Unemployed woman trying to sell handwritten letter from Obama

How much would you pay for a handwritten letter from the president?

One woman is hoping the answer is somewhere in the ballpark of $11,000. (Poll: If election were held today, Obama would lose)

Destiny Mathis, a surgical technologist and mother of three living in Indiana, wrote a letter last year to President Barack Obama expressing her appreciation at a time when the White House was under fire for not doing enough to decrease unemployment numbers. Mathis was herself unemployed when the letter was sent, and her boyfriend had left her shortly before her youngest child was born.

Obama responded with a handwritten note thanking her for her support. “You have such a positive spirit,” he wrote. “Please know things will get better for you and your family … You inspire me and I’m rooting for you.”

Now, the framed letter hanging in Mathis’ house is up for sale. The young mother hopes to get $11,000 for it, enough to pay her bills after six months of being unemployed.

Though Mathis told Fox Chicago the handwritten letter was one of her most prized possessions, she said the hope of keeping her family together and forestalling eviction was “a lot more important.”

  • PaullyLeaks

    The hand written letter would only be worth a lot if it was entitled “My Resignation.”

  • IGetItAlready


    In a long overdue attempt to reduce the effects of Obama’s dismal failure of an economy, the Whitehouse has announced that starting next year all tax returns will include two hand written notes from the most high Barak Hussein Obama himself.

    Tax payers as well as those who are paid on tax day will be instructed to auction one note to help cover their share of the skyrocketing costs of “free” Obamacare expenses. The other note should be auctioned to feed their families.

    The administration reports that while this policy will keep the president quite busy writing notes, the time commitment will be negligible as a few more free scraps to the people should make the president’s plans of campaigning for the next year unnecessary for his reelection.