Obama rallies base for ‘second stage’ [VIDEO]

President Barack Obama sent out a 140-second campaign video to his supporters today in which he congratulated his supporters, downplayed the GOP’s success in the debt ceiling talks, and urged his supporters to lobby for tax increases during the second part of the two-stage deal.


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The second stage will ensure a national debate “about how we rebuild our economy to create greater opportunity, about whether we tackle our challenges by drawing on our best values as one country, everyone pitching in, everyone playing by the same rules,” the president said.

The negotiations were messy, Obama said in a flat-toned voice, but they prevented a default and economic uncertainty that would have imposed “a devastating blow to our economy at a time when we can least afford it.”

He downplayed the spending cuts required by the first stage, saying the deal “trimmed” spending by $1 trillion over the next decade. Obama’s real energy, however, drew attention on the deal’s second stage, in which 12 legislators will draft a plan to shrink the 10-year deficit by another $1.5 trillion.

Those members of Congress — three Republicans and three Democrats from the House, and the same from the Senate — are slated to offer a proposal in November. If Congress fails to either approve or reject it in December, “triggers” will kick in, cutting budgets for Medicare and the military.

“I’ve said from the beginning that the ultimate solution should be balanced,” Obama added. “Balance” is the White House’s shorthand for a deal that includes tax increases.

“Big corporations and the wealthiest Americans shouldn’t be exempt from kicking in. That is just fair.”

  • ladylove

    tax increases are all this man ever  thinks about.

    meanwhile he keeps those receiving social security, disability, and military at 2009  levels but gives his employees substantial raises, while  he  keeps medicare premiums at same levels, and has already made it clear that if there are any cost of living increases in 2012, most of it will be eaten up in higher medicare premiums as well.

    I wonder what new and improved program will he come up with this year, we have had cash for clunkers that ending up costing the price per car, so he could give a 4500 dollar rebate per car.  then he tried it with appliances.

    lets see this year maybe it will be cash for TV’s, so that every home in AMERICA, will have 52 inch screens, so they can watch him as he gives his daily speeches, so we can all be up close and personal  as we watch him hurl insult after insult, after insult at all us ‘peons’., who are nothing more than bitter stupid  people who cling to our guns and religion, who have no idea what is going on in Washington, because  we need our president to tell us all what we should be doing, like how to eat  our peas…

  • clw

    Here again, another impromptu moment from Obama which makes him look 1) desperate, and 2) like a weasel. He was all about the current deal, all the while plotting in the back of his mind how he could raise taxes when he implements “phase 2″. What an idiot. He’ll never stop trying to socialize America, even as he used his own race to get him him elected, and they are unemployed at a rate twice that of everyone else. Think he’ll lose a few of those votes when they hear the strong, coherent message of the black consrvatives? He shmoozed Independents (not this one) with all of his “moderate” promises which never materialized, he only exposed himself as the hard-line socialist he really is, and now they are fleeing him in droves, along with the few remaining fiscal conservative Democrats.

    Save your breath in the ads Obama, your odds of winning the next election after this performance are slim to none.

  • doncicciofitipaldi



    • Ocarter


      Are you really that stupid?

      doncicciofitipaldi<—stuck on stupid

  • Eric Dalton

    I’m so sick and tired of Obama and the parasitic “progressives”‘calling for higher taxes on the “rich”, really anyone earning >$250k, and corporations. He continues to say they should pay their fair share when 47% of working Americans pay NO income taxes at all. Why should I be asked to pay more when so many (Democrat constituents) pay none? Stop the lying and dividing! And anyone that believes corporations pay taxes is an economically illiterate fool. Corporations include their income tax in the price of their goods and services. Every politician knows this truth and the Liberal politicians play their voters for the ignorant, jealous fools they are every time they get away with this crap.

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah, Obama leads from behind again…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=850180197 Marsa McCool-Solis

    Isn’t this ANOTHER campaign video taken IN the White House, a clear violation of the rules? When is he going to be called to account for his blatant violations of these rules? Campaign videos may not be taken in the White House, that is the law. Plain and Simple! 

    • doncicciofitipaldi



      • Ocarter

        Should I get your bottle too?

  • Thumpersmr

    Ink isn’t even dry and he’s started the back-peddling to stick his hand in our pockets again……such a disgrace to the highest office in the land and so incompetent!!!