iCloud: Apple’s iCloud aims to ‘demote the PC’ –

Reporting from San Francisco and Los Angeles—

Steve Jobs, still gaunt from his battle with a rare form of cancer, interrupted his medical leave to unveil Apple Inc.’s new venture in the cloud.

In what the Apple chief executive described as a major shift in how millions of people would store and organize their music, documents, photos and emails across multiple devices, he showed off an online service that will let Apple users access their digital media from anywhere.

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  • PalinPatriot4ever

    I agree 100% with mapletree..

    I will never give up something that I have physically in my hands to utilize as a tool, for my operational needs and functions, in the form of the PC. I can have full control over my PC, whereas I am at the mercy of an online system, with everyone and anyone being able to gain access to that information, especially Hackers, and the Govt..

    Having an online backup system,. if you desire, is fine, if that’s what you want, and trust.. but not as your primary means.. Anyone who trusts the Internet, and the people who run it, are as foolish, naive, and stupid as they come..

    #1 rule- Never, and I mean Never, allow yourself, to have your Freedom and Control over your life, Privacy, Information, either given away, or taken away, period.!! That’s what that means when Apple says it wants to make the PC a non-primary part of your life.. I make that decision, NOT Apple and Steve Jobs..

    Apple and Steve Jobs, is as dangerous as Obama, and all of his henchmen, minions, cronies, etc., that are determined to take away your Freedoms and Liberties, via, nullifying the authority and power of the US Constitution.

    If Apple and Steve Jobs wants to make a product that will appeal to consumers, that’s fine.. but NOT his new world vision of trying to subvert my Freedom and Liberty, and Rights, in any manner, shape, or form, period.!!

    • western_red

      Does Google & the Chi-Com govt ring a bell? Right on, sir.

    • oldguy5

      Very well said. I too will keep my PC along with its hard drive. I’ll back up on USB or external hard drives. I only use my internal drive for programs, my personal info is on external drives that can be easily disconnected from the PC for even more security.

      Anyone who trusts people like Jobs should not cry when the govt comes knocking at your door.

    • BigRmv

      You mean Steve Jobs doesn’t own the interenet and everything else? I wonder why HE thinks he does.

      Apple has created some nice DEVICES, including PCs. However, Apple also falls into the BIG GOVERNMENT category–they tell you which proprietary items you can use on their proprietary devices, control the licensing, and tell you that all others are out to harm you.

      I like the options and freedom afforded to PCs. Pick an OS, add pieces, use whatever software I choose, etc.

  • mapletree

    The cloud will be a place where government agencies will do searches of your data without a warrant, your consent, or your knowledge. Wait till that IRS audit comes and they ask you to declare the gift your relative gave you that you thanked him for in an email. Your entire life will be up there for any government agency, or hacker to peer into. Security? Ask the 100 million people with Playstation 3 units that got hacked or the numerous major security breaches of online companies. You’d better encrypt it BEFORE you upload any data.

    • Brutus2

      According to full releases, encryption won’t save you. The service will cost $25/mo ($300/yr), and will perform searches of any device you connect for anything you can be charged for (e.g. music/movies w/o digi-rights), so that not even keeping files on your personal devices will evade Apple’s next step into Big Brother-land.

  • gringott

    Steve ‘Skeletor’ Jobs, unhappy with only part of your money, now wants to take your local storage away and have you pay him a monthly fee to hold your digital goods. Nice.