the full video in a bit. In the mean time, we do know that Russert asked Weiner if the lewd pictures that were Tweeted from Weiner’s account to a young lady were of him. Weiner answered:  “I can’t say with certitude. My system was hacked. Pictures can be manipulated. Pictures can be dropped in and inserted.”

“It was a prank.” Someone “spoofed me, made fun of me — whatever,” — he said, adding, “this is not a national security matter.” The live video feed shut off at an inopportune time, but it looks like Russert will be out with a good interview in a bit…


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  • Adam D

    As a New Yorker I could not be happier. This all but guarantees that Weiner never becomes our mayor. Hopefully he will step down and go far far away. I find it interesting that when the economy is doing well people ignore events like this, however when times are bad the public has no patients for idiot politicians and their poor judgment. I only wish the public had zero tolerance all the time.

    • truebearing

      He not only won’t get elected mayor, he couldn’t get hired as a hot dog stand inspector.

  • joeaiello

    Weiner just got “Breitbarted”. Andrew Breitbart is a conservative political hack who specializes in character assassination. He always instigates this type of nonsense and then shows up on cable “news” outlets and lies through his teeth about it. Weiner should just laugh this off. It’s free press and the congressman should use it to his advantage.

    • 8second.ride

      You don’t actually read much, do you? What, exactly, did Breitbart make up? Weiner is now saying that there ARE pictures of him that “could have been manipulated” and posted on the internet. All Breitbart did is retweet what Weiner had on his own twitter feed. So, I ask again, what did Breitbart do that he “lies through his teeth about”?

  • DaveT3000

    Uh Oh There’s a “tranche” of photos out there apparently… call in Julian Assange–WIKIWIENERS.

    • bobby9997

      Anthony David Weiner Facebook Account, twitter account, email Address and all …..

      Ask him directly……hmmm dats better …wat do u say….B-)

  • keaton

    A good investigator would check out if Weiner is a swimmer. The pic obviously was taken after a swim!

  • BarackMugabe

    Any day now a little Weiner staffer will step forward to claim that he was the “prankster” behind the dissemination of the little sausage tweet. Weiner will punish him by making him take a week off, with pay, and the corrupt leftwing media will gleefully and eagerly lap up the lie, forget about it forever, and insist that it’s time to move on to the more serious business of finishing burning down the country.

  • joedoe

    Last night there was Weiners on every channel! Last time I saw that many wieners was in a gym class 45 years ago. Oh……. the humanity……

    I did watch the Blitzer interview and later on AC360 Blitzer was kind of making excuses for the Weiner. The thing that struck me odd was that Weiner said this photo magically popped up while he was busy tweeting about some hockey game. He was then able to hack into the hacker’s yfrog account and get rid of all the photos.

    If someone else had ownership of that photo and was sending it out through Weiner’s twitter account using hocus pocus, just how did Weiner gain the needed access to delete the photo? Strange…..

    Weiner would have been better off to have come out on the first statement, stood behind a podium and exclaimed, “I did NOT have sex with my keyboard!”