Obama’s energy policies benefit the powerful at everyone else’s expense

Our nation’s natural resources and access to affordable energy are under assault from environmentalists, business interests and progressive politicians. Their plan is to raise the price of fossil fuels to make renewable energy economically competitive.

But too many Americans already face significant financial difficulties due to soaring energy costs and rising food prices. For example, a May 2011 USA Today/Gallup poll found that seven in ten Americans say high gasoline prices are causing them personal financial hardship.

Lower-income families are hardest hit by soaring energy prices. A recent study concluded that these households are spending nearly a quarter of their incomes on energy costs. Considering income inequalities, energy price increases have a disproportionately large effect on black and Hispanic households.

This crisis reverberates. Wal-Mart, the nation’s largest retailer, cites higher gasoline prices for disappointing sales. A poll conducted by the wholesaler website found 25 percent of small business owners fear high fuel prices will lead to layoffs.

President Obama’s energy policy is a major contributor to this economic pain. Instead of taking advantage of our nation’s abundant supply of domestic natural resources — coal, oil and natural gas currently provide about 85 percent of our energy needs — Obama is waging a war on fossil fuels.

Obama’s energy policy is designed to raise the costs and reduce the supply of fossil fuels through regulation of natural resource development and use.

Unfortunately for America, it’s the only way Obama can make renewable energy competitive to meet his goal of generating 80 percent of electricity from “clean” energy sources by 2035.

It’s a command-and-control energy policy where the federal government takes an active role in picking energy winners and losers, causing energy prices to “skyrocket” while stifling economic growth and driving jobs overseas.

The winners in President Obama’s energy policy are the well-connected corporate and social elite, while the losers are the hardworking Americans. It’s fundamentally a wealth transfer mechanism from middle- and lower-class households to corporate heads and billionaire investors who want to profit from renewable energy.

While campaigning for the White House, then-Senator Obama admitted his cap-and-trade emissions policy would make electricity prices “necessarily skyrocket.” This proposal failed in the Senate, but now President Obama is wielding his executive powers to discourage the use of fossil fuels by allowing the EPA to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act.

By cracking down on emissions such as carbon dioxide, which is released when fossil fuels are burned, EPA regulations would raise the price of energy with a particularly devastating effect on coal-fired electricity generation. Coal is a cheap and abundant natural resource that currently provides about half of our country’s electricity.

Since the beginning of Obama’s deepwater drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico, the approval process for drilling permits has been extremely slow. As a result of the uncertainty surrounding drilling approvals, seven deepwater rigs have left the Gulf, taking their high-paying jobs with them.

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  • tatersalad

    Thank you for a great aticle Deneen! Your insight on this regime is spot on! Thanks again. When you are on Fox News your statements are right on target also! Thank you for being a true patriot!

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  • Rocket Surgeon

    Are you a Progressive? You use the term ‘Libtard’ The Progressives in the 1920s want to deal with the developmentally disabled through Eugenics.

    • slehar

      Are you a Libtard?

      If you want to reply to des1 you click on “reply” under des1’s posting, as I did with yours. See how my reply arrives right after your posting as if I were replying just for you?

      You are making great progress with learning the interned, for a Libtard! :-)

      next we can start work on your political education!

  • Rocket Surgeon

    MS Borelli, this is a most insightful article. Mr. Obama has recently talked about opening up more areas for oil production, but we can watch how slowly that will happen – if it does. I think his interest in ‘social justice’ may extend to creating work for Brazil and Nigeria’s oil industry workers but certainly not to the US working class. If the energy policy of the Progressives hurts the US working class, the Progressives will ‘take care’ of them with government checks.

  • des1

    And here is proof that Libtards don’t actually care about the poor. They say they do (because in their warped little minds they believe it makes them better people), but when their policies are implemented, the poor suffer.

    They’ll keep getting elected because they’ve perfected the art of lying and smearing, but the truth is out in the open for anyone who actually wants to examine it.

  • aspirin

    Excellent article.

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