Bloomberg gives maximum to NY Republicans who voted for gay marriage

The four New York Republican state senators who voted to legalize same-sex marriage in the state are now raking in major campaign donations.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave the maximum amount possible — $10,300 — to the re-election campaigns of Sens. James Alesi, Mark Grisanti, Roy McDonald and Stephen Saland after the June vote.

The four senators provided the margin for victory in a close 33-29 vote in the Republican-led Senate.

New York Conservative Party leader Michael Long said after the vote that each had lost the party’s ballot line for re-election. The senators may also face primary challenges.

Grisanti, a freshman senator from Buffalo, may have a back-up plan. After several members of his party criticized him for the vote, Grisanti told reporters in Albany, “I’m not saying I will rule it out” about switching parties.

In a statement to The Daily Caller in late June, Grisanti Chief of Staff Doug Curella said, “We have never really thought about running on the Democratic line in 2012, it’s a year in a half away, we are interested in the policy, not the politics of government.” (Bloomberg to officiate one of New York’s first gay weddings)

The Albany Times-Union reports that Grisanti raised $153,469.19 in the second quarter, making him the eighth biggest Senate fundraiser. The Buffalo News reports that approximately $50,000 came from same-sex marriage advocates, including a $10,000 donation from activist Tim Gill.

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  • fourleafclover

    I think Bloomberg may either be gay or a switch hitter. If NY or SF have any disasters, man made or natural, I’m not giving another penny to support them

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  • Kurtis D. Davis

    We all need to “give the maximum amount”, so here is my effort.

    These people in New York have indeed sent a powerful message echoing across the land. So powerful, I have heard about 1/2 dozen good men say: “It is clear New York has a bright and shining future—JUST LIKE SODOM & GOMORRAH.”

    • nyc1957

      Kurtis have you actually ever read the Bible? In the Sodom and Gomorrah story Lot threw his daughter out to the mob where these hetrosexual child molesters raped and murdered his daughter. Gay men are not going to rape a child much less a girl child. Furthermore, after Lot’s wife turned to salt his daughters were concerned about the family line so go Lot drunk and had sex with him. It’s there – go read it. Yet, you never hear the right wing ‘Christians’ say that. I suppose they support child rape and incest.

  • Crosby

    pay offs for a vote?

  • dallas yankee

    Maybe Grisanti should get on facebook or twitter and show his junk, and if its good enough he might get a gay proposal of marriage. I don’t think the good people of Buffalo will stand for him

  • philF

    Get these losers out of here. Every single betrayal is a betrayal against the country.

  • bobmac

    If Grisanti hasn’t ruled out running as a democrat then he’s a democrat.Dump him.

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