Glenn Beck to charge $5 monthly fee for new online show

Television host Glenn Beck will require viewers to pay for his new online program, according to the New York Times.

Beck, who is transitioning off his Fox News show, will launch a live streaming video network called GBTV in September that will include his new daily two-hour show. Subscribers will be charged $4.95 a month or $9.95 for the GBTV Plus package, which includes all the network programs.

“I think we might be a little early,” Beck said of arrangements for his new Internet network. “But I’d rather be ahead of the pack than part of it.”

Beck likened himself to “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, who tends to make jabs at conservatives.

“If you’re a fan of Jon Stewart, you’re going to find something on GBTV that you’re going to enjoy,” Beck said.

Faithful viewers of the action show “24” might even like Beck’s show, says the radio host.

“If you’re a fan of ‘24,’ you’re going to find something on GBTV that you’re going to enjoy,” Beck said.

Beck is exiting Fox at the end of this month after two and a half years of consistently clashing with management, the Times reported.

Soon after Beck announced he’s be saying farewell to Fox, he told viewers he’d joined the network with a clear vision, which he seemed to say turned out to be naive.

“When I first came here, I had this pie-in-the-sky belief that if I told you the truth, if I verified all of my facts and double-checked, and we could make that compelling case with facts to back it up, the journalists in other places would get curious and they’d use their resources and they’d investigate and they’d prove it right and they’d show it too,” Beck said, shaking his head and laughing.

  • JoeJ

    You do not here the “Soros” come out Beck’s mouth any more do you. And he does one crazy tearful “Israel is the victim” show after another – DAAAA!

    Beck lost his show on Fox because he attacked left wing Zionists – not for being Zionists, but for being commie one-world types. It makes no matter – that is a big NO NO! Using to many Jewish names in a negative manner on American TV is a NO NO —– you lose your job – period!

    That is the power Zionism has over America.

    • thephranc

      We get it stormfront joe, you hate jews.

  • flips

    There’s a sucker born every minute.

  • Callie369


    It is going to cost BIG bucks for GB to set up and run this new “TV” network. He is going to require a staff and also reporters at strategic places through out the world. The 5.95 or 9.95 is very reasonable. There are a lot of radio hosts that already charge, i.e., Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz (3rd hour), etc , and they have lots of “members.”

  • Snackrabbit

    I’m in for $100 a year. I have a feeling this venture will be quite a success. The $100 fee means NO DEPENDENCE on wishy washy advertizers. How long before the Gov’t tries to stifle his online show? You know it will come. “We must regulate this out of control hate speech on the internet…”

  • Sandy E

    Beck was very popular in the first year he started on Fox. I, and so many others, loved when he was exposing Van Jones, George Soros, Anita Dunn and so many others, and he did back it up with videos of them, in their own words, to prove his stories. It was great stuff. When he started preaching, I turned him off my TV. Just this morning he was going on and on about helping your neighbors and family and friends with food and clothing, which I agree with. Then later in the program he announces that he will be charging his listeners, to hear his words that will save the nation. Glenn Beck is not a poor man, and I would guess quite wealthy, and he did work hard for his money, I don’t begrudge him that. But, when you preach charity, and that everyone just has to hear him and his message, in order to survive, that’s a little much. I guess after September, Glen’s audience will shrink considerably.

    • mtiki

      I t costs money to run even an internet program. How is Beck to cover those costs without charging people something? were you expecting a freebie?

    • mtiki

      One more thing, Beck is just doing what every Christian preacher in America does by charging to hear his preaching. I cannot remember a time when I went to church without being tapped for a cash “donation.” At least he’s not demanding you send him 10 percent of what you earn.

  • Noonien Soong in CT

    Insiders Extreme will already be allowed to view content. Beck;’s Pro package may be a bit more expensive, nut it is well worth it.

  • danfinrud

    I think this is very cheap compared to other websites with lots of audio and video content. Nothing is free in life. It takes a lot of money to run the servers. And we know energy costs will increase due to current Federal policies. So paying a few dollars a month is cheap. I love it when my state wants more taxes it is always talked as a cup of Java per day is all they are asking. For each of 4 to 6 new taxes on the people. We just want a few dollars more from you.
    Here we can give money to support someone who is providing a service no one else will provide. If you think it is all about the money. Truth has no price tag. Lies seem to drain our pockets every day from our politicians

  • Larr

    Seems it always comes down to the same thing….MONEY….I enjoy a radio talk show host, and he describes daily how much he loves his audience* (* as long as they pay their 5.95 a month)

    • samc

      What’s wrong with charging for a service or product? Should he do it for free? Should he choose slavery over free trade? If you don’t want to pay, don’t watch. If you want to watch, pay. I don’t expect to be paid for nothing, and my employer does not expect me to work for free, the same goes with GB.