Wisconsin doctors handed out ‘sick notes’ to protesters

Several doctors are currently under investigation for handing out “sick notes” to protesters during Wisconsin’s ongoing wave of rallies over the Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill, according to the Wisconsin Reporter.

The notes gave unwarranted medical passes to public teachers and other public union members who left work in order to protest the legislation, which requires state employees to contribute significantly to pension costs and health care premiums and broke up unions’ collective bargaining power. (Fox News correspondent on disruptive Wisconsin protesters: ‘There is hate in their eyes’)

The state’s Department of Regulations and Licensing is currently investigating eight Wisconsin doctors accused of dispensing the notes, the department told the Wisconsin Reporter. UW Health, the academic medical division of University of Wisconsin, recently completed investigations of 22 doctors connected to the organization, and those found guilty faced suffered penalties ranging from reprimands to pay loss and demotion.

“Doctors just showing up and handing out sick notes, that erodes the foundation of the doctor-patient relationship, which is trust,” Dr. J. Scott Riles, the vice president of campus and community ministries at the Tennessee-based Christian Medical and Dental Association, said to the Wisconsin Reporter. “I think the integrity of the profession is at stake here.”

  • robb32

    ps…all the anti-dr posters here aside from taking obvious anti union sentiment written into this article to heart(if they HAVE one)obviously have no issue with us all having access to THEIR medical info at the request of the Govt, so we can all prejudge YOUR Dr’s actions or reliability…or is it just the people that you disagree with that don’t get patient dr privilege? Pubes or Dums, party doesn’t really matter after all..both have evil set into their hearts.

    one more time so maybe you can get it through your hard heads…YOU don’t get to pore through Dr’s privileged records of people YOU don’t agree with..unless you’re Richard Nixon watergaters or course..

    • craltal

      As BMF said, we are not talking about legitimate care, we are talking about doctors blindly filling out “sick notes” so these workers can defraud their employers. There were no office visits or medical exams so there can’t be any presumption of doctor-patient privledge

    • BMF

      Once again, you are off message.

      No one is going through any patient’s records. It’s an investigation into whether or not the doctors were commiting an ethical violation and/or defrauding the taxpayers by allowing them to illegally collect money by being paid for missing work due to a faked illness.

      I don’t think Democrat, Republican, unions, or anyother organization is in question here. It’s a simple ethics/criminal investigation into the actions of several doctors.

      If the doctors were too stupid or to politically blinded to understand that what they were doing was wrong on many levels, then they shouldn’t be making life and death decision for their patients.

  • robb32

    All Doctors have to do is invoke doctor-patient privilege and refuse to discus any info regarding thei patients to this nazi team of Repubes.

    • BMF

      No such special doctor-patient relationship exists when a crime is involved.

      For example, a doctor can’t sell crack cocaine and then invoke a doctor-patient relationship to avoid prosecution. Nor can a doctor avoid prosecution when writing fake perscriptions to feed a patient’s addictions.

      In fact, doctors are obligated to report actual or suspected criminal activity such as when someone comes into the ER with a knife or gunshot wound. Or doctors suspect domestic violence or child abuse. Doctors report it to the police–the patient cannot invoke a doctor–patient relationship to prevent the doctor from notifying the police.

      Handing out fake sick notices is illegal because it is a conspiracy to defraud taxpayers by allowing employees to collect benefits to which they are not entitled. And it’s unethical by any standard.

      In short, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Iowa48

    These “doctors showed an appalling lack of integrity by handing out false medical documents. These are the kind of “doctors” that will probably allow their lack of personal and professional ethics to lead them down the slippery slope to aiding and abetting ambulance chasing lawyers in carrying out insurance fraud and Medicare/Medicaid fraud. These are the candidates for the running of pain-pill-mills dispensing oxys to addicts. How can a hospital or an insurance company or a government licensing agency or a patient have any confidence in these people once they have demonstrated their propensity for fraud? Their names need to be published so that people can be made aware of who and what they are dealing with should they encounter them professionally.

  • erick1740

    Too bad poor loons are going to lose their licenses. Should have thought of that first. Criminals.

  • KGC

    Unconscionable. Medicine and politics, Right or Left, have no business mixing.

  • spike72afa

    The issue at hand is whether a physician can be trusted to tell the truth. It is nice that these physicians supported the union workers who came out to protest the vote. Nothing wrong with that. Where they failed is when they used their state issued license to engage in conspiracy to commit theft. That is exactly what they did when they handed out knowingly fraudulent “sick slips” so that the teachers would take a sick day rather than a personal day when they rallied at the capital. In a law abiding state, this would qualify as a felony and they would have their medical license cancelled.

  • Ocarter

    In a related story doctors in Wisconsin have been seen handing out “I have been choked notes” to Wisconsin supreme court justices that need one.

  • Willys

    …that erodes the foundation of the doctor-patience relationship, which is trust…

    ??? What ??? A doctor fraudulently handing out sick notes violates his relationship with his patience? What about his friggin conscience?

    • Willys

      Not to mention his patients.

  • Gonzo51

    They need to fire the doctors and the employees who used the fake notes. This will send a message loud and clear that this kind of crap will not be tolerated by the taxpayers!

    It is past time that we take our country back….one moocher / law breaker at a time!

  • TommyV

    Take their licenses away….simple as that. Next!

    • Flayer

      They really like working for free anyway, apparently.

      So did the “employees” who obtained the phoney medical notes give the false sick notices to their union job bosses? Talk about biting the hand that feeds them.