TSA employee caught stuffing passengers’ junk in his trunks

While passengers were taking valuables out of their pockets, one sticky-fingered TSA employee at a Florida airport was stuffing them right back in his pants.

On Monday police arrested Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport screener Nelson Santiago on two counts of grand theft for allegedly stealing up to $50,000 worth of passenger valuables over a six month period.

Santiago was reportedly caught when a Continental Airlines employee saw him putting an iPad into his pants.

According to police, Santiago admitted to stealing computers and other electronics from luggage that he was screening. Detectives said Santiago would sell the items online after stealing them, often by the time his shift had ended.

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    Tell me all about it. Just after the first iPod came out I had to fly to Iowa then back home. When I goton the plane leaving from San Francisco Airport I noticed I was short a brand new iPod. This thievery has been going on for years. Just imagine how great it’ll be if these jerk-offs are unionized. Haven’t they heard of background checks?

  • loudog

    The unfunded Dept of Homeland Security and TSA, a fine legacy of He Who Shall Not Be Named.

  • lollytyg

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
    Obviously these idiots don’t need Internet access at their workstations any longer.

  • captaingrumpy

    Those with brains are not employed by TSA because they would rat on the company for all the shonky stuff they do,no,they only employ people who have trouble speaking English,have Mexican or South American ancestry , are over weight,and could not care less about others.

  • opinionated2

    Unless you are traveling alone NEVER let your possessions out of your sight at TSA scanning stations. Have someone walk through personal scanners first to other side and wait while another person in the same party stays behind with items to feed them through the scanner after the first person is on the other side. That way your belongings are never out of your sight. I have seen passengers steal belongings from other passengers as well.

  • KGC

    Child-molesters AND thieves. Nice!

    • oc in nc

      And Grandma molesters.

  • Faber Castell

    Another reminder of the honorable scum Tom Daschle’s insult to all those that work outside of the federal government. Republicans of this time were just as bad. Grabbing every civil liberty they could to fight “the terrorist”- i.e. all Americans.

    After 9/11, Tom Daschle said “you can’t professionalize if you don’t federalize,” and the Senate voted 100 to 0 for the TSA.

  • ladylove

    obviously the screening process to become a TSA gropper/thief, I mean employee isn’t half as stringent, as what they are allowed to do.

    • oc in nc

      Time to put the TSA screeners threw the scanners before they clock out for the day.

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  • UncleDon

    when I go thru “Security” which is a couple times a month, I NEVER take my eyes off my bag/brief case. A couple of times I got wanded but refused to “Stand over here” without putting my bags where I could see them. I told the future felon I didn’t want “someone from TSA helping themselves to my stuff”….hmmm, he didn’t think that was a funny as I did…..