California GOP gives obvious nod to Tea Party in new video

In a clear paean to the Tea Party, the California Republican Party released a Web video Thursday saying Californians are “taxed enough already.”

The phrase “taxed enough already” — part of the acronym TEA — was a common phrase of the Tea Party during 2009 and 2010, found on signs and posters at numerous rallies around the country.

The California GOP’s video blasts Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget plan, which would close a $9.6 billion budget gap by extending some tax increases.

A May poll from the Public Policy Institute shows that just 46 percent of likely voters support extending the tax increases, down from 54 percent in January.

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The California legislature must pass a budget by July 1 or forfeit their pay, according to new rules enacted to give lawmakers incentive — a kick in the pants — to move on a budget.

Watch below: