Mark Levin and Heritage Action for America get it right

The question that hit my email inbox repeatedly yesterday was: “What do you think of the Boehner plan?” Truthfully, I’m not impressed.

In my humble opinion, it reflects an inability and unwillingness on the part of GOP leadership to dig in their heels and stand firm on principle. It reflects a refusal to go above and beyond in the PR department to let the American people know why it’s so important to fight the good fight for significant spending cuts. And it reflects an unsettling lack of understanding in D.C. of just how severe our fiscal problems are and what it’s going to take to get us back on track.

As The Washington Examiner reported yesterday, “House Speaker John Boehner’s plan to raise the debt limit will reduce deficits by just $1 billion in 2012 and $851 billion over the next decade, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The news that the deficit savings are backloaded to occur in years that the current Congress has no control over is likely to increase doubts among House conservatives who were already skeptical about the plan.” Let’s hope the rewrite looks a little more appealing.

On Tuesday night, Mark Levin made some fantastic points on air with respect to the debt ceiling debate, taking on “superficial, petty politics”: “So what is it exactly that the Republican establishment wants us to rally behind? This is what people are sick of. This is what they will never understand inside the Beltway and around the Beltway. They’ll never get it in the media. They don’t understand. And we’re the extremists, we’re the irrational ones? No, we’re not. We’re the patriots. We’re the commonsense people. Now we know what Obama’s up to, but at a minimum, shouldn’t we put a bill on his desk … and make it clear to the American people that if we go to hell, it’s thanks to Obama, that we’ve done everything we can with one-party control in the House and 47 members of the Senate, we’ve done everything we can as conservatives to try and prevent this? … We should not sign a suicide pact. We should not agree to destroy this country and our children’s future.”

Levin offered some advice to conservatives: “You stand and you fight. That’s all you can do … The Republican establishment wants a resolution, and a resolution for the Republican establishment means agreement, sellout, anything, anything that’s better than Obama wants. That to them is an agreement, that’s success. That’s not how we measure success … How quickly Republicans surrender. How quickly they drop to their knees and beg for a deal. No, my friends, now is not the time to say we’ve won when we’ve not. Now is not the time to say we’ve gotten the best we can get when we haven’t. Now is not the time to say this is how Washington works when Washington is broken. Stick to your principles!”

In Heritage Action for America’s July 26 open letter to Congress, Michael Needham hit the nail on the head: “Congress should drive down federal spending on the way to a balanced budget, while protectingAmerica, and without raising taxes. Unfortunately, that does not appear to be what we will get from Washington, which has irresponsibly turned its back on the only real plans out there: The House Budget and the Cut, Cap and Balance Act. As such, Washington should be forced to live under the current debt limit until it’s ready to make tough choices — choices that it should make, and has time to make, this week.”

Like many Americans, I am hungry for bold, principled, unapologetic conservative leadership. Rather than settling for what they think they can get through, I’d like to see GOP leadership fighting for what they know they should get through, for what they know would help restore this country. There’s no time for complacency, defeatist attitudes or taking the easy way out. John Boehner doesn’t have an easy job, but he must begin to play hard and fight to win. The country can’t afford anything less.

Jedediah Bila is a conservative columnist, television commentator and author of the new book Outnumbered: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative. For more information on Jedediah, please visit jedediahbila.com. Follow Jedediah on Twitter.

  • Chris Pedersen

    Boehner=Cream Puff Politician in Code Pink High Heels, Vanilla Cool Whip with his cherry intacted, He’s a Sissy. NWO Leader and Supporter for the biggest Demorat Union Buster of all time, Obama! Busting Out The United States Of America!

  • jaxboy

    Right on, slehar! If paying taxes was a criteria for voting, then perhaps the leaders in Washington would stop using so much of our money to buy votes from those with an entitlement mentality. The bottom 50% decide the elections, usually based on how much dole they are given. Now Washington is stirring the pot again, trying to rile up the Latinos to demand amnesty so they will vote Democratic, too. “Just say no to fo’ mo'”! No, I don’t think of his ethnicity, but it does have a nice rhyme to it, doesn’t it? Obama represents the worst of both whites and blacks. Obama represents evil incarnate, an elected George Soros, more or less. He is trying to get even with the US for how his grandfather was treated by the colonial British. I think even Charlie Rangel would be a better president than Obama, because at least Rangel has some love for his country, unlike Obama.

  • hiyall

    From http://www.treasurydirect.gov/NP/BPDLogin?application=np
    The National Debt totals:
    07/25/2011 14,342,841,083,049.67
    09/30/2010 13,561,623,030,891.79
    09/30/2009 11,909,829,003,511.75
    09/30/2008 10,024,724,896,912.49
    09/30/2007 9,007,653,372,262.48
    09/30/2006 8,506,973,899,215.23
    09/30/2005 7,932,709,661,723.50
    09/30/2004 7,379,052,696,330.32
    09/30/2003 6,783,231,062,743.62
    09/30/2002 6,228,235,965,597.16
    09/30/2001 5,807,463,412,200.06
    09/30/2000 5,674,178,209,886.86

    Since 2008, 4.3 trillion dollars have been spent over the amount of revenue taken in.
    Those legislators, who budgeted for, approved of, ignored the issue, and signed off onto this excess spending were aware of or should have been aware of the National Debt Limit.

    It is very clear that the Democrats, who controlled the House, Senate and Presidency during 2008 and 2009 are the irresponsible ones for the excess spending above revenue.
    In 2010 and 2011, the Democrats controlled only the Senate and Presidency, while the Republicans controlled the House – and still excess spending occurred (over revenues).

    Yet, not until the debt deadline near did any one yield a “plan” to curb spending. Pox on both houses – Republicans should have passed a bill early on – and put the Democrats on record for more spending, more taxation, and more debt.

    How the Republican party cannot do what is good for the economic health of our nation and defend it clearly and succinctly so that the voting public can understand it is beyond my comprehension.
    The facts clearly outline who was at fault and who is at fault now with perhaps some context. Even a propragandist, leftist media is vulnerable to factual rebuttal.

    Do right by the citizens whose wealth will be confiscated to pay off this irresponsible debt. Make sure that it will never happen again.
    1) Pass and send to the states a balanced budget amendment whereby the Federal Government cannot spend more than 15% of the GDP in any year. (Tithes are only 10%)
    2) Remove the hyper regulatory environment from our business and private environment.
    3) Pass a flat income tax, whereby every citizen pays some amount, which will rise with any tax increase.
    4) Remove all other taxes which have hidden components – so that the citizen is aware of any tax increase put upon him/her.
    5) Ensure free trade with all nations and states.
    6) Write legislation to remove the restrictions on hiring/employment that unions now hold – can you say labor monopoly?
    If the bills do not pass the Senate or are vetoed by the President, then it will flush out their ideology and that can become an election issue.

    • Gridmark

      Free trade? This is where we are having problems as unemployment stays at high levels. Why? Because there is no jobs. In 2004, Bush came to my state and said “free trade is good” and we watched the factories close. Over the past decade, some 57,000 factories (6 million jobs) were lost and you cannot make that back up. Never before in our lifetimes has our middle class been confronted with this phenomenon. It is 2 billion cheap laborers and the loss of jobs, automation and the loss of jobs, lean principles and the loss of jobs, and mergers and consolidation and the loss of jobs.

      Today, we risk a depression, and with a depression you cannot get out of it. Today, the democrats are spending in the wrong areas, the republicans want more tax cuts on top of the Bush tax cuts, the fed is printing money for low interest rates and a low dollar so that we can export more with 1/3 less manufacturing, and the states wants casinos for jobs. And Bernanke has even hinted he does not know why we are not creating jobs. All the while we keep shipping jobs overseas. It is hilarious.

      And I will ask any politician this, and they have not answered yet the following:

      1. What widgets can we make here and not some other country? I have no answer for this, but I find this so serious that we need to recognize the problem.
      2. What products can we make that will fill in those 57,000 factories or 6 million jobs?
      3. What will 2 billion cheap laborers, automation, lean principles, and mergers and consolidation do to the middle class wages and jobs?
      4. What small business can be supported in communities where factories have closed?
      5. If you have tax cuts to spend into the economy, just how does that work when half the products are foreign made?
      6. We are told that we need to export more. So, how do we export more with 1/3 less manufacturing?

