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Mitt Romney explains how he knew the Bruins score during debate

MANCHESTER, N.H. — How did Mitt Romney know the score to Boston Bruins game in the middle of Monday night’s debate?

“By the way, Bruins are up 4-0,” Romney said to the loud applause of the spectators inside the debate hall at St. Anselm College after answering an unrelated question.

The Republican debate was on at the same time as Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final against Vancouver Canucks.

Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, divulged where he learned the score while making his rounds to local eateries here on Tuesday. While chatting with several women at Blake’s Restaurant here in Manchester, Romney said a staff member gave him the score during the commercial break when candidates are allowed to visit the restroom.

As he strolled from dinner to local businesses with dozens of reporters trailing him, the front-runner was all smiles. He told the women at Blake’s that the debate “went well” and that the candidates “were respectful of each other.”

“The fact that the Bruins beat the Canucks was also a nice exclamation point for the evening,” he said.

  • YetAnotherBoleynGirl

    I sort of wondered how he knew that. Then, I wondered what a “Bruin” was. Ok, kidding.

    I think that although Gov Romney didn’t score a lot of wild hand clapping during the debate, the people in the audience appeared to be listening very carefully to him and a good many were nodding. You can’t hear a nod.