Bachmann campaign manager rips Palin: She ‘has not been serious’

This could be some of the early shots in the contest for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.

On Tuesday’s “Kilmeade and Friends” on the Fox News Radio network, former Huckabee campaign manager Ed Rollins, who signed up with potential presidential candidate Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann on Monday, explained why he decided to join the Bachmann camp.

“Well I’m going to work for Michele Bachmann if she runs,” Rollins said. “That’s the one that intrigues me the most at this point and I think to a certain extent she’s articulate, she’s a conservative. She’s got a great story to tell. She’s on the Intelligence Committee. You know, she’s unknown to the national audience, but she’ll become known and that’s the candidacy that I’m going to work for if she runs.”

But Rollins, with his own history of playing offense in presidential campaigns, took a few shots at former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who could be a potential rival for Bachmann.

“Sarah has not been serious over the last couple of years,” Rollins said. “She got the vice-presidential thing handed to her. She didn’t go to work in the sense of trying gain more substance. She gave up her governorship. You know, I think Michele Bachmann and others have worked hard. She has been a leader of the Tea Party, which is a very important element here. She’s an attorney, done extraordinary things with family values and what have you. So I think she will connect. She’s a great, great communicator and I would say in the race right [now] today, she is probably the best communicator.”


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  • htales

    Truebearing even though you accuse me of being a leftist, stoop to name calling in your arguments, and ignore facts about the history of electing RINOs I think you are well-intentioned. But if you look at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thR-lVuztIY Can you honestly tell me that Palin is capable of having this kind of command of issues? That she can be this articulate in putting forth conservative ideas? That she can be this economical when presenting herself? In my opinion Palin is not even close to Bachmann, not even on the same level and the only reason people would choose Palin to be the nominee is because of “the cult of personality” , and to me that would be a shame because the election is about us not the canididates. And if her picking Rollins and him making a comment, which is a trivial matter, makes people dump Bachmann it would be a bad mistake and a shame, because Bachmann versus Obama means big trouble for the liberal.

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  • truebearing

    There are going to be leftist agent provocateurs trying to exacerbate any perceived rift on the right, especially if the rift is within the Tea Party. The left’s favorite tactic, after lying, of course, is to divide and conquer.

    Here is a perfect example. Responding to a comment I posted suggesting that any of the Republican candidates are better than Obama, this individual calling himself “htale”, who has suddenly appeared on the DC and who has been ranting incoherently for Bachmann, but mostly against Palin, for the last few days, had this telling reply:

    “By the way I am not “trying to get rid of Obama” by any means necessary; I will not vote for RINO under any circumstances….”

    11:27 PM 06/07/2011 – 11:27 PM Reply | Report Comment
    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/06/07/bachmann-campaign-manager-rips-palin-she-has-not-been-serious/#ixzz1OjOYxSs2

    Does this sound like a conservative? I don’t think so. Certainly not a sane one, and I suspect not one at all. Beware the devious left. They have no morals whatsoever, especially where political power is at stake..

    • whynot


      Agent provocateurs??!!?? Are you for real? I mean, is your tin-foil hat on too tight?

      Whoever this guy is (and I and most sane people could care less who he is) is posting comments on a crazy right-wing website that most Americanse could care less about and even more people don’t even know exists.

      Ha! But you need to play Inspector Clouseau. You actually follow people’s posts to make sure they’re not agent provocateurs, huh?

      You have to be one of the biggest jokes here.

      I mean this most sincerely, Get a Life!!!

      • truebearing


        If you think this is a “crazy right-wing site”, why are you here, FlySnot?

        Hysterical lying is no more effective than regular lying. Save your energy. The left has used this tactic for years and only a fool could possibly have missed that fact. Only a leftist liar would deny it.

        Your performance tells me two things: 1) it triggered your leftist’s allergy to truth (gee, I hope you didn’t suffer an anaphylactic shock), and 2)you flunked your Alinsky Ridicule Class with your propensity for histrionics.

        Do I need to quote Alinsky, or Gramsci, before you’ll lay down by your dish and stop whining? The left lives by the lie and a big part of that lie is posing as belonging to the other side and starting internal strife. the DC has seen its share of frauds.

        The Democrats have put up “Tea Party” candidates who were anything but, hoping to win elections and create suspicion in the Tea Party. This is well publicized, dufous.

        Soviet agents helped fund Communist cells in this country for years, and that is a matter of record as well. The communists are still operating feverishly to overthrow the government, even if they now call themselves Progressives. Obama ran under the New Party banner in his first attempt to get elected. the New Party was a disguised Communist Party USA. Why were they hiding their true identity? Your phony attempt to feign shock and outrage merely outed you as a liar and a fool. Nice job.

        Whether htales is trying to create division, his attitude is exactly the kind that causes discord, and discord is what the left wants on the right. Even someone as dullwitted and dishonest as yourself can’t deny that. The left loves spectacles where the right forms circular firing squads and blazes away at each other, and they are definitely not above fomenting this kind of trouble.

      • riseabove

        Your response, “whynot”, is typical of those who would like others to stay gullible and uninformed. Lots of lowlifes out there who pounce on, ridicule and try to discredit advocates for truth. We have a lot of experience with this kind of thing and you can bet your bottom dollar that if we had Administrative/Monitor access to this site we’d be able to expose the frauds in a heartbeat. What exactly are your credentials that makes you any more expert in recognizing when people are posting genuine comments?

        Even on the slight chance that Truebearing might be wrong about this particular assessment, it serves to educate others on what types of things to look for, such as sentence structure, syntax, intonations, slang words, frequency of posts, etc.

        Also, I always found it rather strange when an obviously disgruntled person insists on returning to the very place they despise. Don’t you think that’s rather odd of you to do that?

        • truebearing


          Just think about it. Who does the left hate more than Palin and Bachmann in particular, and conservative women in general? They would love to see Palin and Bachmann going at each other, which is why Palin and Bachman need to get together and issue a joint statement, or have a joint press conference. They should do this right after Bachmann fires Rollins.

          Despite FlySnot’s hissy fit, the left has done far more devious things than position people to foment strife, which they did ruthlessly in the black community for decades. They have no moral compunctions against any form of subterfuge that furthers their rapacious political agenda.

          In my opinion, it is unconscionable to take the position, as an alleged conservative, that you won’t vote for the Republican candidate if he or she doesn’t fit your personal definition of a conservative. This strikes me as so profoundly wrong that that kind of thinking could only come from a leftist fraud, or a self-important, rigid, short-sighted, dull-witted ideologue.

          Needless to say, this is an attitude that I really don’t respect, and the net effect of what htale has been doing fits precisely with the left’s fantasy of destroying Bachmann and Palin, and more importantly, dividing and weakening the Tea Party.