      We have lost all our stimulus and we have lost the demand. And at all costs, you must fight a depression and that means more spending. Now we know, just how we get into a depression. You have the Bush roaring 20’s of borrowing for tax cuts (his fake economy), borrowing for war, deficits and debt, neglect the infrastructure, and send jobs overseas. It was ideology “stay the course”, ignorance, and arrogance. We are where we are and there are few options. The Bush “guns and butter” economics, (the last time we had “guns and butter” was LBJ and over 15 years of inflation), will set us back some 20 years. Trickle down-voodoo economics.

      And the only way to create jobs is to invest in the country, in the people, and in the future in which we have not done for two to three decades. It is interesting with this fight over the budget, and the Tea Party, not one word on jobs. Again, the policies and ignorance in Washington is leaving the middle class behind.

      • Koala

        It is believed that growth is important for the economy. It is not true. US has exceeded it’s saturation point. The US population is growing too fast because this country is allowing everybody and their brother in.
        From now on the number of jobs will never be enough for the number of people. Our valuable resources, water, fresh air, farmland… will not sustain the population of US.[ No farms no food…] It is dangerous to assume we can import more food from other countries. Global economy is pure folly. If this country is not self-sufficient it WILL NOT survive. I apologize that I cannot explain it as well as I understand it. God Bless.

      • JimConstitution

        No, thats not the problem. The problem is that US businesses have the highest tax burden in the world, which causes them to move to other less expensive countries. Another is the burden of federal regulations that encourages businesses to move to other countries. And third, is the high employee cost in the US, caused by benefits and union demanded higher wages.

        If small and large businesses paid no taxes, had almost no regulations, and lower employee cost their would be no business drain from the US. What would that mean?

        It means the US would have plenty of jobs,very low unemployment (that cost taxpayers), people paying taxes and we would be able to fund many social programs that can not survive now. This is not radical. Its just common sense.

        Companies that have stock holders expect a high growth for their investments, at least 10%. When people dont buy stock a company loses its ability to survive, that means go bankrupt or sell to another company (which means an even bigger company and less competition and fewer jobs, higher prices) or bail-out by the taxpayers that cost. Under these conditions costly borrowing from communist China is the norm.

        This is a 6th grade math reading problem that a bright kid could pass on a math test.

        • Gridmark

          U.S. Businesses get a lot of subsidies and tax right offs. Look at GE. Many cities are giving tax incentives to keep companies in their district, but it is a struggle. We know that there are 2 billion cheap laborers in the world, and no matter what you do and no matter how you incentivize those 2 billion cheap laborers still exist. There are simply too many people for too few jobs. And that is putting pressure on wages and jobs. Even technology can make you do things in other countries and not in this country.

          You are correct businesses have paid higher taxes, but there is anger on why we had the failed Bush tax cuts. I am tired of the right wing always saying if we do this and then it fails. Yeah, we “stayed the course” and we lost our jobs. Now the right wants to make that up after the damage has been done. And the middle class has lost. And now, you say, “if we lower employee costs.” Yeah, exactly what the New World Order intended.

          What we have lost as a nation is to invest in our country, in our people, and in the future. All other countries do it. We had private/public relationship before and it worked. Then over the past three decades, we shoved the investments aside and went with failed ideology. We do what we do best with private/public partnerships. And those investments would back up what we lost.



        • Gridmark
          • JimConstitution

            Invest in our country is code word ( and not very hidden I might add ) to spend MORE money we DO NOT have. This is not an investment, its more of social justice instead of getting big government out of the way of opportunity to make money in a business. Businesses that pay employees that pay taxes WHICH is an investment.

            Look around the planet. Can we point to a socialist country that has been anything close to what the USA has gained in 300yrs? Countries that have been socialist or communist (so-called) a thousand yrs? No, of course not.

            But, for some reason liberals can not see or will not look at this common fact.

            Their reason?

            To be voted back into office, to again take from those in high tax brackets to give to those that don’t work or work just enough to get high or drunk. (this is not speaking to those that have physical/mental problems that are actually in need of help and should get help)

            As long as we don’t have statesmen. As long as we don’t have principled servants. We will have this problem.

