Democrats continue fight against voter ID laws

Democrats are battling a growing number of states that are preparing to implement tougher voter identification laws.

Stopping voter ID laws is crucial to Democrats who argue college students, the elderly and minorities will be prevented from voting under the new laws.

“It’s no surprise that these voter suppression efforts are being pushed by Republicans in key swing states,” said Democratic Governor Association spokeswoman Lis Smith.

Republicans pushing to pass such legislation counter that tougher laws will prevent voter fraud and keep ineligible voters from the polling booths.

Now, opponents of the laws don’t just have Republicans to worry about.

Rhode Island’s independent Gov. Lincoln Chafee is the latest to join the voter identification law spree — he signed a tougher bill into law Tuesday after it was passed by the state’s Democratic-controlled house and senate. The governor told The Providence Journal the new law would increase “accuracy and integrity” shortly after signing the bill.

Nearly 20 other states are considering more stringent voter photo identification laws, which has many Democrats crying out in retaliation.

More than 15 Democratic senators have signed a letter calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the legality of states’ “highly restrictive photo identification requirements,” which they allege violate the 1965 Voting Rights Act and, ultimately, civil rights.

Holder’s office would not confirm or deny if it is complying with the request from the senators.

“The Justice Department is monitoring, as it routinely does, this type of legislative activity in the states,” Holder’s office told The Daily Caller.

The letter comes weeks after the Democratic Governors Association embarked on a $50,000 fundraising effort to combat voter ID laws.

The Supreme Court has previously upheld voter photo ID laws. The high court ruled in favor of allowing Indiana to enforce photo identification legislation at voting booths in April 2008. High profile Republicans such as current House Speaker John Boehner praised the decision while civil rights groups like the League of Women Voters and many Democrats denounced it.

The fundraising, which ended June 30, surpassed the $50,000 mark, Smith said.

So far, the DGA has specifically targeted Florida and Wisconsin, where Republican governors recently signed voter ID bills into law.

  • Anonymous

    oops!!  Whatever you do, don’t require this test for your repig front runners!!  what a joke!!

  • rick57

    Let’s see this hurts women, minorities, elderly why? That is never said, or if it was I missed it. Let’s do a little checking shall we? You have to have a photo I.D. to….open a bank account, drive a car, cash a paycheck, buy liquor, cigarettes, get served in a bar, prove your identity to a police officer if stopped for questioning, fly on an airplane, puurchase an airline ticket, board a cruise ship, get a job, et al. This is a problem for democrats because it interferes with…..college students voting absentee from their home state and in the state where they attend college, illegal immigrants voting, felons voting, voting more than once, voting for someone else, well you can see, in other words it interferes with the only way demcrats can win elections. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS.

  • loudog

    Looks like Republicans are demanding every American have a government issued photo ID. I was under the impression conservatives and libertarians were against that type of thing but here they are insisting on government ID’s.

    • thephranc

      Looks like you still lack any higher level reasoning skills, dumbdog. Not every American can vote and all of them want to. So those people don’t need an ID.

      You wouldn’t look so stupid if you weren’t so intellectually dishonest, or if you weren’t actually so stupid.

    • 8second.ride

      “I was under the impression conservatives and libertarians were against that type of thing”

      Well, you’ve been wrong before. Bound to happen.

    • truebearing

      I was under the impression you like to be wrong…..and this latest comment does nothing to change that impression.

      Conservatives and Libertarians would prefer we didn’t need to require ID’s, but liberals and leftists like to subvert the election process with their incessant compulsion to cheat. After the ACORN election fraud, one has to take appropriate measures in dealing with the pathologically dishonest left. It’s a matter of choosing the lesser evil, dogboy, and virtually anything is less evil than the left’s rapacity for power.

      Your disingenuous question is reminiscent of the left suing Palin until she decided it was better for her and Alaska to quit as governor, then attacking her as a quitter. The left, you included, are without any integrity.