Ted Cruz: Cuban Ivy League Tea Partier for Senate

Forget Marco Rubio, conservatives may soon have another Cuban senator to rally around.

In Texas, the Republican nomination to succeed three-term Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is up for grabs. Currently a four-way race, one of the candidates for the seat, former Texas Solicitor General (SG) Ted Cruz, is gaining national attention in conservative circles.

Cruz, the first Hispanic SG in Texas and the youngest in America, has a long legal resume, including authoring over 70 U.S. Supreme Court briefs and presenting over 30 oral arguments — nine before the U.S. Supreme Court.

He graduated cum laude from Princeton University and magna cum laude from Harvard Law School and despite the Tea Party’s penchant to distrust graduates of elite schools, Cruz has received endorsements from FreedomWorks, Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee, Red State and the Club for Growth — as well as the affirmation of conservative heavyweight and radio talk show host Mark Levin.

“Ted is one of our nation’s leading defenders of the Tenth Amendment. He is a champion for limiting the power, size, and spending of the federal government,” said Lee, a recently elected senator considered close to the Tea Party movement. “Ted and I share much in common. We’re both proven conservatives who clerked for strong conservative Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court, and we both believe passionately in limited government and the U.S. Constitution.”

Cruz is not coy about his thoughts on the president. According to Cruz, Obama is moving the country in a dangerous direction.

“I think President Obama is the most radical president this nation’s ever seen,” Cruz told TheDC. “And in particular, I think he is a true believer in government control of the economy and of our everyday lives. In my judgment, we are facing what I consider to be the epic battle of our generation, quite literally the battle over whether we remain a free market nation.”

And that battle is important to Cruz, whose father escaped imprisonment and torture in Cuba to arrive in Austin, Texas in 1957 with just $100 dollars sewn into his clothing. Cruz is intent on preserving the American dream for future generations.

“I think it’s an enormous blessing to be the child of an immigrant who fled oppression,” Cruz said. “Because you realize how fragile liberty is and how easily it can be taken away. As President Reagan said, liberty is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

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  • rockon53

    Sounds like Mr.Cruz is pandering to the wingnut base. We are watching the Republican party imploding all they can do is quote Ronald Reagan. If you dismantle healthcare reform and replace it with vouchers you add 10 trillion to the debt. Pure capitalism sucks and only benefits corporate elitists who couldn’t care less about their workers are their fellow Americans.

  • TX Conservative

    There are some great conservatives running for KBH’s seat (Dewhurst isn’t one of them). Mark Levin interviewed Ted Cruz and threw his support behind him. Sure helped me realize I made the right decision. We need more constitutional conservatives like Ted Cruz in the Senate. Reinforcements are on the way Senator DeMint.

  • Leah In Alabama

    GO to his Web page! I live in Alabama but Friday I am taking my measly $20 bucks and sending it to him. We have to help where we can. everyone is not perfect but when you see one like this one we have to try and move him forward. My Rep. here in alabama got elected for the first time Martha Roby and she has pretty much stuck to her guns, we need to move those that are behaving in a positive way forward. The ones who don’t measure up won’t get re-elected please pull together. If we don’t move forward in 2012 we will not have another chance.

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