Massachusetts Senator John Kerry owns large stake in Comcast, News Corp

Democrat Massachusetts Senator and former presidential candidate John Kerry owns more stock in media companies than any other member of Congress, according to a report released Wednesday by the site opensecrets.org.

The senator’s holdings include a $1.75 million stake in Comcast and $600,000 in News Corp, the parent company of Fox News.

Though Kerry’s stake is the highest, at least seven other Congressmen hold stocks in media companies worth $100,000.

Comcast was in the news earlier this year for its much talked-about and contentious acquisition of NBC Universal. In January, the Federal Communications Commission approved the merger, to the chagrin of media reform activists and some lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Kerry, who is chairman of the Senate Commerce Communications Subcommittee, urged careful review of the merger, but ultimately supported it.

A spokesperson for Kerry told the OpenSecrets blog that the senator’s holdings were inherited in family trusts that “he has no investing control over whatsoever.”

  • righthere

    Yet one more example as do as I say not as I do…

    John Kerry who wants to raise taxes on the rich (defined as anyone, including Subchapter S Crop individuals, earning more than $200 k),Yet hides his yacht in a neighboring state to avoid Mass. state Sales and Luxury Taxes; has no business chairing a committee which oversees industries he has such large stakes in.

    I have long since stopped using Heinz products and recommend others to do likewise.

    Why support this hypocrite and his ditzy wife?

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  • yportbill

    Ah the benefits of marrying rich widows. Can you believe this nit-wit.

  • thephranc

    Good for him. I’d own comcast an news corp too in those types of amounts if I could afford it.

  • The_anniebanannie

    Good to know!! Let’s hang MSNBC around his neck until he finally tucks his tail between his legs, like the coward that he is, and runs back to Tahhreeeza.

  • borntoraisehogs

    Why does Lurch keep stealing from the children of Senator John Heinz?