Gov. Scott Walker signs concealed weapons bill into law

On Friday, Wisconsin became the 49th state to allow its citizens to carry concealed firearms after Gov. Scott Walker signed into law a measure allowing the practice after a decades long debate.

The law goes into effect on Nov. 1 and carries some caveats, including mandatory firearm training and a background check.

State Sen. Pam Galloway, who spearheaded the measure, said the passage is a “victory for individual rights,” according to the Journal Sentinel. “”Concealed carry is not a Republican or Democrat issue – it’s about personal safety and providing our citizens an opportunity to protect themselves and their loved ones from harm.”

Not everyone is as thrilled about the new law.

“We think Gov. Walker and the Wisconsin legislature just made the citizens of Wisconsin far less safe,” Dennis Henigan, Vice President at the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, told The Daily Caller. The Brady Center is one of the country’s leading gun-control advocacy groups. “Other states that have made this mistake have found themselves legally arming very dangerous people.

Henigan said the Brady Center would “continue to educate the American people about the public safety impact of these laws.”

Illinois is now the only state where concealed carry is illegal. (Ohioans fighting to kill Obamacare with state constitution)

Of the 49 states that do allow some form of concealed carry, nine issue those licenses at the discretion of local officials. The Illinois State Rifle Association has recently pushed for concealed carry legislation in the last remaining where it is completely illegal. But gun rights advocates still have some ways to go.

State lawmakers rejected a measure early this year and Gov. Pat Quinn hasn’t shown much love for looser gun laws. The Second Amendment Foundation did however file a lawsuit against the statewide ban on carrying weapons in public in May.

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  • jrjt

    does the brady center think illinois is more safe than wisconsin? lets see how it works out.

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  • Stumpjumper

    welcome aboard Wisconsin.

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  • StargazerInSavannah

    Expect a dramatic decrease in crime in Wisconsin.. Might expect union thugs will be a bit more careful now.

    • truebearing

      Yes, crime will decrease and the unions will fume, but what they are really pissed off about, besides spending millions and losing the Supreme Court election and the Collective Bargaining fight, is that Wisconsin will have a voter ID requirement for the 2012 elections. It’s hard to get ID’s for dead people and cartoon characters.

  • TunaBlue

    MOM! Dad’s off his medication, and he’s on the DC being weird, again.

  • azsmitty

    leftist progressive organizations alway fear an armed citizenry, they throw out meaningless arguments about gun safety issues, but their real concern is their ability to control the populace. The states are doing exactly what the Founding Fathers intended, they are applying 10th ammendment priciples to govern their states based upon the demands of the citizens. Representative government prevails when issues go before the voters. The left then take action in to courts in an attempt to thwart the will of the citizens. The Bill of Rights is purposefully miss-represented by the media and activist organizations………the reality of the Bill of Rights are limits placed upon the Federal Government. Liberals never learn the facts of legislation they champion, when leadership changes in the House, Senate and Presidency to Republican domination they are the first to howl when the law is used to stymie their agenda. If, Obamacare were to be upheld by the Supreme Court, could you imagine the uproar if a Republican controlled House,Senate and President mandated that every household will purchase weapons and learn the proper use of them to assist lawenforcement who cannot be everywhere when the need arises.