Reid spokesman: ‘Boehner’s bill dies tonight’

House Republicans are just wasting their time debating Speaker John Boehner’s debt reduction bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said today.

“Boehner’s bill dies tonight,” Reid communications director Adam Jentleson wrote on Twitter. “Forever.”

The House of Representatives is expected to vote on the legislation today. Reid said Thursday afternoon he plans to put the bill up for a vote in the Senate afterwards.

“As soon as the House completes its vote, the Senate will move to take up that bill,” Reid said, “and it will be defeated tonight.”

“No Democrat will vote for a short-term Band-Aid that would put our economy at risk and put the nation back in this untenable situation a few short months from now,” he said.

Michael Steel, a spokesman for Boehner, shot back in an email to The Daily Caller: “House Republicans will vote today on a second bill to raise the debt limit and end this crisis, while Senate Democrats have failed to pass any bill to do so.  Why can’t Senate Democrats say ‘yes’ to this reasonable, responsible and bipartisan solution?”

During a press conference on the Capitol steps earlier Thursday, one Republican congressman got a few laughs when speaking about Reid’s performance during the debt negotiations.

“If Mr. Reid wants to really talk about this,” Rep. Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania said, “then maybe ‘Profiles in Cowardice’ is the book that would’ve been written about what he’s done the last several weeks.”

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  • jadams76

    Harry Reid has no plan. Obama has no plan. The Democrats have gone 800 days without a plan, a budget or a clue. But they do have the press protecting them, doing their bidding for them and cheerleading for them. Guess that’s their plan.

  • Raycheetah

    Harry Reid: “I don’t care what’s in it, or how good it may or may not be. Whatever the Republican-controlled house passes (even with Democrat support), I’m gonna kill it, ’cause I’m a partisan schmuck.”

    Yup. =^[.]^=

    • BigRmv

      Sound bite from Pelosi this morning went something like, ‘Whatever they submit to the House floor in whatever format, will be voted down.’

      I guess the Democrats have already made up their minds to destroy any possible Debt Ceiling fix so that they can blame the Republicans (or Bush). They’re not really interested in solving the “crisis” they’ve created.

      As a friend told me recently, Frankenstein will never kill his own monster.

      • 8second.ride

        “‘Whatever they submit to the House floor in whatever format, will be voted down.’”

        I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise to most sane people. The democrats did this the full 8 years Bush was president. Every answer was “NO”. How soon they forget.

  • Ocarter

    HEY HARRY! I’ll bet you a million dollars the bill doesn’t get killed tonight! PUT UP OR SHUTUP! :-)

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  • jonathan galt

    No plan is not hard to believe if you understand the Frankfurt school of Marxism that liberals believe in.  Purposely complicated , it basically goes like this:

    Liberals conduct political criticism in psychiatric categories, making those categories bear the weight of political criticism. This procedure excuse them from the difficult work of judgment and argumentation. Instead of arguing with opponents, they simply dismiss them on psychiatric grounds.  They do not have to put forth plans, debate others’ plans, develop workable or rational strategies.  They simply must belittle the plans of all others.  To do this they use intellectual snobbery and utilize public sentiment to ridicule all other theories.  Capitalism and success from hard work is often viewed as the biggest threat to the Frankfurt school of socialism.  Any form of individualism or personal success deflates Marxist thought and such a threat that it must be dispatched with psychiatric diagnosis and accusations.  Therefore, socialist will term those who foster individual success as greedy, racist, unsympathetic, ignorant, simple, crazy, narcissist etc.

    Furthermore, the Frankfurt school felt that it was best never to put forth a plan at all. Why risk it be challenged on its merits when you can just sully your opponents and their plans or their efforts.  

    Does this sound familiar?  A balanced approach or even debate of an idea threatens Marxist thought.  The simple antidote is to accuse any such effort through ridicule.  Even better get those with ideas and plans to argue with themselves; thereby, leaving less ideas to be cut down as insensitive and crazy.  

    When the right tries to do anything – cast them as villains, pit them against themselves, speak out against any prevailing plans and then install socialist policies amongst the rubble.

