Matt Lewis

Who else owes Andrew Breitbart an apology?

Much to my surprise, Rep. Anthony Weiner actually apologized to Andrew Breitbart yesterday. It was the right thing to do; Weiner’s team and their liberal defenders had, after all, implied Breitbart was behind the “hacking” of Weiner’s Twitter account. As you’ll see in the clip below (my June 1 MSNBC appearance), a lot of people probably owe him an apology. But there were also responsible journalists like The Hill’s A.B. Stoddard who deserve kudos. Watch …

(Note at the end of this segment, the host argues that it was okay to go after Republican Larry Craig’s indiscretions, because, after all, he was “an enormous family values hypocrite.” … But as Jeff Jarvis points out, Weiner was a First Amendment hypocrite.)

  • motionview

    Chuckles Johnson of LGF is near the top of the list and has already refused to apologize, relying on the left’s “facts are only important when they support our position” maneuver.

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  • koam

    With certitude, I can say Joan Walsh from Salon, @JoanWalsh, owes a huge apology.
    Also Howie Kurtz, and Markos Moulitsas, The Daily Kos, @Markos owe huge apologies.

  • riseabove

    Plucking apologies from the mouths of Liberals is like digging through couches for quarters. All you get is crumbs. Besides, it’s good enough (for me, at least) watching them eat crow. Good job, Mr. Lewis!