Pelosi declines to call for Weiner’s resignation

Amid increasing calls for Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi says the decision should be up to the congressman and his New York constituents.

The former speaker said in San Francisco that she believes the decision should be made by “the individual member” and the people in his district.

Weiner, a seven-term Democrat, has admitted sending sexually explicit photos and messages over the Internet to a half-dozen women over the past three years. Pelosi has asked the House Ethics Committee to investigate whether Weiner used any government resources.

Weiner told a newspaper Thursday he would not resign. At least nine House members and three senators said he should quit.

  • DianeCee

    Has everyone noticed how old Pelosi looks now that the tax payers aren’t extorted to pay for her botox shots? I wonder what Weiner knows about this hagish woman that she fears being publicized?

  • redbankrick

    Please sign a petition for Weiner to resign; it’s not just for us Brooklynites: