House passes Budget Control Act after dramatic visit from Rep. Gabby Giffords

The House of Representatives passed the Budget Control Act of 2011 on Monday evening. The bill had bipartisan support, drawing 174 Republican and 95 Democratic “yes” votes. The final count was 269–161.

Rep. Gabby Giffords of Arizona made a dramatic visit to the floor of the House to cast her vote, entering to thunderous applause. Many of her colleagues visibly teared up as Giffords cast her “yes” vote. After the bill passed, she walked off the floor looking frail, but all smiles, with her husband Mark Kelly and Vice President Joe Biden.

When asked by The Daily Caller how he felt about the vote, Biden said “Oh, I feel great about the vote!”

But Rep. Michele Bachmann told TheDC when she left the floor, “Well, I was sorry that it passed.”

What some might call a “historic vote” occurred with much hand-holding and nose-holding as members of both parties protested something throughout the day that they knew they would ultimately support.

Some hawkish Republicans started the day uneasy about the cuts to defense spending. But after a personal visit with Speaker of the House John Boehner, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon voted in favor of the bill.

Other Republicans, mostly those active in the Cut, Cap and Balance fight, started off aligned against the bill simply because it didn’t cut as much as they would like. Rep. Tim Scott of South Carolina, for example, voted “no.”

The GOP leadership’s message, however, was that the debt limit deal is a significant step in the right direction. Boehner hammered at that message during his afternoon press conference. On his way off the floor during the vote, he said he felt “fine, fine.”

At the end of the day, those who simply wanted to avoid default and pass a debt limit increase outnumbered those uneasy enough to vote “no.”

The bill cuts about $2.4 trillion over the next decade in a two-step process. In the first phase, Congress would raise the debt limit by $900 billion while cutting $917 billion.  The increase would last for about six months. Then, a newly-created Joint Committee would be tasked with finding $1.5 trillion in cuts in order for President Obama to be authorized to request another $1.5 trillion increase.

If the cuts aren’t made, the debt ceiling automatically be raised $1.2 trillion, but it would trigger a process called sequestration – mandatory across-the-board cuts.

The Senate is expected to vote on the package by noon on Tuesday.


  • Anonymous

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  • joeaiello

    Rep. Giffords is a true hero and a person all lawmakers should aspire to be. I’m glad she voted for it this bill. We still can’t afford all the necessary government programs we use every day without increased revenue so when the Bush tax cuts expire in 2013 like they should have last December, President Obama in his certain to be second term will simply veto any attempt extend them, like he should. That will balance our budget.

    • Lester

      You are insane. Expiring the Bush tax cuts would have a very negative impact on the economy and would only raise a pittance in terms of the deficeit. Even a 100% tax up upper earners does not cover it. 

      We need a dramatic cut in spending. Including SSI and Medi*

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        • Anonymous

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          • Guest

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  • Jess81

    It’s a strange thing about the Gabby Giffords appearance.  I luv inspirational stories about people who overcome great odds to achieve great (or even small) things.  Rudy is one of my favorite movies.  But this didn’t move me at all.  I wasn’t disgusted, but I also wasn’t inspired.  Maybe it’s because I was accused of shooting her.  Maybe it was because the media said it was Sarah Palin who shot her and  the left actually started facebook pages looking for someone to assassinate Mrs. Palin.  Maybe it was because the left said Loughler was a conservative when every available FACT said he was a left-winger whose favorite book was the Communist Manifesto.  Maybe I remember that disgusting sheriff and maybe it is because the Administration who can’t call a real terrorist a terrorist called ME a terrorist on the same day.

    I sincerely wish her continued progress and a happy and long life.  I’m just a bit conflicted since she blames me for the shooting. 

  • Jess81

    You say “Leading From Behind, Good for nothing, Socialist, Muslim, America Hater” President”, as if there is something untrue in that statement.  He does lead from behind.  He’s done that on every single major issue, including the health plan that bears his name.  I’ve never called him “Good for nothing” but that’s primarily because he’s the best Soros puppet around.  Socialist?  Every bill he supports, every executive departmental action and edict, every statement from his single payor health system to his redistribution meme to his class warfare and anti-free speech actions and advocacy tells us he’s not just a socialist.  He sounds and acts like a Marxist.  And I haven’t a clue about his personal religious beliefs but it’s quite clear why some people suspect he might in fact be a Muslim.  Shall I list everything from the call to prayer being “the most beautiful” sound he’s ever heard, to his support of a victory Mosque at Ground Zero, to his statement that America isn’t a Christian Country, it’s a Muslim Country, and his outright support for a second Holocaust, and ignoring Easter (the Bunny doesn’t count) while issuing a proclamation about Ramadan….I could go on and on.

    Finally, the idea that he hates America is confirmed by his own campaign promise to fundamentally “transform” us.  He’s said he doesn’t like the Constitution and I’ve heard him TWICE state that everything would be much better if he could be a dictator (and he said it to the Chinese IN China)….I won’t even bring up his “apology” tour in the Islamic world (although that could be a twofer…)

  • rainmaker1145

    Stupid Republicans.  All that vote says is that Barack Obama will be able to get himself reelected by blaming the failure of his philosophy and economic policies on the Republican Party.

    Pyrrhic victories of this sort we could have well done without.  Never send a Republican to do a Tea Party job.

  • Baal

    Oh, and the 20 year pension for the army…they’re doing away with it. OBama wont cut NPR and planned parenthood, but pensions for the army…that can go.

    Obama is the WORST president this country has EVER had!

  • Anonymous

    A nothing bill, with few to no benefits, paper reductions and doesn’t reduce the debt realisticley, allows for taxes to increase, empowers an un-named panel to seek out $ 1.5 Trillion in ‘further’ cuts, and employs ‘triggers’  as yet undefined , for futher reductions.  Make sense to you?  One word describes this smoke and mirrors legislation that repubs promised we’d have 72 hours to read before voting. The one word? BETRAYAL!..Since the bill contains ‘triggers’, we should ‘target’ those who voted for this bill for removal from office in the 2012 elections. I would support a bill that immediately cuts $3 trillion before the end of year, IN REAL CUTS, but seriously, this bill takes 10 years to do it! Spineless and cowardly actions have become the order of business in this congress! This is not a reform minded congress, just one that seeks re-election above all else.