Clinton voters still skeptical of Obama for 2012

Though many Hillary Clinton supporters clenched their teeth and supported Barack Obama in 2008, many remain frustrated with the president’s failure to champion women’s issues and believe he should expect a lower turnout among women for his 2012 reelection.

“After 2008 [Clinton voters] were basically told get over it, and they haven’t gotten over it,” Amy Siskind, president of the feminist advocacy group The New Agenda, told The Daily Caller.

Women, however, did vote for Obama in droves with the hope that he would tackle the issues important to them once in office. This has not been the case according to many Hillary Clinton supporters.

“Barack Obama wasn’t the women’s candidate in 2008 and he is not the women’s president midway through 2011,” Diane Mantouvalos, a 2008 Clinton supporter and co-founder of HireHeels.com (“a forum of power chics for Hillary”) noted.

According to Manatouvalos — who pointed to a March 2011 Bureau of Labor Statistics report that showed 90 percent of recovery jobs had gone to men in the prior 12 months as proof — Obama has hardly been the women-friendly executive so many thought he could be.

Indeed, while women did vote for Obama by a margin of 13 percentage points over the GOP in 2008, Democrats lost the women’s vote to Republicans by 1 percentage point during the 2010 elections, based on exit polling.

“I’d say few if any Hillary supporters have warmed up to the president…I certainly hope that changes by 2012, but it’s too late for women to feel like they’re doing better than they were 3 or 4 years ago,” Mantouvalos added.

It is not just the job situation either. Feminists have also taken issue with the fact that Obama’s cabinet only has a comparable number of females to the administrations of Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

“In Obama’s coalition, women do not play as strong a role,” Lara Brown, assistant professor of political science at Villanova University and former President Clinton appointee, said. “From my perspective, even though Obama and his administration have talked about giving women appointments, I think that, in fact, they have been much more interested in reaching out to other constituencies that they feel are more important.”

The perceived neglect of women likely will not escape the administration’s attention as they embark on their 2012 campaign. Obama will need to decidedly win the women’s vote if he hopes to be re-elected.

“I think it’s partly why he installed Debbie Wasserman-Schulz as the head of the Democratic National Committee, to mollify women, to be serious about making women very visible in his administration and in his reelection campaign,” said Kellyanne Conway, CEO of the polling company, inc./WomanTrend, in reference to the relatively few number of women surrounding the president.

However, Sam Bennett, president and CEO of the Women’s Campaign Forum and a former Republican, explained that no matter how frustrated Clinton supporters might be with Obama, Republican policies and attacks on choice will make the 2012 election a no-brainer for most women. They will just vote against the Republicans, not necessarily for Obama, she said.

“This election cycle, more than any other, women have a very clear choice,” she told TheDC. “Even if they do not fully embrace Obama yet, which I completely understand, because Hillary represented so many women — a whole nation of life’s work. But the choice is clear.”

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  • American 1st

    the only crime is when americans get too wrapped up in gossip and too comfortable and lazy to rise above the din and put their efforts into gettin us back on track. i know, i know…. you’re entitled and exceptional. i would only ask that you contribute your share to the privilege. the country needs us all. no one to spare. no time for games and gossip.

    • kingfish

      PLEASE BE EXPLICIT! What is “our share”? We’ve furnished the money to PAY for all this corruption, and we’ve furnished the “lives” to pay for all this corruption. We’ve demonstrated via the tea parties and tried peacefully to change the rot in D.C. What else is “our share” to do, you self-righteous jerk.

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  • pink

    “Anecdotally, however, Obama is having a difficult time garnering support from female donors.”

    Wow, this is even poorer journalism than the “unnamed source.” “Anecdotally?” Are you kidding me? You mean you’re absolutely guessing.

    • HoosYoDaddy

      Your Stink(y) tennis shoe made a much more appropriate avatar..except it had a sole, and you have no soul..nor intellect, you pathetic Obamabot.

      • pink

        What a clever retort. You really are the with of the Daily Caller comment section, aren’t you? Laughing at you…

        • pink


          Still laughing at you, Hoos. Still laughing.

  • kingfish

    A friend is reading a book about presidents and VPs from the Secret Service perspective. My friend’s review of the book:

    Carter: A complete phony who would portray one picture of himself to public and very different in private, i.e., would be shown carrying his own luggage, which were always empty> He kept empty ones just for photo ops. Wanted the people to see him as pious and a non drinker; he and family drank alcohol a lot. Had disdain for the Secret Service, and was very irresponsible with the “football” nuclear codes.

    Bill Clinton: Presidency was one giant party. Not trustworthy, he was nice because he wanted everyone to like him but life is just one big game and party to him.

    Hillary Clinton: Another phony. Personality would change the instant cameras were near. She hated with open disdain the military and Secret Service. Again another one who felt people are there to serve her. She was always trying to keep tabs on Bill Clinton..

    Al Gore: An egotistical ass who was once overheard by his Secret Service detail when he told his son he needed to do better in school or he “would end up like these guys” and pointed to the agents.

