Cantor: Vote on balanced budget amendment ‘likely’ next week

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) said late Friday that the House will “likely” vote on a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution next week, The Hill reports.

The bill to introduce the amendment would likely pass the GOP-led House, which just this week passed “Cut, Cap and Balance,” an attempt at raising the debt ceiling by attaching the vote to spending cuts. But a balanced budget amendment would likely meet the same fate as the “Cut, Cap and Balance” pledge did in the Senate: It’ll be dead on arrival. (Debt-limit negotiations: the state of play)

Democrats have said that even if they did support a balanced budget amendment, it would be impossible to actually amend the Constitution before August 2nd, the date on which the Treasury Department says the U.S. will default on its debt. An amendment would have to be ratified by three-fourths of the states, which would be difficult to coordinate in the next 10 days.

Senate Democrats have already announced opposition to such an amendment, and the White House has said the amendment isn’t needed to solve the debt ceiling crisis.

In spite of Senate Democrats, House Republicans have continued to push forward with their plans, and have been critical of the Senate leadership for not offering its own plan.

In addition to the balanced budget amendment, Cantor said in an email that the House will probably vote on a number of other bills dealing with the debt ceiling, and told Members of Congress that a weekend session next weekend is possible.

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    The federal government needs to live within its limits. To date they have been fairly successful in that endeavor, with only a few lapses. The Democrats between 1/2007 and 1/2011 decided they no longer needed to do that since they could just milk the cow dry with more and more taxes. It’s pretty understandable that it is too late to have any effect this year, what with less than two weeks left until, and I quote Obama, a “debt crisis” occurs. We do, however, have about 18 more months of Democrat control of the Senate and the Executive Branch. If anyone thinks that we will not go through this again before 1/20/13 they are delusional. We need to pass this amendment now. Of course, I keep forgetting, we will also need a budget to balance.

  • virginiagentleman

    While Mr. Cantor is from my own beloved Virginia, most of the time I don’t agree with him simply because he practices party politics. Therefore, I am shocked to find that I agree with him on a balanced budget amendment. The White House under either party and the congress as well, have shown the nation that left to their own device, they are not trustworthy when it comes to the taxpayers dime. They promise everything and to every single special intrest group, with little thought as to how to pay for their promises other then take the money for the citizen. Since they cannot or will not police themselves, the amendment is needed to protect the taxpayer from our own government and to insure a future for our children and grandchildren that can eventually be debt free. I’ve never understood the governments proclivity for spending and borrowing outragous sums now and passing the debt on to those not yet born. Many states have a balanced budget amendment to their state constitutions and it works. Why not FORCE uncle sugar to live within his means?

    • virginiagentleman

      Should read,’ take the money FROM the citizen’.

  • Supertad108

    Curious to know if all these people that oppose a balanced budget amendment for the FedGov use one in their own households. It’s obvious they are only USING the american taxpayer for the spending they can’t do at home. I hear it a lot and the thought of it is frightening however, it is becoming difficult not to imagine some sort of civil uprise to bring this foolishness going on in DC to a halt. If not now when? Soon they will have created an environment where we no longer have the ability.

  • http://www.roy-mark.com Roy Mark

    A balanced budget amendment is to a liberal as a crucifix to a vampire!

  • JimConstitution

    The amendment is greatly needed for the following presidents. This one will just ignore it. The US Constitution is a road block to his socialism.

    Many liberals really believe that our federal government is a democracy. We The People are a republic.
    Many liberals really believe the federal government is good and therefore is worthy of our support with taxes and expansion.
    Many liberals really believe that our federal government is the hope of the poor and downtrodden.

    When freedom to trade and manufacture is. Its jobs for the poor and health to the nation. JFK said when the nation prospers all ships rise in the same water. Richness helps all, not just the owners of businesses.

    The problem is The US Constitution is a LIMIT on ALL of the federal government. First the Congress is limited to the federal government, it has NO authority over the governments of any State. (reread the 1st amendment). Presidents have no authority over the States. The Supreme Courts have expanded federal jurisdiction by way of the 14th amendment.

    The 14th amendment has been misinterpreted and misapplied to the point of giving the federal government power that the amendment was not written for. It was to force the southern States to comply with the 13th. The 14th speaks to all freed slaves born here to be full citizens of the State with full rights of that State.

    Both a balanced budget amendment and a repeal of the 14th is in order, being that the 14th has accomplished its mission. Now the federal courts use its literal wording to say that which it didn’t and doesn’t.

    The limits of the Bill Of Rights for the federal government has been expanded by the courts to include State governments by way of the 14th.

  • ofallon

    Yippee Skippee for a Balanced Budget Amendment.

  • S-D-M

    CNN/ORC Poll July 18-20, 2011
    25. Would you favor or oppose a constitutional amendment to require a balanced federal budget?

    Favor 74%
    Oppose 24%
    No opinion 1%

    Let the democrats sink it at their peril..!

  • lifeandliberty

    Big spending liberals always say there is not enough time to pass a balanced budget amendment and of course they always say its not needed. Their arguments have clearly been disproven by the existing situation. If we had passed the amendment and ratified it years ago we would not be in this situation today.