Dear GOP leadership

Are you feeling principled today? How about gutsy? Are the wishes of voters — the same voters that afforded you a 2010 landslide victory — at the forefront of your minds?

I certainly hope so.

As conservatives across the country await a decision as to whether or not there will be an increase in the debt ceiling, we can’t help but wonder if you will dig in your heels and stand for something.

Will you prioritize significant — and I mean significant — spending reductions?

Will you refuse to accept tax hikes and stand firm against class warfare?

Will you fight for a balanced-budget amendment?

Will you call out the left’s precious “shared sacrifice” talking point for what it is, a class-warfare driven divisive tool that aims to pit one American against another and demonize our country’s job creators?

Will you articulate that in America, we don’t take from one person to give to another? We unleash a booming private sector where people have the opportunity to build their own successes.

Will you draw a clear line of demarcation between the big-government, tax-and-spend agenda of the left and what should be a limited-government, pro-growth agenda on the right?

Will you only embrace “compromise” when it’s in the best interest of the country to do so?

Americans are tired of phoniness. We’re tired of false promises. We’re tired of tax deals that inject no long-term certainty in the economy, accomplish nothing in the way of spending reductions and reflect a profound lack of gravitas on your part. We’re tired of weak cuts disguised as something greater. We’re tired of lies.

And we’re not stupid. We’re attuned to business as usual, to closed-door meetings and to what appears to be a disturbing inability on your part to stick to your guns.

So, what’s it going to be? Are you going to stand firm, to let President Obama, Harry Reid and their allies know that the buck stops here? Are you going to lead a Republican Party that stands for strict fiscal discipline, constitutional integrity and a commitment to protecting all that makes America exceptional for future generations? Are you going to be the bold contrast to the left that you should be?

The choice is yours. We’ll be watching — ready to stand by you if you do what’s right and to hold you accountable if you don’t.

There’s no time for nonsense. This country deserves real leadership. And as we head into another election season, Americans aren’t about to settle for anything less.

Jedediah Bila is a conservative columnist, television commentator and author of the new book Outnumbered: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative. For more information on Jedediah, please visit jedediahbila.com. Follow Jedediah on Twitter.

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  • http://lamecherry.blogspot.com lamecherry

    I do not want principled. I want the meanest, dirtiest, SOBs in this who make Lee Atwater, Richard Nixon, Joe McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover look like cherubs.

    America needs dirty politics FOR THE BENEFIT OF AMERICA to save her. America needs this Obama regime, Reid chicken ranch and Pelosi beauty parlor wiped out, destroyed, pulverized and obliterated….

    ………..and then I demand one threat from John Boehner in, “The criminals who Barack Obama looted the US Treasury of multiple trillions the past three years, have until inauguration day 2013 to return the people’s money or America will be delivering thermo nuclear bombs for this series of 9 11 economic terror attacks on America.

    America needs the people who will fight for America at all costs and using any means. That is how she was built and survived. We are on a death watch now and this is no time for principles.

  • brodave60

    Great article. Thank you Ms Bila.

  • loudog

    Will you pay for invading Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Will you pay for Medicare Part D you passed?

    Will you pay for the TSA you created?

    Will you demand a ‘pay as you go’ budget, including nation building and policing the world?

    Will you pay back the money you borrowed on the backs of the poor and elderly?

    • 8second.ride

      Will you ever quit being a lackey for the DNC and ask the democrats the same questions?

      One thing the democrats have learned well is that when you play both sides of the issues and refuse to accept responsibility for anything, you don’t get asked the hard questions from your brain-washed followers.

      • loudog

        Of course, $4 trillion in spending cuts was on the table, but it takes revenue to pay for wars and past spending.

        • TommyV

          Why don’t you pay more lou…..I already pay enough!

        • truebearing

          Loud Dog,

          Are you sure you aren’t barking up the wrong tree, again? You say 4 trillion in spending cuts, but is it truly spending cuts or cutting future spending increases? If it isn’t cutting existing spending it is a scam, and it needs to be laid out in detail to see what it consists of. You’re barking your fool heads off without knowing the nature of the cuts or when they will happen.

          Obama cut some taxes in his Stimulus, but drove up the deficit in doing it, and now wants to raise taxes to pay for it, since those cuts he bragged about were a one time deal for the most part. Who in their right mind would trust the pathological liar?

      • loudog

        $4 trillion in debt cuts that is

        • des1

          You are such a gullible fool. $4 trillion on the table? Really? Have you read the bill? Do you know what those cuts entailed over how many years? Were they required cuts or could they be altered later?

          Obama says it so you parrot it. That’s just sad.

          • loudog

            “Boehner says ambitious $4 trillion debt deal isn’t happening”

            Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/07/09/boehner-walks-out-of-debt-limit-negotiations/#ixzz1RkFhhZdL

            trolling today?

