‘Rolling Stone’ ranks pop’s top princesses [SLIDESHOW]

In recent years, the airwaves have been dominated by a series of solo female artists. From Britney and Gaga, to Katy and Beyonce, the ultimate ‘queen of pop’ has been a a difficult title to bestow upon just one of these singing superstars.

Leave it to Rolling Stone magazine to end the decade-long debate. The magazine crunched the numbers of the top 16 pop princesses in terms of album and digital song sales, radio airplay, YouTube views, social media, concert grosses, Hot 100 rankings,  industry awards, and critics’ ratings.


So whose statistics landed them the coveted title, queen of pop? If you’ve listened to the radio or turned on MTV anytime during the last four years, you won’t be surprised to learn that pop megastar Lady Gaga snagged the top spot. But according to the results, there’s a few popstars that could dethrone Ms. Gaga in the coming months.

The numbers are in, and they might surprise you. Take a look and see where your favorite pop princess ranked amongst her chart-topping peers.

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  • Shakira rounds out the top ten pop princesses. The star outranked Gaga in the album reviews category with extremely high critical praise for her 2009 album, "She Wolf."
  • Ke$ha ranked ninth with especially high numbers in the airplay and digital downloads category. With 20,95,000 songs downloaded in the past two years, it's no surprise why the star is a radio favorite.
  • Teen queen Miley Cyrus landed in eighth place, with her core tween fanbase pulling through in album sales. The 18-year-old superstar has sold 2,027,000 albums since 2009, and grossed $66 million for her latest world tour.
  • Pink ranked seventh, leading the way in the touring category. The popstar, who's known for her elaborate stage performances, has grossed a total of $150 million in ticket sales. She recently played the biggest show in Australia's history, with an audience of 660,000 fans.
  • The beautiful Katy Perry landed in sixth place, boasting impressive numbers in every category. The "Teenage Dream" singer soared in digital sales, with an astounding 24,915,000 songs downloaded.
  • Beyonce came in fifth, but like Britney, if the stats were measured prior to 2009, she would've landed in a much higher spot. Regardless, the star recently named "Artist of the Decade" by Billboard, still rules the pop world as much if not more than Queen Gaga.
  • Rihanna rounded out the top three, narrowly missing T.Swift's second place spot. The star led the way in YouTube views, with her videos ranking a whopping 1,248,054,624 total views.
  • Country darling Taylor Swift came in second place overall, dominating the categories of awards and album sales. The 21-year-old superstar has won a record-breaking 82 major awards throughout her career, including 4 Grammys. Swift has also sold 9.8 million albums worldwide since 2009.
  • Gaga crushed her fellow pop princesses in almost every category except album sales, which she ranked second to T. Swift. The queen of pop is also the queen of Twitter, according to the stats, with 11.1 million followers.