Glenn Beck’s last day at Fox to be June 30

Glenn Beck will leave Fox News on June 30, his last day, according to Mediaite.

A Fox News spokesperson confirmed the report to Mediaite and added that the network has not named a replacement for the 5 p.m. television slot.

The commentator’s ratings have fallen since last fall, down 15 percent in P2+ and 30 percent in the 25-35 year-old age range in May.

Beck has begun to expand his influence to the Internet, where he has begun The Blaze, a news and commentary Web site, and, an online television site.

Forbes reported that Beck made about $32 million last year, with $2 million of that total coming from Fox.

  • truebearing

    This country owes Beck a great amount of gratitude. He has been exposing the Obama administration and the Soros agenda so effectively that they now have nowhere to hide. He smoked Soros out of his skunk’s hole and he laid open the ugly plots to supplant capitalism, freedom of speech, and the entire constitution. He reminded us of what “one nation, under God” means.

    He has brought to the nation’s attention the work of people like David Horowitz, who otherwise would have gone largely unnoticed. He has raised the hue and cry. He has warned, alerted, and educated millions of Americans about the leftist coup that is conspiring to destroy this nation. He is a combination of Paul Revere and Thomas Paine.

    Beck is the great American Prophet, and as with all prophets, the people will tire of hearing the depressing truth, but now no one can say they weren’t warned.

  • blight14

    I love him to death, attended his Restoring Honor rally in DC……..that being said, I am almost a former fan-This I$rael 24/7 lunacy is nearly enough to make a person that isn’t brainwashed puke…..he’s gone off the deep end and hes 100% WRONG on the subject….but I guess thats the result of the opiate of the masses…..

  • shepmoors

    Off this subject:
    Does anyone else find that their comments don’t get posted here because they are “awaiting moderation” that never happens?

  • bigdave

    I have watched Beck’s show several times and have found him enlightening and informative, not hate screaming like a Rachel Madcowdisease, or name caller and hate spewer-liar extroadinaire like “Tingling Legs ” Matthews! Obviously the ALINSKY-TYPES who believe “forget the message WHICH WE CAN NOT ARGUE WITH, DESTROY THE PERSON” are on-the-verge-of-insanity LIBTURDS, who have been so brainwashed and indoctrinated through the years with their mantra, “keep telling lies until they are accepted as TRUTH”. EVOLUTION,FACT? MAN MADE GW, FACT? UNIONS BETTER THAN CORPORATIONS, FACT? GROW SOCIETY BY PUNISHING THE PRODUCERS, FACT? UH, CALLING YOU NUTJOBS “INSANE” IS TOO KIND.

    • fuster

      well, bigdave, he can be informative if you’re really ignorant about everything and too stupid to know the difference between two things being equivalent and two things merely having one or two commonalities.

      in general, he’s an entertainer, not an educator.

      • shepmoors

        another person who criticizes someone he never has taken any time to listen to.

  • jmk1502

    Glenn Beck is a great entertainer. His moronic babbling, rambling and drawing on a chalkboard, plus his great “theories”, seem to captivate the gullible mentally challenged freakshows on the far-right fringe. What those poor souls don’t seem to realize is Beck CAN’T believe half of the nonsense he spews. He’s out to put on an entertaining show. Like a clown or magician at a circus.

    • flips

      “Glenn Beck is a great entertainer”

      Especially if you love re-heated, leftover dishes from the the John Birch Society menu.

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  • Oakden

    Glen Beck is Cassandra – cursed to see the future and have no-one believe his visions.

    In part, he has no-one to blame but himself. Unlike the polished and cool deliveries that suit the TV medium perfectly, Beck is a radio actor but unlike Limbaugh who knows better, he went into a medium where he displayed more physical mannerisms than Richard Simmons and more over acting than Soupy Sales.