Dana Milbank loses it

These are dangerous times for Israel and the Jewish people. Anti-Semitism — especially the anti-Semitism that cloaks itself as anti-Zionism — is thriving. Visit the United Nations, most world capitals or America’s college campuses and you would think that Israel is the most bloodthirsty power on the world stage. Politics aside, decent people should be able to agree that this increasing demonization of Israel is a dangerous trend.

Anyone who’s been watching Glenn Beck over the past few months with anything approaching objectivity cannot fail to have noticed that Beck has not only recognized the threat of this new anti-Semitism, but he’s become a leading opponent of it. How often do cable news shows devote entire episodes to such ratings busters as reviewing the history of anti-Semitism — with a special focus on Christian anti-Semitism — or interviewing Holocaust survivors? When is the last time that an American television host has shed tears for murdered Israeli children? Glenn Beck has done all the above. And now he’s going beyond mourning this hate to trying to combat it by organizing a non-partisan international rally in support of Israel in Jerusalem this August.

But here comes Dana Milbank to find the needle of anti-Semitism in this haystack of philo-Semitism. In his June 17th article blasting Senator Joseph Lieberman for agreeing to support Beck’s Jerusalem rally, Milbank doesn’t merely disagree with Beck on Middle East policy or the virtue of his planned rally. He skips right to the accusation of Jew hatred. In the process, Milbank abandons all standards of decency and objective journalism.

Given the complete absence of any facts with which to back up his ugly accusation, Milbank resorts to the tired old tactic of guilt by association. Milbank leads his argument by claiming that of the thousands of guests that Beck has had on the air over the years, one guest — G. Edward Griffin — once made an anti-Semitic comment. Milbank notes that Griffin described as “accurate” the anti-Semitic forgery “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

But Milbank leaves out some rather relevant context. Beck had Griffin on his show to discuss the Federal Reserve, not the Protocols. Even more importantly, Griffin’s position vis-à-vis the Protocols is exactly the opposite of what Milbank asserts. It turns out the Milbank pulled his one-word quote from an article in which Griffin argues quite passionately that the Protocols are a forgery and a tool of anti-Semites. His point is that while some of what the Protocols say about the world might be “accurate,” readers shouldn’t be fooled into believing that the document is authentic.

Next, Milbank notes that Glenn Beck likened Reform rabbis to “radicalized Islam.” On this point Milbank is correct. Beck did say that. What Milbank fails to mention, however, is that on the very next day Beck did something quite rare in our current political discourse: he issued a heartfelt retraction. Among the statements Beck made during the course of his six-minute radio apology were: “I made a mistake, and I want to make sure that you understand that I was wrong in this and that I apologize for it…. Some called me ignorant for what I said, and I think that’s a pretty good description…. I made one of the worst analogies of all time.”

Don’t they have fact-checkers at The Washington Post?

What’s even more troubling than Milbank’s blatant disregard for the facts is his easy resort to bigotry. In his zeal to accuse Beck of anti-Semitism, Milbank trots out the tired anti-Christian slur that Christians only support Israel to bring all the Jews back to their ancestral home and thereby speed the second coming of Jesus.

  • xexon

    I’m anti-zionist, AND I often comment in the Washington Post.

    You people are being used. You’re being used for your religious beliefs to further another agenda many of you have no knowledge of.

    Modern Israel is a racist, apartheid nation founded and run by what is essentially a kosher KKK. These people are NOT true Jews. Not that any of you can tell the difference. Zionists, Herzl zionists to be specific, have traded their Jewishness for this vile supremacist philosophy.

    And I’ve got news for you. After they’re done purging the country of Israel’s Arab populations, the Christians are next. You’re not Jewish either. And under zionism, Israel is to be ALL Jewish.

    What you’re supporting over there is eventually going to eat you.


  • Liberty Issues

    Small potatoes.

    The overwhelming issue is that as long as we support the immoral presence of a Jewish state, the terrorists will keep coming after us. What would we do if the UN “partitioned” the American Southwest and gave it back to Mexico? And Mexico has a lot more right to our Southwest than the Jews EVER had to “their” land.

    Recall that Jew obtained that land by committing mass genocide against the Canaanites. Canaanites were also called Phoenicians, arguably the most advanced society on earth. Slaughtered. Like animals. Infinitely more barbaric than anything in the Koran.

    Lest we forget, it was Christians who expelled the Jews from Jerusalem, and Muslims who allowed them back in. Ironic?