          • des1

            Read my post again, Douchetastico. I asked if you had read the bill to see what cuts are in it and over how many years. If it’s $4 trillion spread out over the next 35 years, then it isn’t real helpful, is it?

            You can take your “Dems are awesome, Repubs suck” stance if you want, but when you declare a bill to be a great deal without reading it or even reading a breakdown of it’s numbers by a neutral party, you’re showing yourself to be nothing but an ideological robot. We already know you are, but I just thought I’d remind you in case one day you decided to think for yourself.

    • albore

      Will you be responsible enough to do something as basic PASSING A BUDGET when your party controls BOTH Houses and the Presidency? (talk about fiscal irresponsibility – the Botox ate into that vile old witches brain – just look at the kookiness in her eyes!)

      Will you tell us what’s in Obamacare before you pass it Ms Bag-O-Botox who promised the ‘most transparent Congress in history)?

      Will you tell the truth about what it will cost?

      Will you lie about being spat upon while on your way to pass it?

      Will you pass massive legislation to take over healthcare that vast majority of Americans DO NOT WANT?

      • loudog

        Some valid points but remember, Republicans blocked passage of the 2010 budget to hold out for tax cuts for millionaires.

        • truebearing

          That was weak. You just got your snout swatted. LOL!

  • Loadmaster

    Hold your fodder and keep your powder dry. We’ve got a long ways to go. The Dem’s will make this process very ugly for the GOP leadership. Stay true and we’ll be there.

  • dowdaytrader

    Is Sarah Palin a wimp? She has NOT called out Speaker Boehner. Boehner keeps spouting off the lie that America will default on it’s debt, that’s why he is negotiating with the President. Boehner started lying about a so-called “default” back in January of this year


    No such thing will ever happen if the debt limit is not raised. America collects more than $200 billion per month. The debt service is about 20 billion per month. The debt is paid first, that leaves $180+ billion per month to pay the military,social security and medicare. Everything else can be downsized or eliminated. The post office can be privatized. Congress already found $200 billion in waste per year, yet Sarah has not chastised the Republicans and Democrats to implement those reforms immediately. Republicans don’t need to “deal” with Obama, they should do nothing, let the debt limit stop deficit spending, that will force the cuts that Sarah says that Washington DC is addicted to. Until Sarah confronts the Republicans for lying about the debt limit, she is not showing courage. We all know Obama is a Marxist, it takes no courage to call a socialist a socialist, a liar a liar.

    Sarah is not confronting the lying Republicans and she is not announcing for President. Prove me wrong Sarah, prove to me you are not wimping out.

  • reagantman
  • brnstb700

    How can it be shared sacrafice, when the people on the other end of the wealth redistribution do not sacrafice anything? Really, what do they sacrafice?

    • wizardkar

      And what should they sacrifice? If you have a GPA in school of 4.0 should you take a 2.3 instead after all of your hard work so I can divide up the difference to some slacker that only achieved a 1.5 and needs some of your GPA so they can graduate and get a job they will not be able to do? Seriously? Are you living in a Communist Country? Because in America those that work their butts off 90 hours a week to build a business that employs many people gets to keep the hard earned money they made just like the student with a 4.0. So if you want redistribution of someone’s wealth contact Obama and his cronies and the Union bosses. They all have tons of money and live elitist lives. Do you? fYI, they DO NOT care about you and your beliefs or causes. They are using you libs and progressives like lambs being led to slaughter. Ask anyone that is from a Socialist/ marxist/ Communist Country. They will tell you about the days of no food on the shelves in the stores or no antibiotics available except on the black market. Wake up folks. America is about opportunity, self reliance, responsibility, not about hand outs from the federal government. There was a time when people needed help and they went to their families and religious houses for help. Now, the Left has demagogues them so much people have lost their way. Government should not be our moral compass, you can not legislate morals and values, these must come from within. Grow up and grow a spine and make a life for yourself. That is the difference between America and the rest of the world!

      • Hamilton-Jeffersonian

        You’re a brainwashed fool.

        • 8second.ride

          Really? Brain-washed? Sounded to me like wizardkar has a really good outlook on how to be sucessful.

          “Government should not be our moral compass, you can not legislate morals and values, these must come from within.”

          Great post, wizard!

        • des1

          Says the person who claims his resume is superior to the person who wrote the column.

          Doesn’t it strike you as ironic that as smart as you believe yourself to be, nobody is paying you to write columns or appear on TV to give your views? How sad it must be to believe yourself brilliant only to find yourself impotent.

        • des1

          Still waiting to see your resume you misogynistic douche. C’mon, you brought it up, so let’s see it. This should be the funniest thing ever.