Women’s rights advocates protest State Dept ambivalence on Saudi Arabia

Women’s rights activists are outraged by the fact that the State Department has not been willing to condemn this week’s arrests of women detained for merely driving a car.

Activists are taking issue with the answers Mark C. Toner, a State Department spokesperson, gave to reporters Thursday regarding the arrests — namely, that Toner refused to condemn the actions and presented the issue as one for the Saudis to handle themselves.

“Again, this is an issue that Saudi Arabians are grappling with,” he told reporters. “This — it’s important to note that this is not about the U.S. or the West imposing their values on Saudi Arabia. This is about Saudi Arabian women, Saudi women, standing up for their rights, asking to be heard, asking for this fundamental right. And this isn’t necessarily going to be an easy process. We’re supportive of this. But this is essentially a Saudi process.”

Toner noted that though detained, the women were eventually released.

“I would just say that these women are standing up for their rights, and this is a debate that’s going on in Saudi Arabia right now,” he said. “These — there’s going to be these kinds of events that take place along the way, but clearly, these women have embarked on a path here for greater rights, and we support that.”

The answers the State Department has given have not been enough for the women trying to get rights in Saudi Arabia or their supporters abroad. (Clinton belatedly responds to Saudi women fighting for rights)

“Does it make sense to anyone that the representative of the United States to the outside world has nothing to say when asked if arresting women for driving is wrong?” said Support Saudi Women in a statement. “This is an embarrassment to our country and an offense to women. It needs to be corrected immediately.”

Tuesday, Saudi police arrested five women for driving. While four have reportedly been released, the fifth’s status is unknown at this time.

Women’s rights groups staged a national drive-in day on June 17th to protest the arrest of a Saudi mother who was caught driving her own car in May. The events have given the problem international attention.

Saudi Arabia is the only country which prohibits women from driving a car or even a bicycle.

The women have since taken to to petition the State Department to issue a clear condemnation of the Saudi policy.

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  • loudog

    Could the US gov’t be bigger hypocrites?

  • WhatConstitution

    Does reading the news lead you to believe you really know what’s going on in America?

    This may be shocking, but here are 5 things you’re most likely wrong about.

    You never heard of Sarah Palin before she was announced as McCain’s running mate. If you believe that her name is really Sarah Palin, you’re wrong.

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    Obama disappeared for 2 weeks after winning the election only to reappear looking exhausted sitting next to John McCain, with a bad poker face, for a press photo shoot. If you believe Obama has free will and the feds aren’t writing his teleprompter, you’re wrong.

    If you believe that we caught Bin Laden immediately following the release of Obama’s birth certificate, you’re wrong.

    If you believe that the feds haven’t recruited editors, journalists, and moderators to write the headlines and control the commenting on major news sites in an effort to suppress this information, you’re very wrong.

    This is what our federal government doesn’t want leaking out

  • Realist4U

    I’d like to know Obama”s position on this. Oh! That’s right! We already know his position. BOWING!

  • centexan

    I seldom agree with much of anything that comes out of this administration, but
    They condemn the way western women dress. Do we give a crap what they think? No. It’s up to the Saudi’s to get their laws changed, not the good old USA.

  • dennisl59

    Hillary’s too busy playing “Grand Theft Auto” to give a crap about women in Saudi Arabia.

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  • Scorpion Eagle

    what’s that… a bunch of women are mad/angry/outraged at something?

    what’s new… yawn.

  • Jasmine Clark

    well they did say “we support that,” but still, i want a stronger statement, that’s pretty weak. i’m kinda mad that more political figures aren’t speaking out about this. congress? cabinet? president? presidential candidates? does anyone care? i mean, how hard is it to just say that it’s completely unfair that women can’t drive, it is obviously a way for men to control women, and i condemn anyone who supports not allowing women to drive? why aren’t more political figures saying that?! doesn’t anyone care?!!