Did Howard Kurtz take a veiled shot at Dick Morris?

This seemed to be too much of a coincidence, but is CNN “Reliable Source” host Howard Kurtz having a little fun with a play on words at the expense of Fox News contributor Dick Morris?

On his Sunday CNN program Kurtz, who is now a Daily Beast contributor, questioned Morris’ willingness to support former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and avoid criticizing his perceived flaws if that’s what it takes to beat President Barack Obama.

“One question I always ask about commentators on the left and the right is whether we’re getting their unvarnished opinion, or are they towing some kind of party line?” Kurtz said. “Fox News analyst Dick Morris made clear in a radio interview that he’ll throw his support to anyone the GOP puts up, or as conservative host Mike Gallagher put it, whoever the Republicans prop up.”

But included in the on-screen graphic as Kurtz offered his criticism, “Dick Morris toes the line.” And that begs the question – was that some of veiled attempted to conjure memories of Morris’ 1996 sex scandal? It was revealed Morris had a toe-sucking foot fetish which Kurtz had written about at the time as a reporter for the Washington Post

Nonetheless, Morris made his remarks about Romney on Mike Gallagher’s syndicated radio show last week:

DICK MORRIS: I agree so much with that, Mike. I decided a couple of — a month or two ago to stop jumping on Mitt Romney.
MIKE GALLAGHER: Yes, me too. Me too.
MORRIS: Not because I approve of Romneycare, not because I approve of his flip-flop-flip on abortion, but because I may have to be one of those who carries this guy for a couple of months when he’s running against Obama, and I don’t want to make my own task harder.

And for that, Kurtz offered his rebuke of Morris’ stance.

“He may have to carry this guy against Obama,” Kurtz said.” Those are Morris’ own words. Talk about falling into line.”


  • RobR

    Boy, nothing gets by Kurts or anyone else who did not realize that conversation between Gallagher & Morris was merely two Conservative pundits actually dumping on Romney, by stating they’re done doing so because they may have to back this schmuck some day.

    ……and us Conservatives are supposedly the dumb ones……sheesh

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  • Taters N Beans

    Now that he’s confirmed he’s in the tank for any republican do we have to continue to listen to this POS?

    • ScarboroughCountry

      I think the term RINO gets thrown about a bit too loosely in conservative circles, but Morris is the epitome of that. Will absolutely do anything for a paycheck. Wouldn’t shock me if a couple years down the line, an MSNBC or some liberal outlet “converts” him with a fat check.