Obama schedules news conference amid budget talks

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama scheduled a news conference for late Wednesday morning, his first formal question-and-answer session since high-stakes debt and budget negotiations began.

Obama was expected to open with comments about spurring the economy and job growth, and touch on the deficit talks that have occupied Vice President Joe Biden and congressional leaders over the past several weeks.

Obama’s last full-blown news conference was in March, when turmoil in Libya and the threatened shutdown of the government were making headlines. He has since answered questions in brief sessions with reporters during a European trip and during a joint White House appearance with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Wednesday’s news conference comes amid persistent signals that the economic recovery has slowed. Obama has been stepping up his promotion of job creation initiatives amid evidence that the state of the economy has weakened his job approval standing with the public. Obama, no doubt, will also have to address the status of negotiations with Congress over long-term deficit reduction and an increase in the nation’s borrowing limit.

The president is also likely to face foreign policy questions. For the past three months, the U.S. has participated in NATO strikes against Moammar Gadhafi’s forces in Libya, raising questions in Congress about the effectiveness and even the legality of the mission.

Obama also recently announced a drawdown of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, prompting criticism by some lawmakers that he was not pulling enough forces out and by others that he was acting too precipitously.

Watch Obama to discuss U.S. debt in news conference:

  • american10

    Who always want to take away from the ambitious?….Demoncrats!!
    Who always wants to tax the ambitious?….Demoncrats!!
    Who always thinks it is their right to take from/rob the ambitious? The Demoncrats!!
    Who are the ones who proclaim, they are handicapped? The Demoncrats
    Who better wake up and realize God only gave them one body to care for(Which they won’t even care for/expect someone else to care for)….Those suckered into their belief taught to them by the Demoncrats!!!!

  • jonathan galt

    We know you are angry joenow wipe thespittle off the corners of your mouth, put on your house slippers, go back down to your mother’s basement and resume your fantasyvideo game. No one is buying your commiecast/ msnbc drivel. The jig is up. You could tax billionaires at 100% and it will not take care of our debt service and spending problems. It has been almost three years and the senate has failed to submit a budget. Do you really believe in a jobs bill? Santa too? Government does not create jobs, people like myself do. If throwing money in some keynsian folly could change things why not throw twenty trillion at it. Because it does not work. Look at portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece, they have had to realize that their socialist policies do not work. Can’t we grow up, think right and realize we need to be accountable?

  • joeaiello

    Who always makes the largest profit every year? Oil Companies.
    Who still gives them federal subsidies? Republicans.
    Who makes the largest profit per person? Billionaires.
    Who gives them tax breaks every year? Republicans.
    Who gets tax breaks for outsourcing our jobs? US Corporations.
    Who gives them those tax breaks? Republicans.
    Who won’t budge on this corporate welfare in budget talks? Republicans.
    Who wants to raise the middle class retirement age and gut Medicare to pay for this corporate welfare? Republicans.
    Who has killed every jobs bill to come before Congress? Republicans.
    Who never reports all of these facts that can easily be verified in the Congressional Record? Fox News, known in the broadcast community as the “Fake News Channel”.

    And you wonder why President Obama holds news conferences?