Fox News announces new show to replace Glenn Beck’s primetime spot

It would seem Glenn Beck did the work of five people on his popular Fox News show.

The fourth most-watched primetime cable channel announced that its new ensemble show, “The Five,” will replace Beck’s popular program after the final episode airs on Thursday. (Lesson from Halperin’s MSNBC suspension: Don’t trash Obama)

The ensemble will include Fox stalwarts like Juan Williams, Dana Perino and Andrew Napolitano, as well as Bob Beckel and Monica Crowley. Greg Gutfeld, who hosts the late-night cult-hit Red Eye, is also part of the team. The “roundtable ensemble of five rotating FOX personalities … will discuss, debate and debunk the hot stories, controversies and issues of the day,” said Fox.

“The Five” is replacing Glenn Beck at the 5pm slot as the media firebrand parts ways with the company. Beck is moving to his own Internet channel.

Beck was one of Fox’s biggest attractions, with an average October viewership of about 2.9 million, according to Business Insider. Recently, however, his ratings dropped somewhat, down to an average of 1.8 million viewers.

Fox said “The Five” will be serve as the weekday replacement, at least for the summer.

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  • Cliff

    Please take Bob Beckel off this show for he is a fool. We in this country need someone who knows the truth to what is at sake in this country and why we are in this position today. This group because of him… carries no substance and is nothing but poor entertainment at its best. I would ask the other four and the director of this show to pray for more truth, knowledge, wisdom &   discernment about speaking anymore on this show as to what’s right.. If you all think your doing this country any good, disperse with all of your justification, excuses and B.S. balance. Hopefully… when you pray you’ll receive the truth and know it in your heart before speaking.  Anything less… is just fool’s trying to keep a job, making things worse. 

  • ConanTheRepublican

    The bottom line is this: so complete has been the liberal penetration into American society thru the colleges, media, etc., that there is almost no stomach for true conservatism, anymore. Even formerly staunch conservatives are now just empty shells of their former selves, and bend over and grab their ankles for the left wing whenever they rattle their “right wing extremist” rhetoric at them. Grow a spine, ya punks. Who cares what the lamestream media thinks? They’re not QUALIFIED to think!


    I am going to miss Glenn and the only person on the replacement show worth watching is Monica Crowley she is no liberal .