Air Force Campaign One

Air Force One is quickly becoming President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign-bus. Next week, one of the two presidential Boeing 747s is scheduled to carry the president down to North Carolina and then to Florida, both of which are must-wins for his campaign.

The Florida visit was announced today, and followed yesterday’s announcement by the White House that the President will fly to Durham, N.C., on June 13 to meet with his Jobs and Competitiveness Council at Cree Inc., a company that is developing new-generation lights. Today’s announcement revealed the aircraft will next fly to Miami International Airport and depart the next morning.

The White House statement did not say what events are scheduled for Miami, nor if the POTUS and his entourage will be returning to D.C. that day, or jetting off to another location.

(Tea Party may stay home if Romney nominated)

Both North Carolina and Florida are vital pieces of the President’s 2012 victory-map. He won Florida handily in 2008, but the stalled economy, and a possible shift in the Jewish community, presages trouble for 2012. North Carolina voted narrowly for Obama in 2008, but Democrats say a rising share of Latino votes in the state may keep it in his column in 2012, even if the sour economy helps the GOP candidate win other states, such as Indiana and Ohio.

The visit also highlights the president’s CEO-stocked jobs council, and also his increased attention to manufacturing companies. On June 3, Obama visited Chrysler’s auto-plant in Toledo, Ohio, to tout his support for the auto industry, and on June 8, he visited Northern Virginia Community College’s Alexandria campus to showcase his support for new industry-backed training programs.

This focus on industry will help boost his rating among manufacturing workers, which have fallen amid the stalled economy. In May, for example, the manufacturing sector lost 5,000 jobs. Similarly, Cree Inc., where the president is slated to visit next week, saw its revenue drop to $219 million in the first three months of 2011. “This represents a 6% decrease compared to revenue of $234.1 million reported for the [same] quarter last year and a 15% decrease” compared to the last three months of 2010, according to a company press release.

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    Dumbama and Moocherella, AKA Dumb and Dumber, make me want to puke! They are two of the most worthless idiots drawing breath on this planet.

  • snarkesq

    It gets better. Not only is he swinging through NC for yet another photo opp at a manufacturing facility which is just an excuse for him to go to Florida for two DNC events….but the schedule says he’s staying in Miami that night so he can depart from there the next morning for Puerto Rico. And, yes, it will be an “official Presidential visit” since he’ll make some useless statement at the airport. The real reason he’s there? ANOTHER DNC event of course! Prepare to be duped (and billed) like this every week until November 2012. He’s been doing it for the last couple of months, and it was the same m.o. last fall in the midterm elections. They pick a company, plant, warehouse for him to speak at for five minutes, so it can be deemed official business, but he’s really flown there for a fundraising/campaign event. What a joke.

    Next week’s schedule:


    Schedule for the Week of June 13, 2011

    On Monday, the President will travel to Durham, NC to meet with the Jobs and Competitiveness Council at the corporate and U.S. manufacturing headquarters of Cree, a leading manufacturer of energy efficient LED lighting. The President will tour Cree’s manufacturing facilities, deliver remarks and meet with the Jobs Council to discuss initiatives and policies to spur economic growth, promote job creation and accelerate hiring across the nation. Later, the President will travel to Miami, Florida to attend two DNC events. The President will spend the night in Miami.

    On Tuesday, the President will travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico, the first official visit by a sitting U.S. President to the island since President Kennedy visited in 1961. The President will deliver brief remarks upon arrival at Luis Munoz Marin International Airport. The President will then visit La Fortaleza, the historic Governor’s mansion, and later attend a DNC event. The President will return to Washington, DC at night.

  • oc in nc

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      LOL! Obama wanted Weiner to go with him, but his hands were full, again.

      • oc in nc

        He would not be allowed to use any electronic devices in flight.

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