Weinergate: Where is Nancy Pelosi, ardent feminist?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California has so far remained silent throughout the #Weinergate controversy.  Spokespeople from her office have not returned The Daily Caller’s requests for comment about the lewd photo sent from New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner’s official verified Twitter account.

Pelosi, an ardent feminist, played a significant role in pushing for more information in a scandal that ultimately led to the resignation of Republican Rep. Mark Foley. For those who don’t remember, Pelosi swept into the Speaker’s office after making calls for an investigation into messages that Foley was sending to Capitol Hill pages. “Toward midnight, Ms. Pelosi took the floor. ‘As a mother and grandmother and the leader of the House Democrats,’ she began, demanding an investigation into what House leaders knew about the Foley messages,” the New York Times’s Kate Zernike wrote on Nov. 9, 2006. “Republicans booed, a rarity even in the raucous House chamber. She pressed on, however, smiling her unbudging smile.”

When it comes to a member of her own party and her inner circle, however, she appears not to care about behavior that’s potentially offensive to women. Her office hasn’t responded to TheDC’s requests for comment on whether or not the same standards for investigating congressional members’ sex scandals holds true for Democrat men, like Weiner, as it does for Republican men.

Now that it’s known Weiner had private communications with porn star and stripper Ginger Lee and this imbroglio doesn’t appear to be an isolated incident, women’s rights activists are saying Weiner’s behavior is sexist.

Amy Siskind, president of The New Agenda, a feminist organization, told TheDC that #Weinergate appears to be yet another example of “men abusing their power to exploit women.”

“It seems a family can’t sit down and watch the evening news without an endless stream of men abusing their power to exploit women,” Siskind said in an email. “It’s become ‘boys gone wild season’ for men in positions of power and it’s a disgrace.”

Siskind said Weiner eventually needs to explain himself and tell the American people what happened with #Weinergate.

“With all the attention this incident has received, at this point the inescapable result is that Rep Weiner needs to explain what has occurred in order to clarify what is acceptable behavior towards young women,” Siskind said. “Abuse of power knows no political party.”

Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition told TheDC she thinks Weiner’s “attempt to minimize the seriousness raised more questions and it is now time for the House Ethics Committee to get answers to these questions.”

“I think Weiner needs to be honest and transparent as he often pretends to be,” Lafferty said in a phone interview. “And his buddies Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz should join with others in calling for the House Ethics Committee to investigate. When John Boehner hears about stuff like this, he calls the guys in and they have to leave. Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz should do the same.”

Lafferty added that “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

“How many other women are going to come forward?,” Lafferty asked. “Is he the new Tiger Woods?”

Foley declined to respond to TheDC’s request for comment on #Weinergate.

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  • joetheinformed

    Maybe she is waiting for ALL THE FACTS to come out before forming an opinion. You know, like normal people do. Not like rabid conservatives who hate Weiner due to his liberal stance on issues.

    • bobby9997

      Anthony David Weiner Facebook Account, twitter account, email Address and all …..

      hmmm….:-) My guess is Weiner just got rubbed the wrong way!….ask him…….Direcly…

    • virginiagentleman

      Pelosi is your idea of normal, Joe?

  • rick013

    Wouldn’t allowing pelosi to exit an aircraft at 20,000 feet be an environmental catastrophe – instant air pollution? Just saying.

    • virginiagentleman

      You are right rick, my bad! Maybe much higher so the polution burns up on reentry?

  • CMleahcim

    Really? You’re equating Mark Foley’s repeated, admitted, sexually-suggestive calls and instant messages to 16-year boys to this? Really??

    • barryaz

      Did you miss the part about where there’s smoke there’s fire?

    • DaveT3000

      I also think it is a stretch. Pelosi and her lil’ sidekick Van Hollen didn’t exactly put on a master class in strategic wizardry before the last election; not a surprise she is out to lunch regarding a loudmouth Noo Yawk pup-tenter perv and his perpetual prevarications–in fact would you expect otherwise?

      Foley was a different matter, Republicans aren’t in the position of post-Bubba Dems who basically embrace the role of moral turpitude. This clown Hoyer counsels his minions to vote against the debt limit hike from fear of attack ads… Barry may well pull it off next year but look for GOP Congress thru 2024 minimum. P.S. all you people talking about Nancy’s face: come on, see the photos of her w/ Gov. Brown & Ron Dellums and the bunch in the pre-botulinum days, she had *ALWAYS* appeared freaky

  • teapartypatriot

    Q: “Weinergate: Where is Nancy Pelosi, ardent feminist?”

    A: She’s with her pals at the National Organization for (Lunatic-left D-cRAT Socialist) Women ignoring WeinerGate and trying to find some conservative to crucify for anything.

  • rlynh

    I’m sorry. Former Speaker Pelosi is unable to respond to your inquiry because she can’t get her face unstuck.

  • centexan

    Photoshop might have come into play here. The Wien’s face on the former speaker’s body.

  • virginiagentleman

    Where’s Pelosi? She saw the photo and started laughing so hard, she developed huge cracks in her botox enhanced face, (the stuff was running out all over the place) and was rushed to the hospital for emergency repairs! Her injuries were so bad they had to call in NASCAR’s top body works tech’s!

    • oc in nc

      I am in the trade and Ten gallons of bondo would not fix that mess.

      I don’t think we could fix Anthony’s weiner either nor would I want to.


      Been reading your post’s on the Weinergate,Very FUNNY.

      • virginiagentleman

        GASP!! Not even 10 gallons?!!

        • oc in nc

          She needs a full restoration.

          The rust is not treatable.

          As for the Weiner,the closest I would go, repairing the Weiner Mobile.

          Now there is a job he might be able to get after his stint in Washington.

          Oh wait, Oscar Meyer could not trust him around children.

          • virginiagentleman

            OC my friend, and you say I’m funny? You are a hoot! Keep up the great posts!

          • oc in nc


            Always the Gentleman.

            I bet you still open doors for the ladies. (nice)

            Unless it’s that FemaNazi Pelosi. She would whack you upside the head with a weiner.

          • virginiagentleman

            Thanks for the kind words, OC…Yeah, I still open doors for the ladies. (you’ve been peeking!) Believe it or not, I’d open a door for Pelosi…at 20,000 ft!

          • oc in nc


          • virginiagentleman

            All the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !

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