California GOP gives obvious nod to Tea Party in new video

In a clear paean to the Tea Party, the California Republican Party released a Web video Thursday saying Californians are “taxed enough already.”

The phrase “taxed enough already” — part of the acronym TEA — was a common phrase of the Tea Party during 2009 and 2010, found on signs and posters at numerous rallies around the country.

The California GOP’s video blasts Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget plan, which would close a $9.6 billion budget gap by extending some tax increases.

A May poll from the Public Policy Institute shows that just 46 percent of likely voters support extending the tax increases, down from 54 percent in January.

(Presidential candidates to speak at pro-gold standard events)

The California legislature must pass a budget by July 1 or forfeit their pay, according to new rules enacted to give lawmakers incentive — a kick in the pants — to move on a budget.

Watch below:

  • captaingrumpy

    Surely there are Californians that have common sense.Where do all the votes come from ???????

    • BigRmv

      Gerrymandered districts that group like-minded Democrats in large percentages. Even Republican communities end up “voting Democratic” when all is said and done. But that’s about to change, thanks to the fact that most of the illiterates that will sign any ballot measure didn’t bother to read what Prop 20 actually did.

      Prop 20 creates a citizen’s panel made up of some 14 people from various groups to redraw our Congressional districts with a MANDATE that the districts be made of “like” socio-economic communities, be adjacent (with a minimum adjacent border), and represent the communities shared values. In other words, the snake-like districts designed to keep the Democratic majority will be history soon.

      We might see some actual representation soon.

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  • Gonzo51

    I live in this sinking state. They are unable to grasp the importance of a balanced budget by cutting spending but have so much time on their hands to discuss / consider banning “free parking” (an idea by some Long Beach Assemblyman MORON!), changing content of school books to include gay, lesbian and trans gender lifestyle information, just to name a few of their busy work.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, high taxes, moronic regulation and illegal immigration is chasing business and quality people out of the state in droves. Soon there will not be anyone to support the “takers” and they will then have to migrate to another state to leach off new supporters. The Golden State is dying a slow death. If continues in this fashion, it won’t be that long before you can “turn off the lights”.

    • BigRmv

      I’m there with you. Even the Dems I know were surprised that Jerry was elected again. But I have to disagree about it not being too long before you can “turn off the lights,” because they’ll probably pass some asinine law that prohibits even turning them on to save whatever species of duck being bothered by the lights.

      My investment suggestions: Stock up on brass and lead and hope the Texans will come to our rescue.

      • Gonzo51


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  • PalinPatriot4ever

    Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, the Tax and Spend Liberal.. who did the very same things the last time he was Gov., and low and behold, he is doing the exact same things now.. He, and the rest of Liberal buddies, can’t help it.. that’s how and what they are, and how they see Govt. as being and doing.. the all powerful give me all you got, and or I will take it all anyways, and maybe I might let you have some back, if I feel like it, liberal moronic imbecile politicians.. who knows absolutely nothing, and could care less about Businesses and job creation, Capitalism the Free Market Enterprise, as being the prosperity engine of Society and America, let alone Calif..

    What else is new.. and the same goes for that gutless wonder, Schwartzzennegger, aka, celebrity liberal Republican RINO..

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