Kurtz: Casey Anthony trial ‘most over-covered trial since O.J.’

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a murder trial that has been going on in Florida over the last few weeks that has predictably drawn cable news cameras to the courthouse. But is the coverage of the Casey Anthony murder trial too much?

On Sunday’s “Reliable Sources” on CNN, host Howard Kurtz said stop already. He noted that all the cable networks, with the exception of CNN, were going live with it on Sunday morning. That prompted him to describe the trial as “over-covered.” (Kurtz challenges Media Matters attack on Ed Henry)

“Closing arguments in the Casey Anthony murder trial began this morning,” Kurtz said. “And MSNBC and Fox News are taking it live, as is CNN’s sister network HLN. This tragic case is to me the most over-covered trial since O.J. And I hate the way the media have turned this into a national soap opera.”


  • Vuvuzela

    I hit the “last channel” button whenever this dopey soapy opera comes on. It’s just one “news” show after another, and all with the same opinions and analysis, as if anyone even KNOWS the people involved in the little girl’s death.

    I have to wonder if Herardo Riviera (h/t Earl Hickey) is now running all the cable news and commentary shows. Give it up – the horse died a long time ago!