Texas reps: Perry will get in

Two Republican congressmen from Texas are confident that Gov. Rick Perry will run for president and have said they will support him.

The Houston Chronicle reported Thursday that Reps. John Culberson and Kevin Brady are happily on the Perry bandwagon. (Perry’s Democratic past like so many other Republicans’)

“Yes he is going to run….He will light up our base,” Culberson told the Texas paper. “He has a great record. And Texas is truly a role model for the rest of the nation.”

Culberson represents Texas’ 7th Congressional district, which includes portions of Houston. His Houston-area colleague Brady, of Texas’ 8th district, is also pushing for a Perry presidency.

“I’m encouraging him to get in the race,” said Brady. “I have said publicly I think it shakes up the race and he has a great compelling story.”

Culberson promises that Houston will churn out a “record number of voters” for Perry and that the governor will win the White House.

“I strongly support him and encourage him to run,” added Culberson. “I think when he enters the race he’ll win the primary and he’ll win the election. He’s got a great story to tell. Texas is a role model for the rest of the nation. And he will be a great candidate and a great president.”

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  • 8second.ride

    Go Ron Paul, right? Sheesh, you guys are so obvious.

  • jmk1502

    God told another Texas Gov., Dumbya Bush, that he should invade Iraq (as quoted by the Idiot-in-Chief himself on June 30, 2003). Loonytoons Perry said he was “called”. Why even have the 2012 POTUS election at this point, when the Almighty has determined that Rick Perry, the guy who said Texas should secede from the US and is a wild-eyed far-right wing raging lunatic, WILL be the next President? Foregone conclusion. What is puzzling is how the Big Guy in the Sky allowed the dirty commie socialist pedophile mass-murdering drug dealing Kenyan-born Muslim scum Obama to become President. LORD, HOW DID THAT TRAVESTY HAPPEN??

  • Ben Blankenship

    Perry would seem to be a shoo-in. After all, a Texas Aggie head yell leader is as good as it gets, right? He’s been there, done that. But can he win now? I surveyed some of my Texas friends, now in their 70s, and got various responses, none neutral. One says he’ll win the GOP nom, lose to Obama. Another says he’ll win it all. As a Texan by birth and Aggie educated but Virginian since adulthood, I see him giving the Beltway liberals fits. If he does win, hooray, and so long Obama. If he doesn’t, it will be a vicious and glorious campaign. Either way, he’ll surely resurface all the Reagan comparisons and remind us of the virtue of growing up dirt-farmer poor just north of Abilene.

  • azsmitty

    Perry has been the focus for defeat by the party Democrat of Texas ever since he bolted their party………..funny they have never come close, even a selfmade millionaire from El Paso couldn’t make a dent. Ask the soon to be Former Senator Kay Baily Hutchinson how easy it is to take on Perry. Yes, he has ruffled a few feathers with some of his positions, what politician hasn’t? We have sitting in the Whitehouse(when he isn’t playing golf or on vacation)one who was everything to everybody………that sure has worked out well! Perry is what he is, bold, larger than life and a record of success as a state executive. Run that record against the “accomplishments” of the current Sitting President.

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  • OleTom

    Here is a interview with Governor Perry by Glenn Beck Well worth watching

  • doncicciofitipaldi



    • MarthaAnn

      Hey, Don. Get over yourself. People belive in God. America has always been known in general as a Christian nation, from the very beginning, regardless of the attempt by modern atheists to rewrite our history. Go drive around and look at all the churches on almost every street corner. That should tell you something, pal. Governor Perry has every right to express his belief in God, just like politicians have done from the beginning, including George Washington and John Adams and others. Perry in no way is requiring anyone to share his belief or go to his church or be penalized in any way if they do not agree with his beliefs. And that, sir, is the very essence of and full extent of the Constitution’s proscription that “Congress shall pass no law” concerning the establishment of religion.

    • pastiche

      “For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”

      2 Timothy 4:3

      Ears still itch?

  • Humorless

    Shhhh…nobody mention him voting for the largest tax hike in Texas history while a Democrat.

    • MarthaAnn

      shhh, no one mention that, if true, that would have been a very very very long time ago, when he was a much younger dude. He comes from a long tradition of Democrats, but had the ability to see that modern Democrats are not the same as the old time Democrats of yesteryear. Ronald Reagan also started out as a Democrat. He became one of the most celebrated presidents in history among conservatives.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jasmine-Clark/1785223171 Jasmine Clark

    is perry as great as he seems? as some of you have already pointed out, perry has several questionable things in his record. it’s better to support a candidate who has been vetted more thoroughly.

    • valley64
    • notalone

      jasmine – how much more vetting would you like? He was elected Lt. Gov of the great state of Texas in 1998 and Governor since 2000 – I think that should put all your doubts aside. He is the one our beloved country needs.

      • Ledger

        Please, God. No!!! I’ll try to convince some of you folks once again. I’ve worked in Texas government for over 30 years and he is a disaster. Just because a politician is elected many times does not mean they are any good. It just means the people and press are are not doing their homework, the politician is a good campaigner, and they don’t have an adequate opponent. Also, in Texas, if the politicians are staying out of our business, we like to leave well enough alone.

