Will: Iowa showdown hinges on Perry, Huntsman announcement ‘had a whiff of moral arrogance’

With the 2012 presidential election more than a year away, it is far from certain who the Republican nominee will be to challenge President Barack Obama.

On ABC’s “This Week” Sunday, Washington Post columnist George Will explained that he has some sense of where the Republican nomination process is headed, but the precise dynamics depend on whether Texas Gov. Rick Perry decides to enter the race. (George Will wonders why liberals aren’t ‘clamoring’ for Obama’s impeachment)

“Well we’re going to come down to a binary choice and it’s probably going to come down to [former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt] Romney against somebody,” Will said. “And the question is will it be [Minnesota Rep.] Michele Bachmann, who stands there right now? But, there’s also a missing piece and that’s the governor of Texas, Rick Perry, who is thinking to get in.”

Will, who said he was unsure if Perry would enter the race, argued that Perry would bring something that appeals to both Evangelical Christians and pro-economic growth conservatives.

“I don’t know,” Will said when asked if he thought Perry would enter the race. “I saw him last week and I came away with a definite maybe. In fact, Iowa is made for a showdown between Rick Perry, who has Texas job creation to match Romney, and he has Michele Bachmann’s rapport with Evangelical Christians, who are 60 percent of the participants in the Iowa caucuses. There’s two steps here. How do you get down to the binary choice?”

Later in the segment, Will addressed former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman’s entry into the race. According to Will, Huntsman’s attempt to be Reagan-esque during his announcement with the Statue of Liberty in the background fell short because his attempt to take the “high road” demonstrated a misunderstanding of what politics is all about.

“In almost every cycle there’s a Republican who appeals to people who don’t really very much like Republicans — Bruce Babbitt, John Anderson — and there’s a Democrat who appeals to people who don’t really like Democrats,” Will said. “Mr. Huntsman’s announcement that he would take the high road had a whiff of moral arrogance about it, and we will see. He said I’m not going to run down my opponent. He stood where Ronald Reagan stood. And when Ronald Reagan stood there in 1980 he said this about his opponent, Jimmy Carter: ‘A litany of broken promises of sacred trusts abandoned and forgotten.’ That’s politics.”

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  • doncicciofitipaldi

    LOL> The guy who wated TX to succeed from the UNITED States wants to be the President of the UNITED States. Only a Republican can try to sell this….ha!

    • shcashdan

      It brings to mind the song “Only in America.”

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  • sas

    Rick Perry of ” Texas wants to secede from the US” ? Running for president of the UNITED States?

    You have to seriously question this guy’s judgement from that alone.

    No way, Jose!

    • uzi9mmauto

      OMG- More of the Sheople as usual.. Actually- YOU should be in question.. Its Obvious you know NOTHING about Texas and why one would want to secede.
      I suggest you go back to school and take a little History again.
      Your a fool-Period..!

  • brnstb700

    I’d rather sit out 2012 and deal with 4 more years of a known leftist, than take a risk and vote for a RINO of constantly variable ‘beliefs’ whose actions may very well be cover for liberals, i.e. “A Republican president signed it.” for immagration amnesty for example.

    • rc12

      Now that’s rational. Unfortunately for you, life is full of choices between A and B, and the choice must be made between the two. Choices aren’t between A, B, and some imaginary option that you wish existed. That’s exactly how Leftists think. They live in a delusional fantasy where reality does not exist outside of their perception of it. If, in the end, you’re presented with a choice between Obama and another candidate who isn’t “ideologically pure” for you and you choose to “sit out 2012″, then you’re no better they are. And as far as I’m concerned, you’re complicit in the slow and methodical destruction of this country by Leftists of all flavors. Understand that it isn’t The President who makes everything happen….it’s the team that they surround themselves with….the appointments that they make….and if you think that Obama appointments to Cabinet Posts and the Supreme Court are going to be better than Rick Perry’s or Ron Paul’s or any other “impure” Republican, then you’re dumber than a bag of hammers and should be smacked in the back of the head.

      • shcashdan

        “A known leftist”? Evidently your statement means that President Obama does not share your particular concerns. He inherited a MESS which NO president could possibly have cleaned up in 2 1/2 years, regardless of his party. “Pure” and “impure” have values only in science; “pure” politicians — and voters — exist only on paper or in campaign speeches. Anyone who is too “pure” to change his/her mind or method when circumstances cannot be effectively handled by that old mind and/or method is merely petrified — not a beneficial situation for anyone.

  • Don L

    “Will… argued that Perry would bring something that appeals to both Evangelical Christians and pro-economic growth conservatives.”

    Is this the same George Will that tried to take down Sarah Palin who arguably had more “Christian and pro-economic credentials” than these two.

    Perhaps it’s that gender thing? I think George ought to stick to baseball articles, he has lost all of his previous integrity as far as I’m concerned.

    Ah, the arrogance of the gate-keeper elite.

    • shcashdan

      Heartily concur, although I question whether Palin actually did have “more” credentials in these areas than Perry has. But you’re quite correct about Will, whose articles I USED to enjoy.

  • Rush Youngberg

    Will is about as relevant as Gingrich.