Video: Sen. Rand Paul tells TSA to end random pat-downs

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul told the Transportation Security Administration today that it should end what he called the “universality of insult” of random pat-downs of passengers.

In a meeting of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Paul grilled TSA Administrator John Pistole over the recent pat-down of a six-year-old Kentucky girl, a video of which went viral over the Internet.

“It makes me think you’re clueless, if you think she’s going to attack our country and you’re not doing your research on the people who want to attack our country,” Paul said. “It absolutely must involve a risk assessment of those who are traveling. And the fact that she’s being patted down and I don’t feel comfortable really with your response that we are no longer doing random pat-downs. I think you ought to get rid of the random pat-downs. The American public is unhappy with them, they’re unhappy with the invasiveness of them. The Internet is full of jokes about the invasiveness of the pat-down searches and we ought to just consider, is this what we’re willing to do.”

(Two House members call for investigation of TSA)

TSA Administrator John Pistole acknowledged that “we need to be smarter and use a little more common sense.” He said that TSA is working toward improving risk-based assessment. Pistole also said airport screeners are now told to make repeated attempts to screen young children without using invasive pat-downs.

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  • Jess81

    The horror stories about the TSSA storm troopers are beyond belief. The image of that little girl and that filthy pervert who is touching her the way her mother warned her not to let anyone touch her, literally makes me sick to my stomach. Remember the woman with breast cancer? The woman who had her breasts twisted and pinched? The man with colon cancer and the pigs broke his bag? The old people they pulled out of wheelchairs. The mentally challenged guy with his security plastic hammer. The stories about TSA revenge and pettiness and total creepyness?

    Am I the only one who remembers when they started the TSA, there were literally hundreds of cases of them hiring violent ex-cons?

    I cannot—I really cannot believe this is happening in the America I grew up in. Our loss of freedom and the excessive power over the individual who seems to have no rights just keeps sliding faster and faster down a path of slavery.

    A sexual attack without ANY probable cause. It means the government is out to make sure the public cannot move within this country freely. If you’re a company, you can’t start a new factory in another state or move out of a state without Obama’s permission. As an individual, they’re keeping track of your every financial transaction and just like the USSR, you don’t go someplace unless the government gives you permission.

    • guesswho

      The TSA hiring of hundreds of violent ex-cons? Yes, you are the only one.

    • gringott

      You are suffering from false memory syndrome. They did not hire hundreds of violent ex-cons.

  • larrycampos

    I like Rand Paul even more than his father. Anytime you put a person into a government position, it is not long before they abuse the power of their position. The only solution is to just have a lot less of them.

    We need to cut the spending, when will result in less government, and less of these abridgments of our everyday freedoms. We have a GOES entry system where you can pay for a background FBI check, and just enter the country by allowing it to look at your passport and allowing it to check your fingerprints, all done by a computerized system.

    It is absolutely crazy that the TSA could not set up an identical thing for people departing our airports, and screen frequent travel people who are clearly not a terrorist threat.

    The TSA is the most backward thinking, power hungry unionized group in America today. And maybe those two things go together.

  • SixtusEllis

    Man I like the Pauls. Common sense people, why aren’t there more of them in D.C?

    get rid of the TSA, they are more inefficient and incompetent the most other government agencies and now they are expanding to searching more areas ie trucks, cars, ferries, subways ect. arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! complete morons.

    • guesswho

      Get rid of the TSA, huh? So will us air travelers be all issued guns? If I bring my infant daughter will I get two?

      And what’s with this TSA expansion? Terrorists would never think of bombing subways, ferries, trains, would they?

      Where do I sign this petition?

      • effinayright

        Yeah, that’s it: we hire hundreds of thousands of TSA thugs to “inspect” every passenger on every mode of travel in America. “Your papers, please.” Sorry, we have the 4th amendment for a good reason.

        Has it occurred to you that airlines and the state/local authorities who run airports can do a better job than the poorly educated former ACORN employees who now infest the TSA?

        Has it occurred to you that profiling and cockpit security measures could do as least a good a job as the Israelis do?

      • voted against carter

        YES get rid of the TSA. The TSA is a PERVERT infested corrupt UNION stooge jobs program.

        Do your screening like the Israeli’s do. PROBLEM SOLVED.

        • guesswho

          Don’t have a clue, do you?

          • mtiki

            The TSA does not conduct searches for “subway, ferries, trains” or even buses for that matter and I don’t ever recall hearing about a successful terrorist attack on any of those in the U.S. We don’t use TSA in those areas so we must be doing something right and without the government.

      • Lucenut

        @mtiki google TSA VIPR. The TSA makes over 8,000 unannounced security inspections each year on trains, subways, ferries, buses, vans, 18-wheelers.

        States need to stand up and NULLIFY TSA laws. Outlaw the TSA, ATF and most other federal agencies.

  • didacticrogue

    Can any other senator speak common sense to bureaucracy like Rand Paul? As far as I’m concerned, we need 99 more senators just like him.

    • gringott

      Find one in your state for the next senate election and start supporting him or her now before the primaries even begin. We are currently searching for the replacement for Mitch McConnell well before the time comes. We will have a real American take his seat so Rand Paul has a patriot to work with rather than a bankster sock puppet.

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