        The success of Texas is partly due to the fact that we do not allow the legislature to meet except for a few months every two years. It keeps them out of our business! They are not paid employees, so this restricts the legislature to mostly attorneys and small business owners with a low tax, business friendly, and practical mind set. They get to keep their campaign war chest when they retire from politics after 12 years. The politicians are typically people of good intentions and with a sense of service. However, it is usually trouble when they meet and try to implement their “good” ideas. The State agencies under the executive branch operate all of the time.

        Texas is blessed with lots of oil, wind power, fortune 500 companies, many of the largest cities in the US, the largest military base in the US, one of the biggest ports, The largest medical center in the world, a huge land area with a large agricultural and mining economy, and a diverse but typically conservative and hard-working citizenry. We have a low cost of living and affordable housing. Our forefathers created a big nation from the northern part of Mexico and our fathers put people on the moon more four times and brought them home again. Besides the National and State parks and military bases, most of the rural land is privately owned and generating property taxes. There is nothing we can’t do when we put our minds and hearts into it. Therefore, we have survived Perry with hardly a blip.

        If elected, Perry will introduce a sneaky kind of corruption on a scale similar to Obama. He looks and acts conservative, but he is completely for sale to the highest bidder. That is why he has gone from Democrat big spender to Republican big spender. He has proposed and actively pushed for the forced appropriation of private land from all the way from Mexico to our northern border and its sale to foreign company to set up a tollway for direct traffic from Mexico to the Midwest. This road project would skirt all towns that might benefit from the business that it would bring. Instead the tollway would sell the rights to build the gas stations, restaurants, and other business along the way. He has no positive guiding conservative principals, just the greed. However, he can recite them. Whoever pays him the most will be able to assign staff to very high positions in his administration. There, they will develop changes in the executive branch and introduce legislation benefiting their employer with Perry’s stamp of approval. His job is to take the projects as far as he can without legislative approval, then try to sell the rest of the skunk to the legislature and people. He is tenacious. It does not matter how unpopular an initiative is, he keeps bringing it up over and over again. This operation has worked for some very large company projects, but failed for others. Most of the damage happens under the radar and out of the media. He is only different from Obama in that he has no ideological objective.

        These are why he wins elections. He can campaign without a teleprompter. He can shoot a laser sighted pistol to kill a coyote. He looks pretty and talks tough. He reminds one of a Texas TV preacher. He does not raise taxes. It all sounds good until you look below the surface. He is a disaster in the making.

        • MarthaAnn

          I’m a fellow Texan. It is ludicrous to say that Perry is similar to Obama. He is not similar to Obama whatsoever. Rick Perry is not a spend-until-you-go-broke Marxist. And he is conservative on the social issues. Personally, I would like to have someone like Sen. Jim DeMint as President, but he’s not running. A 100% rock solid conservative who can be taken seriously and who can actually defeat Obama is not in the race at this time. Rick Perry can defeat Obama. You need to step back and gain some perspective. The goal is to defeat the Marxist occupying the Oval Office. I feel totally confident that if elected President, Perry would be very conservative.

        • Ben Blankenship

          Such criticism of Perry reminds me of what doubters said about Reagan: He’s only an actor who poses as a conservative. Reagan became great because, first, he WON. Who else in spitting range can defeat Obama? Hmmmmm?

        • 8second.ride

          Go Ron Paul, right? Sheesh, you guys are so obvious.

          (I copied the comment down here WHERE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GO IN THE FIRST PLACE). Nice to see the comment section not working again! /s

        • Recon

          “This road project would skirt all towns that might benefit from the business that it would bring.”

          Nice touch. Ledger, I am not from Texas but I think most of the country is pretty clear that the TTC is dead and gone. Long, long gone. And it’s gone precisely BECAUSE it was a politically impossible clusterf*** springing from NAFTA that intruded upon private domain. Yep, I understand that Perry got behind it for a while. And then he got in front of it. Move on. It’s history.

    • The_anniebanannie

      Vetted more thoroughly ? Good grief! The man’s life is an open book by now. It’s incumbent upon you to read it.

    • MarthaAnn

      Show me the politician who has not irked his supporters about something at some point, even conservative politicians. I’m a Texan. Rick Perry is a conservative. He can defeat Obama. Right now, no one else in the fray can do that. The most important thing we can do right now is get the Marxist out of the Oval Office. If elected, Perry will absolutely pursue a conservative agenda both fiscally and socially. He will know that is what got him there. He clearly understands the mood of conservatives right now. Many of those other GOP-ers in Wash.D.C. seemingly do not. He would be absolutely great for taking a leadership role. Nothing mamby pamby about him.

    • Recon

      Jasmine, every time I see a Perry article it seems I see you along with the rest of the Paulista’s all making the same comments – 10 come in with ‘OMG He’s SATAN!!!’ & you follow up with a gentle reminder that we should be ‘cautious’ & ‘vet him’.
      When exactly were you planning on actually doing that? I’ve done mine. I assume that a man that’s won every election he’s run and is currently the longest serving Governor on record in Texas *Just MAY* have been vetted by the people that voted him in, what do you think?