    Barack Obama: Clinton all over again – hates the military and looks down on the Secret Service. Egotistical and cunning. Will look you in the eye and agree with you then turn around and do the opposite – untrustworthy. His wife is a complete bitch. Hates anybody that is not black. Hates the military and looks at the secret service as servants.

    Ronald Reagan: The real deal. Moral, Honest, respectful and dignified. Treated Secret Service and everyone else with respect and honor. Would always thank everyone all the time. He took the time to know everyone on a personal level.

    • guesswho

      Hey kingfish,

      Your buddy omitted the two Bushes. I know from some of your past insane posts that young George was part of the 9/11 conspiracy. What else you got?

    • kingfish

      According to the book, both Bush administrations treated the Secret Service with respect. That doesn’t mean the Bushes weren’t criminals.

      DR. STEVE PIECZENIK: 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB TO TAKE THE U.S. TO WAR & Bin Laden has been dead for Years

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      Admiral Mullen retired at the end of May.

      • thephranc

        You are still a retard.

        • guesswho

          Do you have to throw your 2 cents in on every DC article, frankie?

          Before you learned how to google (and become an expert on everything) where were you the village idiot?

          • HoosYoDaddy

            I am surprised your Mommy will even let you use her computer, and that your parole officer will even let you surf the web unattended…our tax dollars at work…well mine, not yours.

    • kingfish

      Part 1 – Open Letter to Poppy Bush

      Part 2 – Rule Of Law Empowers You And Punishes Traitors

      • guesswho


        You made a believer out of me. When do we go to the bunkers?

    • American 1st

      your friend has an opinion and it seems a biased opinion at that. he’s self serving. gossip is not very service oriented and the secret service don’t gossip or talk out of school for that matter. Note: this isn’t an opinion. its fact. i was there. because i was there (more than you have any idea) i can safely and confidently say you and your “friend” are clueless gossip queens looking to make money or stir up crap. Anyone who has been there or has half a brain knows you’re full of self promotion. Its people like you who try to cheapen our great country for their own gain–like a cyber thug. lol. what have you done FOR your country lately?

      • kingfish

        If you were “there” as you say, then you were certainly AWARE of the multitude of crimes being committed by the Bush/Clinton cabal (many of them exposed in books). Yet you claim to be PROUD you kept your mouth shut, despite the fact that your nation and fellow Americans were being subverted ever since Bush 41 (and even when he was VP).
        You sound very angry, although a little thing like a friend’s opinion is NOTHING compared to the “real” TRUTH regarding these people. My question is: “What do you have to say for YOURSELF?” You think silence is golden when millions of your fellow humans are suffering? People like YOU make me SICK, and are exactly why this country is in the sad shape it’s in. If everyone keeps silent, it’ll just go away. Well, it hasn’t!

      • kingfish

        RUSS BAKER: Talks About the Bush Family Secrets

        Rockefeller Reveals 9/11 FRAUD to Aaron Russo

  • Brae

    PUMA is still alive and well. Staunch recovering who have left the Party, remain strong and determined to oust Obama and his far left, radical attempted coup.

  • American 1st

    Its not only “Clinton women” who are disaffected with President Obama. Working class, middle age white men who supported Clinton in ’08 still don’t get the Obama phenom. Speaking as one myself, I voted for President Obama but its less than 50-50 whether i would do so again. Bush tax cuts extended? The job situation/not investing in our infrastructure? Not standing up to the Republicans. Compromising with Republicans before negotiating. Allowing the Republicans to make him look foolish. Signing an extremely watered down Health Care Law. Too many reasons to list here as to why i’m leaning against voting for President Obama again. The one thing that would secure my vote and financial support is putting SOS Clinton on the ticket. I would campaign for, give money, and vote for Obama Clinton. The other thing that could secure my vote is being asked personally by SOS Clinton to vote for the President. Without either of those two things happening, for the first time since 1976, I very well may not vote for the Democratic nominee. Think i have no place else to go? I can easily go third party or write HILLARY CLINTON.

    • thephranc

      Bush tax cuts extended? …… while raising other taxes.

      Not standing up to the Republicans…..”I won.”

      Compromising with Republicans before negotiating…..So he negotiated before negotiating?

      Allowing the Republicans to make him look foolish…… No he does that all by him self.

      Signing an extremely watered down Health Care Law…. and it has been detrimental. Just imagine how much worse it would have been if it wasn’t watered down.

      So you are saying Obama isn’t liberal enough for you. Heres a clue Clinton is even less liberal.

      • American 1st

        Just b/c i don’t get the Obama phenom doesn’t mean i’ll vote for the GOP. Chance of me voting for President Obama is less than 50-50. Chance of me voting to have another Republican president is 0 – 20 percent. Very very unlikely to happen. I’ve seen that movie before.

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  • HoosYoDaddy

    Join the linear-thinking conservative club disenchanted and disgusted Hillary voters..and add men, children, and every citizen with a brain and a pulse to the growing list of those who are “skeptical” of (try sickened by) Barry and his destructive socialist agenda..We The People look forward to another shellacking in Nov. 12′..counting down the months!