    And the so-called Jewish Homeland was RULED by Jews for a mere 300 years, out of more than 2,000 years. No valid claim their either. And the Jews caused their own loss of land — when South Judea refused to defend North Judea from attack and destruction.

    We interfered in the war between Japan and China and got Pearl Harbor.

    We interfered in the Middle East and got 9/11. This is not to say we DESERVED retaliation against us. But what kind of fool keeps tweaking the nose of a bully?

  • ginamarie1971

    Milbank is a punk! Who gives a rats ass what he thinks. And no they do not have fact checkers at WaPo

  • JoeJ

    Beck was destroyed at Fox because he attacked to many left wing Jewish people by name – attacking Jewish names for any reason is a big NO NO in American life.

    Soros and the like got Beck – they reached right into Fox and got him fired – that is their power over American – they can destroy anyone who attacks any of them.

    They have destroyed Beck’s money machine. He is trying to get back in their good graces by going overboard in supporting Israel. It will not work.

    • captaingrumpy

      Where the hell did you dig up that one. He was not fired but asked to tone down his naming names.This he did not want to do so he resigned.His cable show will start where his Fox one left.It is also true that the Liberals (Soros &co) helped him in his decision.
      If you are going to BS,go to MSNBC.

  • NotPropagandized

    If these idiots keep upping their idiocy and somehow fail to impose their tyranny on the rest of us, how could we not consider internment camps for the politically-ill class? Calm down!.. It’s just a joke. But how many of us wonder how to protect our delicate freedoms from lunatics like DanaMilbank? Obviously, JosephMcCarthy’s plan didn’t work and seemed to open a door to grow the socialist agenda in America. Does anybody have a way to protect our Republic from these really strange thinkers that force us to waste time debating ridiculous political positions? Just think of the all the opportunity for the advancement of civilization if we could build on past success instead of interrogating it for made-up injustices. Why won’t these perverse malcontents deport themselves to some land that would be the ideal platform for some notion of their utopia? Oh, that’s right, they want a one-world government that is run like they want and not allow individual freedom. OK, I get it.

  • lostsoulsbeach

    As papers you speak of die off, where, oh where will the sheeple read?

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  • http://lamecherry.blogspot.com lamecherry

    This is inaccurate, as this is not a case of anti Semites or anti Zionism. This is a case of anti Judahite, nationalist, Jews for Jesus, Orthodox, American settlers, Sephardic and the right wing groups of the Israeli state.

    In short, this is Obama’s Berlin Benefactors of the elite Ashkenaz Rothschild cartel of secularists practicing a minority Shabattai Zvi religion (sin more and the illuminated one comes) who use Marxists like Ehud Barak and import Russian Jewry to beat up their enemies and drive them from the settlements.

    The “enemies” are those listed above and have been put behind modern Warsaw ghetto walls, while these elitists have their Aryan Iranian Islamocommunists arm the Philistine neo Syrians to murder this group of Jews.

    Dana Milbank champions his Rockefeller Rothschild secular cartel Jews as they pay the bills and targets Glenn Beck, because Beck meandering around is standing up for the Jews being made nuclear holocaust targets by Obama.

    The sooner people realize that all Jews are just like not all blacks, that numbers are Conservative and did not vote for Obama, the easier it is to comprehend just like in America, the east coast patricians are trying to the eradication of those pesky flyover country Reagan Christians.

    • JapesMacfarland

      I would ask a secular leftist: If someone told you that they wanted to destroy Italy, but were not against Italians, you would probably look at them like they were crazy. So why is it different with Jews?

  • empiresentry

    Unfortunately, the readers of WaPo only care to read headlines rather than to find things out for themselves. As such, crumbs are thrown to them that feed into their prejudice, allowing them to chuckle amounst themselves:
    “See? I knew it was true. The WaPo says so.”

    Equally, the same holds true for the New York Times, who continues to ‘interview’ non-existant people and sources, using anyone with an opposing view as a punchline for their jokes rather than for discussion of opposing positions and perspectives (e.g.: rolling fields of tobacco in West Virginia).

    The only reason either newspaper stays alive is because of old farts like my parents who are ‘used’ to getting that paper. Both papers have fallen into the stinking mire far below that of the National Enquirer. Both papers will soon shut down.

    • lostsoulsbeach

      Sorry about that misplaced reply. It was to you that I asked “where will the sheeple read?”