Sen. Graham calls ethics complaint in Boeing-NLRB case ‘ridiculous’

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina responded Tuesday to ethics complaints lodged by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) regarding the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) suit against Boeing.

The complaint was made last Friday when the IAM sent a letter to the Senate Select Committee on Ethics calling for an investigation. The IAM’s letter also alleged that Graham had improperly sought to influence NLRB Acting General Counsel Laif Solomon to drop the case.

On Tuesday, Graham called the complaints “ridiculous.”

“It’s clear what this union complaint is about — it’s an effort to intimidate people like me who are speaking out against them,” said Graham in a statement. “I will not be intimidated. And it’s not going to stop me from fighting for the people of South Carolina.”

“The NLRB is an out-of-control bureaucracy trying to destroy thousands of jobs in our state,” Graham added. “I will not silently stand by and watch it happen.”

In a press release, IAM General Counsel Chris Corson accused Graham of pressuring Solomon to drop the case, and then threatening to try to defund the NLRB if he did not do so. The complaints also cite a letter Graham sent to President Obama saying that he would pursue sanctions against Solomon and the NLRB if the lawsuit is upheld.

The NLRB sued Boeing this past April after the company announced it was going to build a plant in North Charleston, S.C. The agency contends Boeing is moving to South Carolina from Washington in retaliation to union strikes. South Carolina is a right-to-work state.

“The union complaint against me is ridiculous,” Graham ended his statement by saying. “Just like their complaint against Boeing.”

  • yportbill

    Hey Senator stop funding the NLRB!!!!!!!!!!

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  • LeakingEverywhere

    Another know it all senator.

  • Realist4U

    For someone who is against the first amendment, Mr. Graham has an awful lot to say. However, in this case his hat is on straight.

    • wfjag

      Concur. As the saying goes “Even Lindsey is right twice a day.”

  • Joe Steel

    The jobs South Carolina stole belong to Washington. By defending this theft with his interference, at a minimum, Graham has an ethics violation. In my opinion, though, he’s committed a worse crime. He’s committed treason. He should be prosecuted and suffer the penalty prescribed by the Constitution.

    • virtual_cynic

      I’m wondering on what planet you live. Boeing has increased union jobs in Washington in the midst of all this. There nothing anywhere that says unions have to be afforded the opportunity to grow. If there is, please provide a reference here. I’m suspecting that you can’t.

    • Huskerbob

      Please pay no attention to Joe Steel as he is neither Joe nor Steel. Plus he does not know the meaning of the word treason along with several hundred other words he tosses around. Piffle. Look it up “Joe”.

    • thephranc

      You are still a moron.

    • GJPinks

      Joe Steel = Joseph Stalin

  • RobR

    How about illegal sissy boy?

  • fourleafclover

    Unions are going to get a whipping after 2012. They haven’t made many friends lately, especially after their conduct in Wisconsin. If conservatives win the Senate, president office and keep the house there will be big changes to union rules that they won’t like. Unions have run amok since Obama has been in office. There are a lot of people they’ve hurt who can’t wait to get revenge.

  • Gonzo51

    The revolution is coming….and will be here sooner than you think! NOVEMBER 2012….END OF AN ERROR!

  • Skeptic14

    This is a blatant attempt by the globalist puppet-masters to save Grahams Senate job/seat. I’m not buying it and I hope the people of SC don’t either. This is the same guy who said Congress should “shut up” about Obama’s utterly illegal war in Libya. He recognizes, as do all other establishment politicians (Orrin Hatch, anyone?), that the people are waking up. This tea party stuff is only the beginning. I got 100 bucks that says this union complaint was staged to give Graham some street cred with his constituents. Don’t buy it folks.

  • virtual_cynic

    This is a blatant attempt by the union to intimidate an elected official. The Senate Ethics Committee should reject it out of hand.