House ethics committee hires outside counsel for Waters case

WASHINGTON—The House ethics committee has named Washington lawyer Billy Martin as an outside counsel to investigate California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters.

The announcement Wednesday follows months of conflict in the committee over handling of the case.

The committee last year alleged that Waters improperly tried to obtain a federal bailout for a bank where her husband owns stock. Waters, a senior member of the Financial Services Committee has denied wrongdoing.

Waters last year demanded that the committee go ahead with a trial on the allegations. This week, however, she asked for dismissal of the case. Her attorney cited internal committee documents that showed two committee lawyers communicated solely with Republicans.

The lawyer, Stanley Brand, said a fair trial is now impossible.

  • FredStone

    Write to Nancy Pelosi.  She’s very interested in clearing the swamp and obviously has not been informed about Maxine Waters – the thief from California (oh sorry, didn’t mean to use any inflammatory language).   Check out new rumors swirling around Pelosi and where her money has come from – she’ll be right behind Waters in going to jail – if they do the same to Politicians as average folks

  • Straycatofms

    Maxine, like Obama, like Rangel, think they are privileged and can break all the laws they want. No, Maxine, the TEA PARTY isn`t going anywhere. Hopefully you are the one going somewhere. To hell or jail, who cares. One of the most hateful and biased people in congress.It`s all your fault but go ahead and blame everybody but the real crook. That be you Maxine.  Have a good day!

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  • J_cabany

    Talk about being racist….take one look at her, she thinks who she is just like Obamadummy…

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  • Anonymous

    Let me tell you something, Maxine, since Obama has been in office, it sure seems like the entire country has been sent to HELL!  Thanks a lot for the reminder.

  • Anonymous

    Why is
    this corrupt politician still in Congress instead of prison for Bank
    Fraud? It really shouldn’t take years to drain that swamp of pond scum
    like this creature. The taxpayers should not be picking up the bill for her defense when she and her robbers, looters, liars and communist cons have already received millions. Send her back down to Hugo Chavez since she loves those communist dictators so much. This truly is a vile and sorry excuse for a U.S. Rep – we deserve better than this.

  • Ann other Texan

    When a Democrat has nothing of value to say, they resort to childish attacks and
    foul language.  Maxine Waters had nothing to say.  She should be explaining
    what appears to be her criminal behavior while she is filling her pocketbook with
    other people’s money.  We’re waiting to hear all about that.  She is being investigated
    and I hope this will not be “white” washed because she is nothing but a poor.
    grasping “mouth from the south” who roared a little too loudly.
    I don’t wish Maxine to go to hell, just that she might be enlightened and “changed”.
    Not by Obamaspeak, but through the Truth that changes hearts and set you free…also,
    Free from your government service that makes you think you are superior to the
    people whom you are supposed to serve.