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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Daniel Hannan

Daniel Hannan, Conservative Member of European Parliament

Daniel Hannan is a firebrand British Conservative whose membership in the European Parliament has given him a unique platform to preach the virtues of governmental restraint, the need for electoral reforms, and the perils of nationalized health care.

As Americans everywhere celebrate Independence Day, Hannan’s views provide a poignant reminder of the rights and liberties (ironically embedded in the English tradition) that America’s founding fathers fought for. Hannan’s stern but sensible warnings have attracted tremendous attention from Americans who are coming to grips with the dangers that may lie ahead if we follow Britain’s modern path.

Born in Peru to parents who experienced World War II up close, Hannan knows the British heritage of the rights he defends. (His father fought in Italy as part of a British Territorial Army unit assembled in Ireland.) Hannan is a clear, compelling communicator with an unwavering commitment to principle. He has much to say to Americans who will listen.

Hannan made YouTube fame when his three-minute speech dressing down British Prime Minister Gordon Brown went viral in 2009. Tea Partiers saw in his predictions a parallel between the European and American economic situations. The decidedly pro-American British politician continues to make waves on both sides of the Atlantic with his 2010 book,”The New Road to Serfdom: A Letter of Warning to America.”  He is a Member of the European Parliament, the European Union’s only directly elected governmental body.

In a special Independence Day edition of “Leaders,” TheDC’s Ginni Thomas interviews Hannan about how he views the United States from across the pond. Hannan celebrates the Tea Party movement. He articulates the values that made Britain and America great. And he explains the dangers threatening our national inheritance: a reckless foreign policy that harms American allies and a welfare state that breeds dependence instead of independence.

What are your thoughts on the Tea Party movement in America?

“I think that the Tea Party movement are the sons of liberty of today. They have exactly done what the founders envisaged a free citizenry as doing, which is to say they’ve sprung to the defense of their ancient liberties when their own representatives have prejudiced them.”


On President Obama’s foreign policy

“There’s never been a worse time to be a traditional friend to the United States.”


What is the message of your new book, “The New Road to Serfdom”?

“Becoming more like Europe, becoming more like the rest of the world, becoming less like the plan that your founders envisaged will make you less prosperous, less free, less popular.”

Any special message to Americans on their Fourth of July?

“Your present rulers seem bent on Europeanizing the country.”


What are the biggest threats to western civilization today?

“I think that the real threats are internal, and there are things we are doing to ourselves that we don’t need to be doing.”


  • rainmaker1145

    Hannan is absolutely priceless. He has a blog slot on the UK Telegraph website and I have been following it for quite some time. Fascinating intellect and a disposition that seems void of the pomposity we so routinely have to endure from politicians today.

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  • lamecherry

    Great interview Mrs. Thomas, so great you have your fan club here spreading political rapine in assaulting you.

    I do have a real question which I would have liked to have had you ask Mr. Hannan, and it is a legal one in British Law.

    Mr. Obama was born under the British Nationality Act of 1948 and it’s amendments like Mr. Hannan. Legally he is British and could run for parliament in Kenya or England as he never renounced his citizenship in public is as required by law.

    In stating that, Mr. Obama is illegally occupying a part of the US Government as a foreigner. If Mr. Hannan attempted say occupying the Prime Minister’s chair in Germany, would it not trigger British Law that Mr. Hannan was committing fraud in not being legal to lead the German Government, so that Scotland Yard would be sent to apprehend him?

    Is there such a thing as a “citizen’s arrest” in which any British subject may arrest any British person anywhere in the world when found breaking the law, and demand immediate extradition of the criminal to face British justice in London?

    I ask this as the British donated the sperm to create Mr. Obama, and his mother’s womb being a child was British, so does it not fall to the British to apprehend Mr. Obama and haul him back to London as the cowardice in America now if it were in 1945 would have had Hitler dining on the Mall to the strings of Wagner.


    Excellent! Every GOP candidate needs to meet with Hannan. He can give them a perspective that no American advisors possess. He is different from your average European in that he has studied and sees the good in our system. An ability that has been lost by the average American and has never been experienced first hand by any other nationality that has not lived here. To those of us who are of European heritage, the vast majority of our ancestors came here to escape the system in Europe. Now the Democrats in general (and Obama in particular) want us to embrace it?