    We face a socialist enemy that will not dare tell us their plans. They will pit our efforts against each other then belittle any plan that survives.  Once we are worn down and under time constraint they will invoke their unwritten plan knowing those looking out for the greater good will at least do the best they can rather than nothing at all.  That is why frankfurt school of Marxism are comfortable with letting the masses know what is in their plan after it is in place. Remember ” we will know what is in it after it passes”?

    • truebearing

      You’re absolutely right. Obama has been playing rope-a-dope his entire presidency. There is no question they are strongly influenced by the Frankfurt School. They are also strongly influenced by Antonio Gramsci and his emphasis on debasing Judeo-Christian morality, destroying the Christian religion, and incrementally implementing mind control by infiltrating schools, churches, the government, etc.

      I highly recommend you check this link out. This is a great summation of Gramsci as applied in this country by Obama and his evil buddies:

      Obama, Soros, et al are not rigidly adhering to one form of Marxism but are willing to employ everything from fascist corporatism when it is expedient, to the Franfurt School, to the tactics of Gramsci and Alinsky, incrementally moving the nation leftward by any means necessary. The left, it seems, has learned to be less sectarian and more pragmatic in their ruthlessness. They are applying ideology in a selective, tactical way, incrementally moving us to the left with whatever leftist ideology works the fastest and easiest.

      This relatively new strategy was developed by the people who got Obama elected to his first political campaign in Chicago. For now I’m calling it Marxist Fusionism, which is a ruthlessly pragmatic fusion of Marxist derived political ideologies, including: Fascism, Socialism, Progressivism, and Communism, and further including the various schools of Marxist thought, such as the Frankfurt School, Gramsci, and Alinsky. The fusion of these various derivations of Marxist thought is for the same old purpose, destroying capitalism, Christianity, democratic republics, etc but it is different in that the various groups, previously antagonistic to one another, are now working together.

      Where this Marxist Fusionism really gets interesting is in its origin, which appears to be none other than Joel Rogers, a law professor in Madison, WI, at the UW-Madison and the evil genius behind Obama’s rise to political power.

      Rogers is the one who founded the New Party, and “fusion politics”. He is the one who started the tactic of dual candidacy, where a candidate runs as a Democrat, but also under the banner of the New Party, which was a stealth name for what was essentially the Communist Party. Obama won his first election this way, but dual candidacy, or fusion, was struck down by the Supreme Court. Though defeated in the court, Rogers took his concept of Fusion and unified the left under an ominous new pragmatism that I call Marxist Fusionism.

      The left is using this Marxist Hydra to attack relentlessly from as many directions as possible. Different tactics and seemingly conflicted strategies are all part of overloading the system. Obama is a Marxist, but what he did with GM is Fascist. The Marxist Fusionists don’t care if it moves the US closer to collapse and subsequent subordination to transnational statism.

      On Rogers, check this out: http://keywiki.org/blog/?p=250

      Here is some chilling stuff on Gramsci: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/823368/posts

      If you want the left’s opinion on Gramsci:

      “Today, no Marxist thinker after the classical epoch is so universally respected in the West as Antonio Gramsci. …”
      New Left Review – Perry Anderson: The Antinomies of Antonio Gramsci

  • american10

    Harry Reid, the Senatorial Robber Baron is worth millions, yet he is not opening up HIS bank accounts to give to the system he must save….NO……..No….noooo, he wants your money, forcibly opening YOUR savings accounts and legislatively taking what he wants, NEVER intending to pay it back…..Instead coming back for more, time and time again!!! He and his “Merry men” have done that so long and so often, it has become automatic standard politics… They can’t fathom anyone telling them NO!!! Their wealth increases, ours declines…..! Where do you suppose they are getting all those personal treasures? Every parade, has a Clown that throws out candy…The tax payers, the wealthy and the poor buy the candy that the Reid gang uses as advertisement for voters…Whom normally feast for a day and famine for a month!! There are so many of those who are unworthy of receiving anything, that those who are truly worthy are struggling on the meager leftovers of those who are just chasing the candy!!! Vote “Progressive”, get free candy, party until it is gone, then live off the one the government/Robber Barons stole the money from for the rest of the month!!! The merry go round of the Socialist state!!!!

  • fushawnmcdonald

    harry reid is a fool.