Matt Lewis

Survey: Among Republicans, Sarah Palin has highest favorability of any potential candidate

A new Public Policy Polling survey of 544 “usual Republican primary voters nationwide” from June 9-12, shows good news for Sarah Palin.

When asked, “Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Sarah Palin?,” 62 percent said they had a favorable view, while just 27 percent had an unfavorable view (11 percent were not sure).

There is a caveat, however. Alhough Palin “continues to have the highest favorability of the potential Republican candidates,” PPP also notes that “there continues to be a disconnect between GOP voters liking Palin and thinking she would be a good President or Presidential candidate.”

(Read the survey PDF here.)

  • Blackwater

    Matt. nice article, but this is nothing new. Sarah Palin has had the highest approval rating among Republicans in every legit poll for the last two or more years. Usually 8 to 10 points higher than anyone else.

    This is a woman who had a 90% approval rating as Governor. The highest of anyone in the country.

  • speppers69

    Ahhhh…a semi-positive story about Sarah Palin and it gets buried. Figures. No wonder there are only 4 comments on this story. Palin stories usually get 100s of comments. I had to receive a link via e-mail to locate this story. It wasn’t on the politics page. It wasn’t on the home page. And yes…it was posted yesterday but when has a Sarah Palin story ever not been commented on by someone about 24 hours later. And this is a Matt Lewis post so it’s not like it was one of the DC’s lesser knowns.

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  • guesswho

    So they like her but don’t want her to be our next Prez. Why didn’t the headline reflect this?

    • reagantman

      Because Matt’s an excellent writer and he’s trying to make the point that Sarah Palin has high favorables when the rest of the media is trying to tell us otherwise.

  • des1

    That is her fault for not woodshedding on the issues and working with someone to help her with her presentation. If she’d spent the last year going on every Liberal show on TV and debating those hosts into the ground, those poll numbers would look completely different. She has all the tools to be great, but either decided she just wanted to be a celebrity, or had the mistaken impression that being a celebrity was enough.

    • reagantman

      If Sarah Palin debates a stupid liberal into the ground in the forest and only kool aid drinkers hear it, does it actually make a sound to anyone with a brain? The liberal channels are not our target market. Debating the truth with kool aid drinking idiots will not make Sarah Palin look any smarter than she already is. She’s doing just fine. The media is learning its lesson. When they treat her like dirt, they need to know they are kissing the ratings opportunities that would come with having her on their shows.