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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Rep. Joe Walsh

One Republican freshman from Illinois has the audacity to tell the president he lies, to tell Chris Matthews he bullies guests, and to say the Tea Party movement seems bigger than either the Republican or Democratic parties.

Some are wondering if Joe Walsh’s unconventional style and national leadership potential triggered a Chicago Sun-Times article — which the congressman calls a “hit piece” — that digs up an eight-month-old lawsuit involving his former wife, and uses allegations of missed child-support payments to diminish his credibility.

Since then, New York Times columnist James Warren has sneered at Walsh, calling his very survival in the House a “test case.” MSNBC firebrand Larry O’Donnell has pushed the envelope far enough to actually ban the congressman from his distant-second-place 8:00 p.m. program.

It’s been said that in Washington, the pioneers are the ones with all the arrows in their backs. If that’s true, Joe Walsh is in a wilderness all his own.

The only Republican to get zero help from the GOP’s national campaign apparatus, the 49-year-old Rep. Walsh surprised the establishment by defeating Democrat Melissa Bean by 291 votes in 2010. He sleeps in his office, does not accept federal-employee health or pension benefits, and has held more than 50 open town hall meetings since becoming a member of Congress.

Last week, Rep. Walsh sat down with TheDC’s Ginni Thomas to talk about the debt ceiling, the president, the Tea Party, and Chris Matthews.


How do you see the debt-ceiling negotiation dynamics?

“I’m not worried about Aug. 2, and I’m not worried about being blamed politically for anything we might do.”


Your predictions the next steps toward a debt-ceiling resolution?

“For us to do something about the debt ceiling, the Democrats and the president are going to have to move.”


The mass media’s confusion about the Tea Party movement

“I believe this Tea Party movement is bigger than either party. The media doesn’t understand it. Neither party understands it.”


On President Obama

“I think that this president got elected because of who he was. It just gets people going. Very few people voted for him because of anything he’d done. He really hadn’t done anything.”


  • Dorothyamanda

    I’m sorry but this has to be said, there was a time in this country when one was said to be innocent until proven guilty and not guiltiy until proven innocent. 

  • Anonymous

    Wowwwww!!!!  Where has this guy been hiding?  But glad he came out from wherever he was….love him, love him, love him.  He is saying almost exactly as I believe, ‘cept that I believe Obama was elected by ACORN and the thugs from Chicago.  It was a corrupt election.  BUT perhaps it was a good thing in that it awakened many of us to how close we have come to losing our sovereignty and now have to fight big time to get it back.  So as a result, the emergence of the TEA PARTY and I’m now one of their partygoers.

  • ATKlein

    I just watched the videos of Joe Walsh and I am blown away!  This man is a dim light of hope in our representative government.  If his thought process can influence just one more member of congress, we will be better off.  I am so sick of both parties catering to special interest and the media that they forget who they work for and what country they have promised to protect.  I support Joe Walsh 100%!

  • ronsutton1957

    Too bad the Chicago Sun-Times couldn’t work up the energy to investigate Obama’s shady real-estate deals with convicted felon Tony Rezko when the subject came up during the 2008 campaign.

  • Fenton P. Koch

    Joe Walsh is a shameless hypocrite. If his wife or her lawyer were attempting to unjustly smear him, they would have done so long before he succeeded in becoming a national right wing media darling. You’ll find this deadbeat owes all the money ($117,00) alleged, you can be sure.

  • Anonymous

    “I’m only making $175,000 per year as a Congressman. Do you know how
    hard it is for a Republican to live on only $175,000?” Walsh said.
    “Think of the burden I’m placing on my kids by not supporting them.
    Should I hurt them even more by adding to the national debt without
    personally gaining from it?” 

    Joe Walsh refused for years to support his own kids or pay his bills, and he admits it  He thinks it’s a good thing.  Why would Tea peeps think he cares about them, or their kids, or his state, or his country?  He’s whining about “only” making $175,000 a year?  That’s over three times the median income in his state.  Don’t ya’ll feel sorry for the poor guy?  Just because a guy making $50,000 manages to support his kids doesn’t mean poor old struggling Joe should take responsibility for his family.  ‘Cause it is hard for a Republican to live on a measly $175,000.  

    Every comment this fool makes is more stupid than the last!

    • JHamm

      Where did you get this quote?  URL, source, would be nice as if it is true, it would be quite alarming..  Chances are you cannot provide it.   Let’s see, he gets foreclosed on… how many others are in that same boat in the US, i.e. lost jobs and had to walk away from their dream house and make do in this horrible economy.  Let’s also say he owes the money to his kids through whatever circumstance got him there…  I’d say he has a pretty good perspective on how we have to fix the situation at hand:  out of control spending, entitlement growth while the economy is tanking, broken tax code that allows for loopholes and work arounds.  Joe’s message has been consistent from the day he started running.  Less government.  Let’s also take Matt Damon recently who said I would not mind 5 or 6 higher taxes we live in a great country…if that were truly the case he could donate to his favorite chartity the additional 5-6%.  Why wait for Uncle Sam to take it, waste 99% of it and use 1% for good?  I’m fed up with all politicians, it is time for Americans to help Americans and get the government out of the way.  Good luck with that when we are busy jousting with one another about which politician is the biggest Loser.  Good use of time.

  • Anonymous

    Clarence Thomas is this author’s, Ginni’s,  husband and a Supreme Court Justice.  This is crossing the line of not only good taste but ethics as well.

    Conflict of interest anyone?  Shameful. 

    • Anonymous

      Funny but I don’t see any conflict of interest.  Ginni has her rights as an author to do as she pleases like any other author.  Shameful??  I don’t see it.

      • Anonymous

        It’s ok if you don’t understand this blatant, inappropriate and unethical display of juristNONprudence by Ginni’s husband, Clarence.  Lot’s of mentally challenged people have fulling lives.

  • Anonymous

    I was in my dad’s first family.  When his 2nd family began growing our checks started shrinking.  I once asked him if he would give me $5 to buy my mom a present for her birthday and he wigged out and started saying ugly things about her which got me crying, angry and I yelled “who do you think gives me the money to buy you presents!”.  He took me straight home and didn’t call for months (to talk to me).  That’s when I found out which of my parents really loved me. I feel for his kids.  This guy cares only for himself.

  • Arrjay

    For your next segment I hope you consider the views of Dinesh D’Souza who has written about “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” and postulates that Obama is truly acting on the “Dreams From my Father.”
    D’Souza writes that Obama’s drive is to right the wrongs America has done and continues to do in Afghanistan and Iraq by being colonialist. Obama agrees with his father that 100% taxation is justified as long as it benefits the less fortunate of the society. Obama is indeed a shrewd politician.

  • Anonymous

    2012 is getting here. We need more like this Joe, the other sides Joe ain’t worth a flip. I never required a hundred percent agreement from any Pol but so far he comes close enough, I think we lost some good candidates when we wouldn’t accept “close enough”. Keep up the good work Ginni.