Bill Maher, Michele Bachmann and anger f*cking

The far left in America has hit rock bottom. The only remaining question is whether the American left will have a Morris Day moment.

A few days ago, Marc Maron, a guest on Bill Maher’s HBO show “Real Time,” said that he hopes that Michele Bachmann’s husband “f*cks her angrily.” Actually, the entire quote is so vile and important to our discussion that it should be reprinted in full: “I don’t want to be crass,” Maron said, “but I just hope that [Michele’s husband] Marcus Bachmann takes all that, ya know, that rage that comes from repression and denial and brings it into the bedroom with her. I hope he f*cks her angrily, because that’s how I would. And I’ve thought about it.” What brought this on was Maron’s contention that Marcus Bachmann is a repressed homosexual.

As difficult as it may be, it’s possible, after a lot of reflection and some research into sociology and (Freudian) psychiatry, to feel some sympathy for people like Maron. He is the kid on the playground who is so anxiously, desperately in need of being accepted by the cool kids that his rhetoric becomes violent. You know the type: One of the cool kids offers that he doesn’t like some girl at school because she is stuck up. The insecure kid, the Marc Maron, then launches into an aria of insult about just what he would do to that stuck-up bitch. It’s a way for him to gain acceptance. Maron, a coward, was simply playing to Bill Maher, the cool kid, the leader of the liberal gang, who uses violent language when talking about conservative women.

Yet if the desperate, anxious, insecure kid has a conscience, at some point he will feel shame. This is what I call a Morris Day moment. Morris Day is a musician and actor who played the rival of the musician Prince in the 1984 film “Purple Rain.” Throughout the film, Prince and Day fight over music, women, clothes, everything. Then Prince’s father, an alcoholic who beats his wife, commits suicide. Upon hearing the news, Day stops by Prince’s dressing room. “How’s the family?” he says, to the roars of his posse.

What happens next is one of the most memorable moments in the film — indeed it is so powerful I can recall it in detail more than 25 years after watching the film. As his posse fades down the corridor, Day stops and turns so that we can see his face. His face is a poignant mix of shame and despair. He realizes that he has gone too far. Prince was in a sacred space of grief, the spiritual realm where one should be allowed to be with God unmolested. And Day broke past that barrier and defecated in that space. And, to his credit, seconds later he realized it.

Perhaps Maron will have a similar realization. In previous articles in The Daily Caller, I have outlined my theory as to why I think the modern left is so clinically angry, and I think Maron fits this theory. The first part has to do with “the culture of narcissism,” an idea made famous by the great historian and sociologist Christopher Lasch. Lasch used Freudian theory to explain the nuclear rage of the modern narcissist, who, he explained, is not an egomaniac but rather someone with a very fragile sense of self. He is someone, like Maron, who finds his validation in the approval of others.

Compounding this is the psychological problem of uncontrollable infantile rage, the result of poor or absent parenting. According to Lasch, a baby has oversized, monstrous fantasies about the world, and if those fantasies are never brought to heel by parents who usher the child into reality — using proper love, discipline (not hitting) and large helpings of the reality that the world is not made for our convenience — they never go away. Thus the narcissist is a person constantly seeking validation from others and who can explode into apoplexy at the smallest trigger. He also has unhealthy images of women, stemming from his inability to see his own mother as a real person and not a devouring chimera. He is basically Marc Maron — or Dan Savage, the deeply insecure gay sex columnist who was egging Maron on on Maher’s show. Upon hearing Maron’s comments, Savage added that he had thought about “anger f*cking” Rick Santorum.