Matt Lewis

Why Anthony Weiner doesn’t want to leave Congress

They say “politics is Hollywood for ugly people,” and few have proven that maxim truer than Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Weiner wasn’t just a bad boy who happened to be a politician. It was Weiner’s job that made him attractive to women. And it was his professional status that facilitated the relationships. Some men attract superficial members of the opposite sex by driving fancy cars, making a lot of money, or by being super fit. But it was Weiner’s status as a political rock star that made him sexy. As Henry Kissinger said, “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”

Just read the direct messages and it is obvious that the conversations often started when women were impressed by his political prowess. One woman, for example, “liked” one of his videos on Facebook and added the word “hot.” Another (who had previously corresponded with Weiner) wrote, “i need to see you mr. congressman. please don’t disappoint me!”

Weiner, of course, pursued these relationships. Being a Congressman is stressful, and it probably helps to get the occasional ego boost. But the bottom line is that it was what he did — not who he is — that earned him the praise and attention of these women.

This is a clue, by the way, why Weiner cannot — will not — resign. Being a political rock star isn’t what he does for a job — it’s who he is. It is his identity. It the only reason people like him, pay attention to him…adore him. It defines him.

Maybe therapy isn’t a bad idea?

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  • koam

    Mr. Anthony Weiner, without the title Congressman, D-NY….it’s like pouring water on the Wicked Witch of the West.

    “I’m melting!”

  • SteveM

    You got that right Matt.

    What gets Weiner off is not primarily the dirty talk. He could have gotten that anonymously from a phone/sexting chat line. Nope, for Weiner the rush is the sexting foreplay in which his targets tell him he’s not the grubby nebbish that he really is. Only when his broken ego has been massaged can the little weasel do his grimy phallic conquest shtick.

    BTW, about the Delaware teen he texted without being “indecent”. He was in the process of setting her up. It was only a matter of time till Weiner played out the rest of his warped script to her too. Good thing for him he got caught first.

  • 1TrueOne55

    Being an arrogant bastard on Fox News Channel? Is he the next Grayson with the extreme rhetoric that makes a man that is considered smart look imbecilic. When you look at his demeanour on TV it shows why he has to go to the Internet to get his “Ego” stroked.

    It is really sad though I bet his parents were really embarrassed when you consider that they are considered the foundation builders of his generation.

    But this is the Progressive way to enlightenment, they believe that if you allow your inner self to come out that frees you to become an enlightened being. Sexual freedom is part of that process and that is why they are so passionate about abortion, they see children not as the foundation of the next generation, but a burden to be dealt with. They also want to control the World’s population so that their Elitists win out and rule the world.

    Abortion is about legal Genocide similar to what the National Socialists of Europe and Progressives are looking for. It is a faster way to remove those deemed less likely to become enlightened to the progressive theology. So they hold on to it with a death like grip, they need it.

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