‘Red Eye’ robots enact Weinergate, Breitbart issues stern warning

As the fallout from the controversy known as Weinergate continues to  play itself out, much of the late-night comedy has come from the view of the left. But what about those on the right?

On Wednesday morning’s airing of Fox News Channel’s “Red Eye,” host Greg Gutfeld offered his take during his “Gregalogue” segment. He noted that the narrative had a twist that didn’t conform to the standards of late-night comedy, including the likes of Comedy Central hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

“So the perfect narrative for any movie is David and Goliath – the whistleblower versus the evil corporation, the tough reporter versus the corrupt politician and the half-naked talk show host versus a team of rambunctious house boys,” Gutfeld said. “But for the narrative to be accepted, David must be a liberal and Goliath an evil Republican. So, when these roles are reversed it confuses the crap out of the mainstream media. Andrew Breitbart was accused of trying to destroy a congressman by fabricating a scandal and hacking social networks. These accusations were pushed by the left and a carnal congressman. So when Breitbart took the stage at Anthony Weiner’s presser, it may have been one of the greatest speaking-truth-to-power moments I’ve seen. Breitbart vindicated himself and Weiner imploded. As I tweeted earlier, if Breitbart was a leftist, Sean Penn would die to play him. Since he is not, it would be Philip Seymour Hoffman.”

And according to Gutfeld, the sympathy Weiner has gotten from these comedians pales in comparison to what Republicans have gotten from the same comedians.

“I’m sure if Andrew Breitbart was Michael Moore and Weiner was [Speaker of the House John] Boehner, Colbert would have felt the same way, right?” Gutfeld said. “And as Jon Stewart says about Weiner, we sometimes forget these people are human. Remember him saying the same thing about Palin and Cheney and Bush? No? We are missing the big picture. Weiner was a hairless sculpted cat. He spent a lot of time not on his constituents, but on himself. Weiner has no major legislation to his name and no fondness for filling pot holes. When he is not waxing his scrotum he waxed on Facebook as this reenactment by ‘Red Eye’ robots reveals.”

Reenactment transcript as follows:

WEINER ROBOT: Off to the shower. This thing is bopping up and down.
FEMALE: Ahh, wish I was in the shower with you to help.
WEINER ROBOT: You give good [bleep]?
FEMALE: I have been told really good and I love doing it.
WEINER ROBOT: Wow. A Jewish girl who sucks [bleep]. This thing is ready to do damage.
GIRL:  And [bleep] every drop. How [bleep] do I get you here to help [bleep] me?
WEINER ROBOT: Thinking about [bleep] your hot mouth with my [bleep]
GIRL: The anticipation of [bleep] you is driving me crazy. Come to Vegas so I can suck your [bleep] for an hour. You must be in the shower. I am getting a very nice visual for bed. I will probably have some filthy dreams about you, again.

Later in the segment, web entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart, a guest on the “Red Eye” program, offered a warning to Weiner – that if he attacked some of the women he corresponded with, as this investigation unfolds, then he would release more damaging photographs.

“Blackmailing somebody is when you secretly call somebody up and like say I’ve got something,” Breitbart said. “And you don’t do it  – I’m going to do it. I have every right to release this photo if I want to. It is in my possession. I don’t want to add further damage to his family. I think the point has been made.  But I have said – I have seen team Clinton operates. I saw how they treated the women during the Clinton thing. They went after Monica Lewinski. There will be an investigation into this guy, and he doesn’t want any more than the six that he has announced to come out. So, somebody has on to send a message. If he sends a message to these girls by showing some of the photographs they have given. If he starts playing hardball, Clinton-style Lewinski hard ball like he did with Paula Jones and calling her trailer trash and all of that crap – yeah, I have fingers that go like that.”

  • http://ja-js.blogtownhall.com rmekrnl

    Breitbart roots out what the liberal lamestream media try to ignore or even hide. And he has balls of steel. More power to him!

  • Hallmonitor

    “I have seen team Clinton operates. ”

    Bingo! Many of us have known that for year. I learned the hard way, but I learned.

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  • ChickFight

    Andrew is exhausted. God Bless him.

  • A.R. Lanthem

    Read the transcript of the “dirty talk” between Weiner and his Las Vegas woman.

    It mentions how The Colbert Report gets them turned on.

    Now, any satirist worth his salt should be HORRIFIED that he’s become such a shill for one ideological camp that he’s become an APHRODISIAC for them.

    But not Colbert. And not Stewart. They pimp for the Left and love it.

    Horace, Juvenal, Swift they are not….

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  • bobmac

    Breitbart delivers the goods each time out.It is great to see a guy who doesn’t care what the DC/NYC/Hollywood/Ivy League so called elite say or think.That’s the way we all have to roll.

  • Ben Blankenship

    Last Friday and Saturday, when the Weiner thing was a-brewing, the esteemed Washington Post carried how many news stories on the episode? Zero. Zilch.
    Demonstrating a blind eye to transgressions on the Left.

  • inspectorudy

    Breitbart is like a white boat in a cesspool of MSM turds! He operates on the truth and facts to back EVERY claim he has made and will make. The MSM never use facts but loves to cite an “Unnamed” source. Then when they get caught lying about an issue they attack the messenger. Look at the integrity challenged Brian Williams and his “Weiner story is not news worthy” but Sarah Palin’s comments on Paul Revere are. The left wing blogs are even worse and they have been made to look like high school kids on face book!

    • BigRmv

      Well, my friend, you can’t put Breitbart in the same MSM group (boat or not) if you start throwing around accusations like “He operates on the truth and facts…” That certainly doesn’t work in the MSM.

      Perhaps he should be classified as an IBNM person (Integrity Based News Media).