Gingrich wants apology, says wife is being treated like Nancy Reagan

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich continues his campaign for president following an exodus of high-level staff over a vacation he took to Europe.

On Greta Van Susteren’s television program on Fox News Wednesday night, Gingrich said that people who blame his campaign’s troubles on his wife Callista owe her an apology.

The presidential candidate criticized NBC for discussing reports that quoted “cowardly people, who, frankly, lied about my wife — and I believe NBC owes Callista an apology,” Gingrich said.

“Look, Callista and I have a very similar relationship to Nancy and Ronnie Reagan,” Gingrich said. “And people blame Nancy Reagan for things that Ronald Reagan did.”

Gingrich said he has “no idea” whether Callista Gingrich had difficulties with staff members, deflecting the question by volunteering his own internal conflicts with staff.

“I wanted to run an idea-oriented, grass-roots, solutions-based campaign that used Facebook and YouTube and all sorts of exciting things,” Gingrich said. “And we had a couple staff members who wanted to run a 1952 campaign that I thought was hopeless and couldn’t possibly win.”

(Gingrich says he feels ‘liberated’ by staff exodus)

Van Susteren asked Gingrich about the president’s economic policies. “It’s the Obama depression, and he ought to have some sense of concern for the pain,” Gingrich said.

Gingrich also addressed a Tuesday ABC News report about a Gingrich non-profit giving money to a for-profit Gingrich company.

“You know, that report is so inaccurate,” Gingrich said. “Reverend Jim Garlow of San Diego, who’s the head of Renewing American Leadership, sent me a very despairing e-mail yesterday and said he told the facts to the ABC reporter and he was told by the ABC reporter, frankly, they didn’t care what the facts were, they were going to do a hit piece. And they just — they actually literally didn’t care what the facts were.”

  • RevRodPrometheus

    Newt is like a bad fish meal rotting in the garbage pail.  Can we please take that paper he’s wrapped himself in and dump it in the trash and out of the house?

  • RevRodPrometheus

    Why does Tiffany’s want to get paid for all that money you owe when you’re GIVING them all that free publicity?  Could be they’re good capitalists and want the money you owe them for the jewlery you bought your current wife and mistresses.  Haven’t you told her about them yet?  Isn’t that how she became your wife as a mistress in waiting?
    Did you find out if Callista performs oral sex as good as Nancy?

  • Miguel Saavadera

    No Newt, Nancy Reagan was a side bar to Ronald… you hardly every heard about her and her ideals in the life and times of Ronald Reagan. President.

    Ronny had a pair.

    On the other hand Calista has yours in a lock-box … what fool announces he is all in for a Presidential run, and then goes on a two week Greek vacation (’cause your wife demands it)?

    Sorry as a Presidential candidate you are not it…

  • papa1

    If “Newt” is the answer, what was the question? I must have missed it while thinking about unemployment, the deficit, border violence, terrorism, rogue nations with nukes…Oh, yeah, now I remember. “Who thinks NBC owes Callista an apology?”

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