          • Gridmark

            I just fell out of my chair and am rolling on the floor laughing. You right wingers, if you are not nuts, then you certainly delusional.

  • h3455

    the wealthy pays somes however it is offset by the subsidies and or tax credits they get before payroll income, charities , and other tax deductions they get because they qualify for it.
    the poor-while they may be able to get the same kind of tax credit deductions it is unlikely they will use them due to the fact 1) they don’t pay enough to charities to qualify for the charity tax, they don’t have a investment account to take another credit. They work but most of their paycheck is taken up by SSI, medicare, medicaid, states, local, and county taxes-not to mention the sales, cigarette, taxes that you pay if you smoke and drink. most of the working poor don’t qualify for the pre-payroll income tax because their places where they work don’t use them, don’t know about them. they don’t make enough money to save . what they do use it for is food, housing, clothes etc.
    so called social services (socialism)_ what you call. while most don’t pay taxes. have you every tried to live on $647.00 a month, $949.00 a month.
    you think they all qualify for charity help, they don’t-not to mention when they do get charity help they have to pay part of that money to the charity for paying bills like $12.00 for each bill the charity pays, they get a discount for electric bills, they have to spend at least $25.00 a month in electricity to qualify plus they also have to pay an extra 6% to get that discount to the helping charity. being poor isn’t cheap, they don’t want the poor to have a bank account, they want to poor to pay the charity money so they can pay their bills. the only thing the poor gets for free is the food as far as i know they don’t have to pay anything back.
    how i found out is i needed help, i didn’t qualify. i told them i was a third class citizen and begged. i finally got the help and then they told me i had to give up my bank account, give them my check and they would pay the bills plus 12.00 for every bill they pay for a year. not to mention sign up for discount electricity and the would take and extra 6% to pay the bill. so who is really getting rooked/free subsidies here. poor-, homeless, or the wealthy.
    i admit we need something done about the debt. but all need to pay taxes.
    the weathly won’t go broke by paying a few more. the poor will be more taxes upon -how with charities, subsidies forcing the poor to pay for things they need plus the extra sales, and other taxes.
    it isn’t cheap by anyone standards and all should help. the wealthy can afford an extra 3% tax, like the poor can afford and extra 1% tax. the weathly corporations can do without their so-called subsidies.

  • Larry Williams

    WOW, she wrote a column without the word “Palin” in it. Maybe the checks have run out.

    Anyway, why this woman gets paid to write remains a mystery. This column, for example, is more than half quotes from others. Standard boilerplate with no insight. This isn’t a column, it’s an email and an exercise is copy/paste. She’s never had anything original to say, just “I like Sarah Palin, she’s good. Blah, blah, blah.” Please stop paying this woman. The fact that her book didn’t sell should’ve been the first clue that no one takes her opinion serious or seeks it out.

    • slehar

      WOW! He wrote a comment, and there’s “Sarah Palin” in it? Maybe the bats have left the belfrey!

      Anyway, why this guy bothers to read the Daily Caller remains a mystery! This comment, for example, is more than half lib-tard blather. Standard Liberal boilerplate with no insight. This isn’t a comment, it’s an exercise in knee-jerk conservative-bashing. He’s never had anything original to say, just “I hate Sarah Palin, she’s bad. Blah, blah, blah.” Please stop reading this man. The fact that he makes no cogent arguments should’ve been the first clue that no one takes his opinion serious or seeks it out.

      Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/07/27/mark-levin-and-heritage-action-for-america-get-it-right/#ixzz1TPW5YcW9

  • Gridmark

    Interesting that as “stay the course” Bush and “deficits don’t matter” Cheney put us into this situation, just where were the republicans? Oh that’s right, they were running the show. We are where we are.

    • JimConstitution

      This is simply not so.

      The founders were very conservative, far right actually. This is why we are the only super-power on earth.

      We are less so today. As we travel the rocky road of liberalism we will continue to pass signs that could tell us the bridge ahead will not support our weight.

      As the children in the car keep us distracted we may not make it another rest stop.

      Kick the can down the road? No, it’s kick the grenade down the road. At some point that old wwII munition will give up and we lose a foot. Hope fully not a life.

      • Gridmark

        You sure are full of it. I have had a nice laugh. Cheers.