Senators call on Reid to unveil Democrat budget proposal

Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, with six Republican colleagues, sent a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid Thursday, urging him to unveil the Democrats’ budget proposal.

Last week, Democrats on the Senate Budget Committee, chaired by Sen. Kent Conrad of North Dakota, announced that a budget proposal had been finalized and that it would be released as early as this week. So far, only the Democratic caucus has seen the proposal.

Thursday’s letter was co-signed by Sens. Jim DeMint of South Carolina, David Vitter of Louisiana, Marco Rubio of Florida, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire. All objected to the July 4th recess when there was still work to be done on the next fiscal year’s budget, and all are now vexed at the fact that no progress was made on the issue.

“By forgoing a recess week,” read the letter, “the Senate was given an opportunity to begin this necessary work immediately. Yet to date, no budget work has been scheduled.”

The letter points out that not only was no budget work scheduled this week, but the majority leader had scheduled a vote and a debate on a Libya resolution. While the resolution was withdrawn after objections that the forgone recess should be used to work on a budget, still nothing was scheduled.

“We ask that you, as Majority Leader, call for the latest Democratic budget to immediately be made public, in all of its detail, and brought through the statutorily-mandated legislative process,” says the letter. “If our colleagues wish to raise taxes or propose spending cuts, the American people have a right to see that plan on paper.” (As debt talks ramp up, spending cuts not enough for some senators)

The senators ended their letter with a warning that they may continue to object to considering matters unrelated to the budget until the Senate is given a chance to consider and debate the Democrats’ proposal.

  • PickyBiker

    These republaphobic-mathamorons are only a few years late on a budget proposal.

  • macombman

    Fat chance. Obama and the Democrats sounded defeated this morning.

  • SunnyJ

    Finally, a group of Senators with the backbone it takes to call this behavior out, daily, until the constant dripping of water drives old Harry crazy!!!!! Keep up the pressure, keep refusing to go home, keep holding up all the petty vanity legislation until they produce a budget. You are getting the American people to sit up and pay attention to this. Do not be redirected by the Dem attack dogs, ridicule and dirty smears, or spin that will come your way. The message is “where is the budget?”…..

  • Rush Youngberg

    Dem ideas of a budget proposal is to assail the Republican proposal.

  • citiman

    Several months ago, President Zero said that he would “streamline” the issuance of drilling permits. Since that promise, how many drilling permits have been issued? Or was this another “misspeak” by the great orator?

    • oldguy5

      No, instead of streamlining the process he decidedto let his EPA bros issue no regulations that will result in layoffs and a 30% increase in our electric bills.

  • Texasron

    Democrats haven’t created a budget in over 800 days. Why should anyone think they have it now? They need to be booted out of office or, better yet, tarred and feathered then dragged out.